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Why the Rush to Confirm Kavanaugh

Brett M. Kavanaugh is being rushed through because Trump wanted to put someone on the Supreme Court for when he’s impeached. If the Congress impeaches him, he told me back in 2003, and the Senate votes for removal, he claims … Continue reading

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Vote against the War

Make no mistake – the first nuclear strike will be enough to destroy the earth within 10 years; the second, within 3 years, and a third within a month – there will be NO survivors. Vote against the war unless … Continue reading

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This is How the US Government Repays Me

===================================================================== Things I’ve done for the US Government ============================================================================ 1961 – 1963 Espionage – classified 1960 – 68 – Presidential Advisor, Pres. Kennedy and Pres. Johnson. Came up with a peaceful solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis avoiding WW3, which … Continue reading

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