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Faux Probiotics

Yacolt not good for you. My ex-husband used to put used to put Hemlock in my morning coffee. What a guy?  A little bit of a poison will give you diarrhea. Probiotics in Gels and gummies put enough poisons in … Continue reading

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Fracking in Yellowstone is tantamount to Mass Murder.

(Injecting large amounts of waste water into the Earth’s Arbuckle causes earthquakes.  Oklahoma went from 2 earthquakes a year in 2008 to 3 a day. {It seems a pipeline or holding tanks would be of some use.  The pressure at … Continue reading

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How to turn anything into velcro.

When I was in grammar school we had a summer house in NJ. We had some weeds whose seeds stuck to almost everything, but I noticed which fabrics they held onto the best and suggested a way to make that … Continue reading

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