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Medicare for Everyone

Actuarially Medicare could start making more money which could drive the cost of Medicare way down (which would be great news for consumers), and could raise the assignment limits (which would be good news for doctors). If someone tells you … Continue reading

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turning a person into a patient

This is the most important information you’ll ever receive. The attached flick contains this information. You have a choice, you can read this; or watch the 30 minute flick, or both. I just realized I didn’t say much about the … Continue reading

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Why there is no replacement for Obamacare

Because Trump wants to repeal Obamacare with NO replacement because he wants all poor people to die. He hates poor people.  This is why good people think of Trump minions as Haters.  Trump followers should watch these filx and the … Continue reading

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keep working class people working

Poor people are the life’s blood of this country.  They are the most valuable people in the US. The working classes are the backbone of this country so the fact that they don’t earn enough to pay taxes is a … Continue reading

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The Pathway to World Peace

Things we can start doing now RIGHT NOW to eliminate ignorance, war, mental illness, famine, disease, and extreme poverty. Exchange Healthy Positive Parenting Skills* – Legitimize Voting* – Empower Women – Share Knowledge and Ideas through the Internet* – Create … Continue reading

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