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The World’s Destiny*

The World’s Destiny* is being hijacked by a teeny- tiny minority. A tiny handful of weapons manufacturers, hospital and prison owners, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and bigots have been orchestrating all of the shootings in the US and elsewhere. The … Continue reading

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The Military has to stay out of Politics

The joke’s over – how Boris Johnson is damaging Britain’s global stature As a journalist, he fanned the flames of Euroscepticism. As a politician, he used Brexit to advance his own ambitions. Now he is plotting a path to No 10 … Continue reading

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I could use a little help

I was kept a prisoner and slave of a Satanic Church in NJ for my whole life. I call those people Moocs – Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate. These past 10 years the US government and the military also keep … Continue reading

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