Uber and Amazon share information with crooks all the time

Uber shares its information with crooks all the time
Uber was created to see where people were going and how often they go there. They make up projections of anyone – where they may be and when they may be there. Of course they know where you live, as long as that is your pick-up point. I know because I named Uber and they shared their goal with me.
Uber charges its drivers many bucks to drive for them. Someone else can start the service locally and charge the drivers a lot less to belong to that service.
The reason some companies fail is because they come up against Mooc controlled companies and they get sabatoged.
Don’t put information in your phone that you don’t want Moocs to have. Take a cab.

Same goes for the giant Mooc company – Amazon. They have drones and gizmos that tell them when you are home and items in your home.