Vote against the War

Make no mistake – the first nuclear strike will be enough to destroy the earth within 10 years; the second, within 3 years, and a third within a month – there will be NO survivors.
Vote against the war unless you want Armageddon.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!
Find the Little Girls!
Don’t stop at the office.

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This is How the US Government Repays Me

Things I’ve done for the US Government

1961 – 1963 Espionage – classified

1960 – 68 – Presidential Advisor, Pres. Kennedy and Pres. Johnson.
Came up with a peaceful solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis avoiding WW3, which is what the Military wanted. I believe that’s when the Moocs in the Military began their surveillance I helped with many other international decisions.
Negotiated Middle East and Israeli / Pakistan Peace Accords
Worked on The Civil Rights Acts and other initiatives.

1968 – 71 Presidential Advisor to Pres. Richard Nixon. I helped with the plan for de-escalation of the war in Vietnam, to avoid WW3. The 18-year-old vote.
Negotiated Peace Accords and lasting peace in Northern Ireland
Under Reagan I suggested Security improvements i.e.: Star Wars satellite defense system
In 2000 I wrote a memo that suggested upping security in airports so that passenger jets could NOT be used as weapons.

Gave information that stopped a second attack on New York City.
I gave the NSA information that led to stopping a planned terror attack on NYC that would have been as bad, some say worse, than 9-11. This time the attack was stopped. Thank God! I wasn’t allowed to collect the Congressional Metal of Honor that I was awarded.

7 CIA Hostage Plans such as Argo; and Zero Dark 30 the plan to arrest Osama Bin Ladin

Thought up Drones
I had a vital guiding hand in the design of
the Black Hawk helicopter: the Osprey: Drones: Winglets (tilt the wing tips up:) cargo helicopter.
Came up with the design the decks of Air Craft Carriers. i.e.: The tilt take-off; and the use of a bungee landing system.
General Kelly wants me killed for doing the following:
What I’ve Done for World Peace
This is a description of a few of the things I’ve accomplished over the years.
My goal has always been World Peace.
• I made up the Peace Sign and Symbol –
• I made up the word anti-war in 1966 I held the first Antiwar Rally against the Vietnam War. I spent the day explaining what antiwar meant. (I did get some death threats.) I coined the phrase , “Make Love, Not War.”
• I made up the COEXIST bumper sticker. It took almost 50 years for that one to catch on. (the Satanic symbol that dots the ‘i‘ is not mine)
• At 13, I spent 2 months in South Africa and helped Nelsen Mandela, while he was in prison, to put an end to tribal wars, which was the first step toward ending Apartheid.
• I said Neil Armstrong should say “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”
• Two pictures of me that helped the peace movement. – A girl standing next to me at Kent State was shot and killed. (I was shot, too, but it was just a flesh wound.) Another, I was detained at an anti-war rally I helped with on May 3rd, to stop traffic in Washington DC. While incarcerated by the National Guard, I put a flower in the barrel of the rifle pointed at me. I thought it was a symbol of peace in a time of war. That picture made the News. I did it even though his superior officer kept telling him to shoot me. The soldier later told me he tried hard to pull the trigger, but his hand froze.

• I worked with LBJ to pass the Civil Rights Acts.
• I sat next to Rosa Parks on that bus in Memphis and I wouldn’t let her get up.
• Said Regan should say, “Mr. Gorbechov, tear down this wall.”

• Helped to stop the spread of Leprosy working with Mother Theresa in Calcutta.
• I created Earth Day!
• I encouraged Groucho Marx into going public with the problem his daughter was having getting into a country club she wanted to join. I was about 5, we came up with “I wouldn’t want to join any club that would have me as a member – but my daughter does. A country club she wants to join won’t let her in because she’s Jewish. They should at least let her go into the pool up to her waist, since she’s only half Jewish.” It worked, and clubs around the country began changing that exclusionary rule.
• I decided to start to use the word Gay to mean homosexual. The word filled a need and caught on quickly
• Came up with the idea for Star Trek. I’m proud to have created the first integrated cast on TV.
• George Lucas told me I am Yoda.
• Played Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, Joie in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and Anne Frank. My favorite role is Nora in the Thin Man because the writers hadn’t written my part so they told me to ad-lib. Nora spoke up for herself and it was evident that she was married because she wanted to be married and she wasn’t dependent on Nick. I think Nora began the woman’s movement.

