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Even Tough Guys Need Help

This is our government folks! Here’s my dilemma.  I’m being abused by the NSA.  My rights as a US citizen are nonexistent.  My right to privacy is long gone.  They have put a homing device and a microphone in my … Continue reading

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Comey Apology

Trump fired Comey today. Apologies to FBI Director Comey. I thought you were one of them because your attack on Hillary is what cost her the election. Also, you should have let the American people know Trump was under investigation. … Continue reading

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Sometimes the only logical answer sounds crazy

It must be the best thing for the country, right? That would be the thinking in the Political arena and the Military if you heard that Barack Obama was letting Trump win, or even helping Trump win? Sometimes the only … Continue reading

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I could use a little help

I was kept a prisoner and slave of a Satanic Church in NJ for my whole life. I call those people Moocs – Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate. These past 10 years the US government and the military also keep … Continue reading

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Snowden outed Trump and NSA Generals

Trump called Snowden a “traitor” and plainly stated that “he should be executed for treason if he ever sets foot back in the country.” Because Snowden outed Trump and NSA Generals. Trump’s ties to moocs in the NSA is one … Continue reading

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