Who Rules the World? Deep State

BuilderBerg Society
The following people and corporations are in Satanic cults. I know this because I named the Companies and I met the people. Someone else has to fill in the names for me. The owners of the chains will undoubtedly have their upper echelon people and a few of their employees in the cult. These are the men in the shadows. These are the men who truly run the world! They are the Deep State.
* Wal-Mart – Sam Walton was, and I’m sure his family and predecessors are in the cult.
* Dollar General – The man who owns Dollar General. John Alexander told me that he installed face recognition software in a camera that faces the street on the Dollar General on Foothills Blvd. in Yuma Arizona. The things these people do for no other reason than they feel they “have to”- again, go figure?
* Target – The man who owns Target. I just remember kicking around some ideas with him and some of his comments indicated he was in a Satanic cult.
* Bill Gates. I thought up the name for the Windows and suggested calling the small computers personal computers so people could call them PCs. All the fighting that Steve Jobs did with Bill Gates was because Bill was allowing software that allowed viruses and spying.
* Bill O’Reilly
* Howard Stern
* Rupert Murdock
* Google and Google Chrome
* Twitter (Big Time)
* Exxon
* Halliburton (Big Time)
* Dick Cheney
* the Bush Family (Big Time)
* Linked-In
* Skype
* You Tube
* Doppler Radar
* Mail.com
* Inbox.com
* Amazon
* Netflix
* Kellogg’s
* Arm and Hammer
* Colgate
* The Mayo Clinic
* Purina – Purina has many subsidiaries.
* Scooter Braun (Maroon 5 Agent)
* James Valentine (Maroon 5 Lead guitarist)
* AP & UPI (Associated Press and United Press International News sources)
* Fox, CNN and to a certain extent the three Major Networks including their News
* Any TV show that glorifies violence, blood-gore-and guts, zombies, and vampires.
* The FDA
* IBM – I suggested IBM get ready and begin producing PCs so they will be ready once the Windows program is available. I suggested the term icon and other terms like desktop, etc.
* Microsoft – Bill Gates made sure that Windows was able to be hacked. I was told all of the changes to the Windows program was to allow access to PCs. Windows 8 is nothing but spyware. Steve Jobs was killed by the cult. They injected him with a carcinogen and brainwashed him not to seek conventional help. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Bill Gates helped the cult get access to Steve Jobs.
* Clouds – A Cloud is a huge searchable database. Nothing is private because the people who manage them are in the cult. All of your personal data is stored in the Cloud . I named “Clouds.”
I was told the food additives are now in ALL prepared food and ALL fast food.
* Wikipedia – I had the idea for and also named Wikipedia and TiVo. The owners are in cults. The guy who bought the idea for Wikipedia said he wanted to know how to make an atom bomb. I was told once he got that information he copied it and then deleted it from the site, saying it was inappropriate for the site.
* TiVo – The cult bought TiVo as a way to monitor what people watch. They were good ideas but were sold to evil people.
* Red Lobster – the man who owns Red Lobster said he goes to poor areas where people can’t afford proper diving gear and solicits divers to get his lobsters. I suggested he supply the divers diving gear so they won’t get the Benz. (Is that how you spell Benz?) He replied that that would take all the fun out of it. He said he goes back to the villages to see the devastation he caused by rendering its healthy young men paralyzed vegetables. He said gleefully, “Sometimes whole villages starve.”
* The Tea Party
* The Red Cross – I was told the Red Cross siphons off money to pay for Satanic goals including spreading infectious disease and the start of World War III.
* Disney – Disney is a Satanic company and has released mutated measles viruses at its parks, more than likely at the ‘It’s a Small World Ride.’ The ‘It’s a Small World Ride’ in Disney World in Florida has side doors and back rooms that should be checked for illegal activities, please see my book, ‘the Conversation,’ for more on that. Keep in mind child rape and molestation is requisite in Satanic cults and Walt was a pedophile who rented me to molest me from the time I was tiny until the cult killed him. The water in the rides should be checked for viruses and bacteria.
* Pharmaceutical Companies – Food additives are concocted by the Pharmaceutical Companies to give people the very diseases they have drugs for. It’s madness! See my post on the MMR Vaccine. All of the drugs that have an X, Y or Z in their names are Satanic and have poison in them, that’s why there are side effects. I’ll have to write a book about the Pharmaceutical Companies, they are responsible for disease, malnutrition and they are working on causing global famine using GMO seeds! (I named Ebola. There is a cure.)
* Drug store chains
* Rita Zot Denman
* Peter Mickelsen
* Fred Levine
* Most Chain Restaurants and fast food chains.
And the following restaurant food chains that all wanted to know what foods had a lot of salt and sugar in them so that the taste of the chemicals they added could not be detected by consumers. The chemicals, as it turns out, cause diabetes, heart disease, attention deficit disorder, Alzheimer’s, Autism and a variety of cancers. Most of these chemicals are made by pharmaceutical companies who also have drugs that treat diabetes, heart disease, attention deficit disorder and a variety of cancers. They also cause the buildup of belly fat, a new type of fat that can’t be broken down by the body or exercise.
The owners of the following restaurants are in Satanic cults –
** – Panda Express; Applebee’s; the Olive Garden; Red Lobster; Little Caesar; McDonald’s; and Jack-in-the-Box.
And many, many more
Cults with names similar to the Builder Berg Society and the Skull and Bones Society are Satanic and both are more powerful than the cult that held me prisoner but when the three work together they’re seemingly unstoppable. I’m not sure of their exact names, but I think I’m pretty close.


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