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Will the Real Donald Trump please stand down

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Until the law is changed to protect whistle blowers, the President has no choice but to pardon Edward Snowden.  He should expose the dis-information Presidents get while he’s at it.  I’ll weigh in some more later. Thank you Mr. Snowden. … Continue reading

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Lynn Mickelsen and Trump

I’ve been making little videos with a cheap little HD camera, which means my wrinkles aren’t as deep and my age spots aren’t as dark.

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The Middle East and The Bible

 There are many versions of what Christians call “The Old Testament,” and they include the Talmud, the Quran. God says there is no such thing as perfection (Not even God is perfect, because He says – by whose standards?)  I … Continue reading

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NAPA Earthquake

The Doomsday Machine Actually, I had been drugged and questioned, “How would you cause an earthquake?”  I thought it was a drinking game, or a plot for a movie.  I didn’t know I was telling people who actually wanted to cause … Continue reading

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