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Wall, Hah, What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothin’

I think American Ninja Warrior should do a piece from the border wall forest near San Diego to see just how hard it is to scale those walls. You add ropes and grappling hooks, and it would be easy. And … Continue reading

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Kudos Paul Ryan

I support your decision not to run again. Good luck to you. It’s so much fun having teenagers, enjoy them while you can. I was told a year ago one of the Moocs’ plans was to fake a chemical attack … Continue reading

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The World’s Destiny*

The World’s Destiny* is being hijacked by a teeny- tiny minority. A tiny handful of weapons manufacturers, hospital and prison owners, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and bigots have been orchestrating all of the shootings in the US and elsewhere. The … Continue reading

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All the World’s a Stage

Nothing is as it seems. Things we learned from our parents, school, friends and church are wrong. These talks will tell the truth. The truth shall set you free.  For years I was the CEO of the RAND Corporation, a … Continue reading

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Global-Thermal-Nuclear War!

My memory was erased after each meeting and now I’m getting it back. Everything that has been erased for 62 years has been crashing down on me. The Rand Corporation has tentacles in Movies, TV, and Music under various names. … Continue reading

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