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Dear Queen Elizabeth

Having met The Royal Family, I believe that if they are in The Knights of the Order of the Garter they are on the side of light. I know it – I feel it in my marrow. Queen Elizabeth will … Continue reading

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Global-Thermal-Nuclear War!

My memory was erased after each meeting and now I’m getting it back. Everything that has been erased for 62 years has been crashing down on me. The Rand Corporation has tentacles in Movies, TV, and Music under various names. … Continue reading

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Notes on the Attached Aryan Flix

I mention the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy as an example of what the first humans looked like. I wrote the movie while on location visiting with the Bushmen of the Kalahari. I thought their way of life was … Continue reading

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My Medical Experience

My Medical Experience I want to share some of my medical experience I acquired while I was a moocs torture prisoner. I have a lot of respect among the medical community who have kept my story alive. In this series … Continue reading

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Muslim Ban? Ban Yourself – You Big Mooc

Trump, “A President is allowed to kill anybody he wants. I have a list of, probably fifteen hundred people I’m going to have killed when I’m President.” Continue reading

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