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100 Year Hoax

Dwight Eisenhower was the last legitimately elected Republican! So why won’t the GOP heed his advice? That was the topic of Thom Hartmann’s podcast on May 23, 2017. He was wrong that Eisenhower didn’t cheat to become President, I have … Continue reading

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Possible Answer to PermaFrost Loss

Rising Sea Levels I had another thought about the poles. If there really is no physical evidence of climate tampering on the poles, no evidence of mining, no stations with solar or wind electricity generators, no windmills that power vibrators … Continue reading

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It’s Later Now

John Alexander, the now deceased General who thought he was the re-incarnation of Lucifer, set this whole Syria, US, Russia problem up 5 years ago. Assad had little or nothing to do with it.  It was John Alexander who hid … Continue reading

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what is in the DAPL?

Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink. What is going on with the pipelines? Taxpayers pay and pay for pipelines that cost a fortune and then the companies … Continue reading

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Why there is no replacement for Obamacare

Because Trump wants to repeal Obamacare with NO replacement because he wants all poor people to die. He hates poor people.  This is why good people think of Trump minions as Haters.  Trump followers should watch these filx and the … Continue reading

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