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Raising Good and Righteous Leaders

We have to protect our children. Apocalypse is revealing the lies that we have passed down and believe. There’s a myriad of beliefs that make our lives worse. The beliefs were taught to us as fact and we teach them … Continue reading

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Plea to Hillary

Hilly darling, don’t do this. Don’t stoop to the level of the Republicans. Don’t try to tear down Bernie. I’ve spent time with you both and you’re both terrific people. Mr. Sanders has a long distinguished career and the appropriate … Continue reading

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May the Force be with you

Force of Unity King Abdulla of Jordan summed up the current war on terrorism better than I’ve heard it described before, “ISIS has triggered an understanding that it’s time for all of us to make up our minds on the … Continue reading

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NAPA Earthquake

The Doomsday Machine Actually, I had been drugged and questioned, “How would you cause an earthquake?”  I thought it was a drinking game, or a plot for a movie.  I didn’t know I was telling people who actually wanted to cause … Continue reading

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Netherlands Disaster

December Disasters Three of Deeta’s predictions that haven’t yet happened are the volcanoes erupting around Rome, the flooding of the Netherlands, and the unleashing of the (I’m misspelling this on purpose – you’ll figure it out) Weak-one of Miss Disruption … Continue reading

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