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Global-Thermal-Nuclear War!

My memory was erased after each meeting and now I’m getting it back. Everything that has been erased for 62 years has been crashing down on me. The Rand Corporation has tentacles in Movies, TV, and Music under various names. … Continue reading

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US Military Budget – Crushing the Life Out of the USA

What’s the thing with the USA’s need to be the policeman to the world. We think we’re some shining example to the world of the joys of capitalism.  The US has no real capitalism.  The FED runs the economy and … Continue reading

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A View of the Future –

Mitt’s wish – The common goal of those who want Armageddon is a world that looks like the world, without George Bailey, in It’s a Wonderful Life.  It’s the world depicted in Back to the Future, Part 2.  The goal … Continue reading

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