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Great Convention! I think you did a swell job!

It was swell. Dear Mr. Biden, You were able to get your point across without trashing Trump. You had just the right amount of righteous indignation. Kamala needs to work on her inflection. She’s pausing and hitting the second and … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders – New Hampshire Beware

Bernie Sanders – New Hampshire Beware Bernie Sanders was on Meet the Press, he said he stood with Eva Morales in condemning a coup. *** Bernie Sanders was asked about being called a communist and his reply was, Now Trump … Continue reading

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One Possible Platform for the Democrats

The main ongoing issues facing the country now are Affordable College, Universal Healthcare, Stop the sale of assault and automatic weapons, Sensible drug laws, Higher pay for teachers. Higher minimum wage attached to the rate of inflation. Strength through Diplomacy. … Continue reading

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