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US Intelligence Agents and the top Billionaires are Nincompoops – Maybe they’ll survive the Armageddon they’ve begun; but not for too much longer. I give them a year more than me.

I was told I am currently a key witness in all least two FBI investigations. I tried to get in touch through a few different FBI offices with no luck. I sent two certified letters to The FBI in Portland, … Continue reading

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In Praise of Cheap Hotels & Everyone But Me Wants WW3

I’m in Portland Oregon now. I’ve been staying at Travelodges. They’re owned by Wyndham. In praise of cheap hotels – rich people don’t take home any part of their restaurant meals. They tell me it’s tacky. WTF? If I’m on … Continue reading

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President Obama and President Trump planning Armageddon

Over the past year I talked to President Obama about his plans, that included – The California Fires are a classified military operation ordered by Barack Obama. The earthquake in the Pacific will be a top secret military operation ordered … Continue reading

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Notes on the Attached Aryan Flix

I mention the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy as an example of what the first humans looked like. I wrote the movie while on location visiting with the Bushmen of the Kalahari. I thought their way of life was … Continue reading

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May the Force be with you

Force of Unity King Abdulla of Jordan summed up the current war on terrorism better than I’ve heard it described before, “ISIS has triggered an understanding that it’s time for all of us to make up our minds on the … Continue reading

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