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All the World’s a Stage

Nothing is as it seems. Things we learned from our parents, school, friends and church are wrong. These talks will tell the truth. The truth shall set you free.  For years I was the CEO of the RAND Corporation, a … Continue reading

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To Whom it May Concern,

To Whom it May Concern, I remembered something that will help you. JA (General John Alexander) said you and he had fathers who were the same, so he knew what to do and say that would manipulate you. He knew … Continue reading

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We’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden

The story behind the song Woodstock Joni Mitchell and I wrote the  Circle Game and Both Sides Now. I wrote the words and she wrote the music.  She did a really good job, don’t you think?  Just stating a fact, … Continue reading

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Two More Steps to World Peace

1. Presidents have to have access to Classified information, especially the things under the heading “We don’t want to bother him with something trivial.” Bother him, because our country’s future may very well depend that trivial something. In the US … Continue reading

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Men, Don’t be Afraid of Women in Power

Men accepting women as equal, is one of the steps to World Peace. I’ve directed plenty of buddy movies and action movies starring some pretty manly men and no one gave me trouble for being a woman; except, possibly, the … Continue reading

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