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A little about Judgement

I get judged over lies the Moocs and the NSA tell about me. Fun Fact – George Lucas avoided meeting Marlon Brando since he was told Marlon was just like the character he played in Streetcar Named Desire. I knew … Continue reading

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Please Help Me

The Space Between may be Heaven! I wrote the Star Trek episode Wink of an Eye, in season 3. Now we have the software to do the episode right. I also want to point out that much of my poetry … Continue reading

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Whiney People VS. George Lucas

The People Vs. George Lucas I didn’t like it. The people in the flick were whiners. The problem with episode 1, as I saw it, was it was too much movie to be all one movie. Lucas took full advantage … Continue reading

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The Musical Hair and the Force

Some people think I’m special and can do things others can’t. I’m here to tell you I can do things others can but don’t even try. Continue reading

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Dear George Lucas

I was asked to say something to George Lucas since the moocs keeping us apart are protected by the NSA and the NSA set us up royally.  What they did really hurt George Lucas.  I couldn’t script anything, and I … Continue reading

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