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 There are many versions of what Christians call “The Old Testament,” and they include the Talmud, the Quran.

God says there is no such thing as perfection (Not even God is perfect, because He says – by whose standards?)  I am trying to learn about Islam and I can say Muhammad (honor his name) is a guide, but he cannot be perfect because there is no such thing as perfection.

Any organized religion that advocates violence, including war, cannot have any true connection to The Creator.  Even though Christ preached Peace and non-violence, people who called themselves Christians have killed in His name.  Christ dislikes that.

As long as the idea that war is sanctioned by God, World Peace is impossible. It is imperative (something we must have) that we accept that God wants World Peace.  That’s the reason I’m here.  That is the reason Christ came.  Christians know Christ as the Prince of Peace.  Christ came to say Heaven exists and we are ALL invited.  Christ knew what Heaven is like because His soul is a part of God’s soul.  Christ was killed by people who want war.  He was continually criticized by people who want war.  He was lied about and condemned by people who want war.  Christ is the one who told people to turn the other cheek.

I strongly suggest the people of the Middle-East consider separating church and government. That is something successful countries practice, and something people of the Middle-East have to insist on, that and Freedom of Speech.  People must be allowed to criticize their government.  It doesn’t mean they don’t love their country, quite the opposite.

Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all descendants of Abraham and Abraham was a monotheist. (believed in one God)   Stories Birthrights and mothers can no longer figure into any government policies.  That all happened 8,000 years ago and the stories and claims about birthrights and God’s promises are man-made and have no place in today’s world.  Those stories and claims are man-made lies.  We are ALL God’s chosen people!

As I’ve stated, ad-nauseam, (over again until you’re sick of it) God did NOT write the Bible.  I can prove God didn’t give land to Israel because if He had – they’d have it by now.  In fact, they would have had it 6,000 years ago.

You can tell The Creator didn’t write the Bible, the Talmud, Torah, the Quran, etc. because those books recommend violence. God wouldn’t do that.  He gives life, not death.  He wants Peace, not war.  Aren’t we tired of fighting?

The US has very recently made HUGE strides in eliminating ISIS. ISIS has nothing to do with Islam – they are Satanists who want to keep things stirred up in the Middle-East.  They are highly paid Satanists who want war.

Note: Terrorism was a way of life in Northern Ireland and I put an end to that 40 years ago with open dialog. Yes, it was that simple.

God does answer prayers.  There are people and countries who pray for war.  I believe if more than 50% of the world prays for peace, we will have World Peace.  We have to work together and rejoice in our differences.

Christ came to say Heaven exists and we are ALL invited. ALL includes Pakistan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, all of the people in all of the countries in the world.  ALL includes ALL religions.

I’ve been fighting for World Peace.  World Peace includes ALL countries and regions of the earth!