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Trump traded his multi-billion-dollar debt to RAND in exchange for getting him elected for the purpose of starting Armageddon.

Armageddon is – ending life on this earth; and Apocalypse is – the ancient truths revealed. I am the Apocalypse Just so you know about my life, currently. The nuclear residue from the Missiles will result in – All of … Continue reading

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It’s Later Now

John Alexander, the now deceased General who thought he was the re-incarnation of Lucifer, set this whole Syria, US, Russia problem up 5 years ago. Assad had little or nothing to do with it.  It was John Alexander who hid … Continue reading

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First Family Politics

Just What This World Needs is a woman, who uses her first family status to sell overpriced jewelry, making Foreign Policy. By the way, if Trump looked at pictures of Syrian children suffering the effects of nerve gas, then he … Continue reading

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What To Do About Syria

I spoke of the “weak ones of Ms. disruption” (I have to say things like that so that the computers can’t pick it up on the Internet — but you know what I mean, just read it again and figure … Continue reading

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