The Force

The Force Awakens another Call

Lucas had asked if he should do another Star Wars movie. I said I thought it was in the works.

“What was?” he asked.

“Star Wars 7.” I was surprised I was wrong about that – I was so sure that had been the plan all along. “I thought the plan was Star Wars 4, 5 and 6; then 1, 2 and 3; then 7, 8 and 9.”

“No that was never the plan. You think there should be three more Star Wars movies? Three?”

“That’s what I thought. I thought when Hamill, Harrison and Carrie signed their contracts they signed to do 7, 8 and 9, sometime in the future, too.”

He laughed, “Ah, no.” He paused, “You mean do the same characters in the future? You think we should use the same actors?”


“But they’re…”

“Old? But everyone looks older after thirty years. What were you thinking – have the same characters but different actors?”

“If we picked up where 6 left off we could use different actors.”

“The movies aren’t sequential anyway, why couldn’t you just make one were everyone is older? By the time you get to 9 they’ll all be in walkers.” (You know from the hype and the trailers they are the same actors; so he did that. I’m excited.)

“What should 7 be about?”

“My brother and I want more about the Force. I’ll bet lots of people want that.”

“That’s my number one request.”

“So do that.”


“I hadn’t thought about that.”

This next call came 10 years after the phone call that began with the trouble he was having with his son, (Or more accurately, his son was having with him.) Lucas called only a few times over the past 40 years. In order to get this call through, he changed his phone number, because when he called on his number they wouldn’t let the call get to me. So, since we’re on the subject of Star Wars 7, I thought I’d add this into the Blog posts about the Force Awakens. This is what I’m afraid JJ will leave out.

Lucas explained again who he was. He thanked me for my advice. He told me the same things he had told me 10 years before, that he knew me when I was a teenager, that we got along very well, and that he was a good friend of George Lucas and George asked him to call to get some information about the Force. He told me I had suggested putting more about the Force into the next Star Wars movie, but the problem was that he and George didn’t exactly know how to put it.

“Well, think about it. What do you think about the Force?” Lucas asked me.

“My middle daughter has a friend, named Miles, from high school who became a quantum physicist; he’s working on String Theory.”

“Does String Theory have something to do with the Force?”

“Kinda, sorta, in-a-way. I’ll explain it to you as best I can in layman’s terms. The way I understand it is, and this is overly simplified but I think it captures the gist of the theory. All matter is made up of atoms that make up molecules and there’s space between all those electrons, neutrons and protons so how do they stay together? A Scientist felt there may be tiny, itty-bitty rubberbands that hold the tiniest microscopic particles together. The “strings” can’t be seen with any microscope so Miles and the rest of the team are trying to prove that they’re there. But they can’t and I told Miles they can’t because they don’t exist. I told him instead of wasting anymore time trying to prove String Theory I’d bet he has more than enough evidence to disprove String Theory. Miles was greatly relieved by the suggestion because he was very depressed by the idea he’d have to keep trying to prove it, even though he was sure they didn’t exist. I said it must be like looking for a needle in a haystack when there is no needle. He almost cried and said that’s exactly what it’s like. Anyway, strings don’t exist because I have my money on energy. I think energy holds everything together,” I said.

“Do you believe in God?” I asked.

“Yes, and you?”

“Yes. And I believe that God is energy. Not an old man in the sky with the gray beard,” we both laughed. “All matter is energy. The rocks are energy, we are energy.”

“And Carbon.”

“Yes, carbon. But what I’m saying is, instead of strings or tiny rubber bands holding everything together the way it should be, there is energy holding everything together. And in fact, I believe that everything, all the molecules and atoms and everything, are made up of energy – so we are essentially energy, along with everything else on the planet.”

“I think I’ve read something about that,” Lucas replied.

“Yeah me too, everything in the universe, not just this planet but the whole universe is made up of energy. It’s always expanding and moving.”

“The space time continuum,” Lucas added.

“The Big Bang’s a theory that I’ve always suspected, and it didn’t even have to be that big a bang to start things in motion, it could’ve been a flick of God’s fingertip that started it, and I think that at the heart of the Big Bang, I think the ball of something that blew up to become the planets and the Universe, that was energy. And God, who is made of energy, used some of His energy to create that ball.”

“So, the Force, where does that come in?” Lucas prodded trying to get me back on track, although I had never lost the track, I was getting there via the scenic route.

“So all the things, us, the rocks, the oceans, the planets and the universe are all energy. And if we linked up our energy, each of us, if we linked up with God and all that energy He has, and then link that to the area we’re in, it would be a mighty, mighty force that could literally move mountains.” Then I mumbled something about moving mountains and how you’d probably need everyone in the state to do that; and Yoda making a spaceship rise out of a lagoon, and how a spaceship filled with water would be infinitely heavier than one filled with air, and how I didn’t think one person could do that, although I wasn’t sure.

“But you can’t say it’s God. I’ve been wanting to do that this whole time and everyone tells me it would offend people, there are people who don’t believe in God.”

“F_ck ’em. I mean, really, if that’s what you want to say then just say it. I think people need to hear it; I think people would like to know more about the Force and if that includes knowing more about God then that’s what you have to do. It’s a moral imperative. It’s not like you’re gonna start telling them to go to church or something. There’s no organized religion that gives that kind of power to its followers. Anyway, this country is over 80% Christian, and 28% are other religions that believe in God. Only 1% say they’re atheists and you can’t mollycoddle to 1%.”

“What do you think would happen if I, uh George, added God into the Star Wars movies?”

“Do you agree with me about the Force? Is that what George Lucas thinks the Force is? He has to be true to himself. People are genuinely interested in what George Lucas thinks. Personally, I think it would be a relief to most people to know that the Force includes God. These are tough times, people should know that there’s something they can do to get us out of this.”

“Do you think the Force could do that? Change the world, I mean. Do you think these movies have that kind of power?” Lucas asked with a touch of hopefulness in his voice.


Force of Unity
King Abdulla of Jordan summed up the current war on terrorism better than I’ve heard it described before, “ISIS has triggered an understanding that it’s time for all of us to make up our minds on the fight of good against evil. And this brings all of us together from all different religions, from all different sides of the divide, to make up our minds – are we going to fight the good fight?”
This is the end game boys and girls. This is where, if we stand together, we can defeat evil. We must put our beliefs of superiority about our organized religions aside, and fight on the side of righteousness and good so we can defeat these hypocritical Satanic terrorists who wear masks and lie about representing Islam.
God is energy: and science will tell you that everything in the Universe is made up of energy. The Force that holds everything together – atoms, molecules and everything in and on the earth – is energy.
It’s time for Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians and all good people of the world to link elbows and create a palpable, collective energy that draws on your God’s energy to create a Force so powerful it will astound the earth and ultimately degrade and defeat evil.
Women from every country and from every belief system have to step up to the front lines and believe in themselves and hold their heads high and say, “No more!”
Never underestimate the power of the Force.

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