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United States Stands Alone Defiantly Denying Climate Change and Global Warming Because of a Gym Teacher

I advised Trump NOT to pull out of the Paris Climates Agreement I talked with him on a conference call. Then I spoke with the man who’s supposed to be the scientist advising Trump to relax our environmental laws. Others … Continue reading

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Possible Answer to PermaFrost Loss

Rising Sea Levels I had another thought about the poles. If there really is no physical evidence of climate tampering on the poles, no evidence of mining, no stations with solar or wind electricity generators, no windmills that power vibrators … Continue reading

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Please, Revisit my post about sea level rise

My most important post went un-noticed because I’ve been posting so much lately. It’s worth a read.  The sea level rise probably isn’t connected entirely to Global Warming.  Global Warming is part of the problem, but the math doesn’t work. … Continue reading

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