Stuff I Never Did

I have never made a pornographic movie.  The Satanic Church that exists in the Military and the one that used me as a slave and kept me as a prisoner, put hundreds of cameras behind walls all through my house.  The pornographic movies that have me in them are outtakes from my life limiting the film to the sex I have had.  If you have ever had sex you too can be called a porn star assuming you were filmed without your knowledge or consent, and the resulting movie was put on the internet without your knowledge or consent. When I was very young I was drugged and used in a snuff movie as one way to kill me.  Now those films get me death threats.  So now it’s not just the Army and Satanic churches that try to kill me.  The Army and Satanic churches made the films to discredit me because they don’t want World Peace, they want Armageddon.  Now I’m a political Prisoner and president Trump wants Armageddon.
1. Rita tells cult members I’ve killed hundreds of people.
Absolutely not true. Rita and Peter have killed thousands of people.
I only killed one person and that was self defense because he was fighting a duel to the death with me. With swords. I still have the scars. A recreation of the actual fight we had is in the film Rob Roy with Liam Niesen – parry for parry and thrust for thrust. Someone gave me a ten-minute sword-fighting lesson then I was stripped naked and told to start fighting. I didn’t believe it until I’d been sliced a few times, then I started fighting back. The only way to stop him was to kill him. I begged him over and over to stop but he wouldn’t. When my sword was finally struck from my battered, exhausted hand, I fell to my knees and he put the tip of his sword to my neck and then under my chin and asked, “Any last words?” I grabbed the blade of the sword, pulled it from his hand, stood up, held his sword like a bat and swung. Then I said as I walked away, “I won.” I walked only as far as I could because I didn’t want him to come after me. He said, “Where are you going?” I said again, “I won.”
Some men came over to tend to me and I asked them if I won. “I told him to stop. Why wouldn’t he stop?” I asked them. They said he wanted to kill me with my sword. “Why would he think he could kill me with my sword?” I didn’t even know I had a sword.
In Rob Roy, Liam cuts his foe through the shoulder and ribs, I was told for the special effects, but I cut this man between his ribs and pelvic bone.
All the other people who died in my life were killed by the cult – not me. I did not kill Andy Warhol or anyone else they say I killed.

2. I invented the Internet so I could put porn on it.
How can anyone even consider that thought as worthy of consideration?
I invented the internet so great minds could have a place to exchange ideas. I saw it as a conference room where everyone in the world could gather information and come up with solutions to the world’s problems while sitting in a Lazy Boy in their PJs. Boy was I wrong. Cults saw it as a way to exploit people and grow the numbers of their cult armies. They could use it as a recruiting tool for ISIS.
I still believe the day will come when the internet does more good than harm. It has the potential for good unlike anything else on the planet.

3. I’m like a Preying Mantis; I kill my mate after I’ve had sex.
Up until about four years ago I would have told you I’d had sex with 5 different men. A small number for such a long life. Now that I have my memory back I know there were others. Except for one who I thought came into my dream, I was having a relationship with the men I was intimate with. I feel sex is much too cherished to waste it on someone I don’t know. The number of men taken away or killed because they loved me is tragic. I sometimes wonder what my life would be like without the cult in it. I have an ebook called the Truth that has stories about me. All my life I’ve longed to be in a relationship with a man who loved me. That gift was always taken away from me.
It’s not just me who missed out, but the world: if Bobby Kennedy or John Lennon had been allowed to live, we’d have World Peace by now. That’s a fact.

4. Rita tells her minions I set fire to a barn and killed 7 horses.
Again, not true.
Someone knew where I would be going to a party one Saturday night when I was 17, and they knew there was a barn on my route home. My friends and I stopped to see the fire. We were the first ones on the scene. I got one of the neighbors to call the fire department and another neighbor to wake the people in the house. Happily the horses had been sent to pasture that day so they weren’t inside the barn. The fire caused a ton of property damage but the horses and the people in the house were fine. The fire department got there in time to save the house.

5. I like to be Tortured and Raped.
That’s such a nauseating thought, I can’t believe anyone would even consider it. It is absolutely NOT TRUE!
Tortures hurts, it hurts worse than childbirth – that’s why it’s torture. Rape hurts, too, and it’s humiliating, disgusting, frightening and filthy. Rapists and child molesters should be made into eunuchs, that way they couldn’t do the revolting things they do.

6. I bit off John Wayne Bobbitt’s penis.
Not true.
I was being used in a rape ritual. John Wayne Bobbitt put his penis in my mouth and so I bit it. He cried and said, “She bit my penis off.” Rita told him to stop crying and said, “Come here.” She took hold of his penis, looked at it and said, “It’s not even bleeding. Get me scissors.” They got Rita scissors and she cut his penis off. Lorena Bobbitt took the rap. It shows how powerful their use of drugs and torture are, to make Lorena think she had done that. They altered her memories. I ask you, if I’d done that do you really think they would let the world think Lorena did that? The cult was protecting Rita Denman of Succasunna, NJ. A tip for anyone in the cult who participates in rape rituals – no one likes being raped and a mouth has teeth.

7. I think I’m Perfect.
I think that notion came from Rita. I think Rita thinks I’m perfect – I don’t. For one thing, I’m organizationally challenged. Always remember – There’s No Such Thing As Perfect!

8. I’m Conceited.
Again, Not True.
Rita says because I’ve done so many things I must be conceited. What that means is, if Rita had done so many things she would be conceited.
It’s not just Rita who thinks that way, almost everyone puts traits on me that don’t belong. They think I think and react the way they would. It’s called judging and when you do that, you create hostility, hate, anger, vengeance and fear – the cornerstones of Satanism. Rita knows better than anyone I don’t know what I look like, she has a post hypnotic suggestion to make me think I’m homely. They did this daily when they erased the parts of my memory about things I did and people I knew that could make me think I’m somehow special. Personally, I believe I wouldn’t be conceited even without the brainwashing.
When I tell you some of my accomplishments, I’m not bragging, I’m just stating a fact.

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Note: If you’ve called me or emailed and I didn’t contact you, you got someone in the cult. I only have a cell phone so if a man answered, the call got rerouted. If a woman who didn’t sound like me answered, I didn’t get the call. I won’t get voicemails or emails either. Call back and even if you think it’s me don’t say who you are until your sure it’s me. If it’s not, don’t leave a message.
Try . I hope if enough people try, some will be able to get through. Don’t leave any more information than you have to. Sorry for the inconvenience.