This is How the US Government Repays Me
They break my back so they can laugh at me when I’m in pain.
Amazon, Spices etc., and other Mooc owned companies put poison in my toiletries and in my food that made my hair fall out so they can laugh at me for being sick and going bald.
They injected me with carcinogens such as Liquid Smoke, and poisons that caused my cancer. The doctors call it Celebrity Cancer. It’s the cancer they used to kill Sen. Ted Kennedy, Michael Landon, Patrick Swayze, Steve Jobs; and they’re trying to kill Sen. John McCain with the same cancer that they gave me. Senator McCain and my cancer was ordered by Barack Obama and administered by Special Forces. They injected me with carcinogens and then the Mooc medical complexes, such as Jefferson in WA and Swedish WA, intercepted my medical tests and replaced them with textbook results of healthy individuals’ results, and say I’m a hypochondriac, that way they’re accomplices in my murder. Sometimes a doctor will get me the true results so I can see what my brain and uterus really look like. I’ve been told by many doctors I should be dead. The last doctor who tried to help me was killed by the order of President Obama. He was a neuro-surgeon at the Mooc owned Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, whose name may have been Dr. Eric Ray.
The corrupt Moocs in the government and the military make highly edited videos of me using 40-years’ worth of 24/7 illegally-taped videos trying to make me look like I’m the traitor – not them. They make me look disgusting. They say I love to have cameras in my toilet. They’re such freaks they put cameras in my toilet and everywhere where they can get disgusting and disturbing images of me and then say I love that. I didn’t know about it, but now that I know – I hate it; and I can tell you, the people doing this to me are deranged. It’s disturbing they think putting cameras in my toilet, and injecting me with worms, is a way to protect this country.
I haven’t seen the flicks the Satanists in the military have edited to make me look as disgusting as they are. These are things I’ve heard about – like – One time a bicyclist almost hit my car and had to stop, he didn’t have to go off the road, but Moocs say I love to run bicyclists off the road – which is absurd. I enjoy helping people – not hurting people. They cut the surveillance tape so it looks like it’s the other way around.
They got a hidden camera picture of the one time I didn’t stop completely at a corner where no one ever stops because you can clearly see all the traffic. They have that one film of my only ticket in forty-five years of driving; and they say I’m always running stop signs and red lights. They lie and lie about me because they surveille me 24/7 via satellite, cameras pointed at every area I visit, my car, my home and in person and they still have to lie to make me look bad. Petulant children have been Commander in Chief for many years.
Because I want to end child abuse, and they say they need child abuse, they say I was or am a child molester. Without a shred of evidence, they lie and say I’m a child molester – the very thing I’ve been campaigning against. I believe child molesters are worse than murderers. Obama and other Moocs in the Deep State have digitalized me so it can look like I’m doing things I would never do. General John Kelly said “We have to have child abuse,” while I was on a “conference call” with Brittan’s Royal family. Now Obama is using torture, mind control and altered flicks that they’ve made to convince Britain’s Queen Elizabeth that I’m someone to be loathed. Obama said he had a plan to kill the Royal Family at the wedding reception, (it didn’t happen) and they didn’t want me to be in any position to warn them. Obama said he wants to kill everyone in the Royal Family except Megan so she’ll be Queen – which isn’t how it works. Obama wants the Royal family to be black. He used mind control to get those two together even though Megan told him, under hypnosis, she was only dating Harry because he was a Prince, and Harry was about to break up with Megan.
I say you can achieve happiness by helping people. Moocs are rarely happy, many are suicidal and homicidal alternately – a sure sign of depression. Their minions aren’t allowed to help people so most will never know happiness.
I used to say that my ex-husband was afraid to have fun. I didn’t know he was the prince of a satanic cult and that they were only allowed to laugh at people in trouble or in pain. Laughter is an automatic response. Stifling a laugh is as hard as trying not to cry or sneeze.
This recent attack on Mueller is smoke and mirrors to make people think he’s doing his job, when in fact, I’ve been told by several high-ranking individuals, Mueller stands to make two million dollars if he can drag the investigation out long enough to let President Trump get us into WW3.
Rudy Giuliani says Obama had the Russia information way before the election. I know for a FACT Rudy Giuliani is right! Why would Obama sit on that? Rudy Giuliani says it’s because there is no there, there. But it’s way, way more twisted than that. It’s because Obama is part of the Deep State and he wants WW3. He tied to kill me for the entire 8 years of his presidency. He is torturing my daughter, in Baltimore, nightly. The safety of the world out weighs the safety of my daughter. Even though its Barack Obama giving the orders doesn’t mean the orders are sane. Barack wants to decimate the world as much as any Satanist. Barack helped get Trump elected. Hillary’s campaign was shoddily run, and Obama was working against her. Obama was responsible for her stroke. He’s responsible for Hillary and Bill’s cancer. Obama is responsible for Bo Biden’s, and Sen. McCain’s cancer. He’s the reason for the Democratic party’s defeat. Hillary knew about the Russian’s, too. She was brainwashed into thinking witnessing a nuclear war would be cool. The torture she endured during her brainwashing caused her to pass out while she was on the campaign trail. Obama made multiple attempts to kill Hillary and Bill.
Brainwashing, in the manner the Republicans and the Deep Staters do it, is very frightening in deed. Watch the Manchurian Candidate. The first one, with Frank Sinatra, shows the US Military’s capabilities in the 1940s. the newer Manchurian Candidate shows our capabilities now. That movie isn’t precise or scary enough. It’s real.
It’s President Obama who had Mr. Mueller abducted and brainwashed into thinking WW3 would be a great thing. He told me it cost them (the Deep State) only something like $50,000, to get him (Mueller) on board. Massive amounts of torture, electrocution, drugs, hypnotizing, and $50,000 to get Mr. Mueller to wait until after the start of WW3 to make any administrative arrests. Read my blog, Mr. Mueller, please – calling the election null and void and waiting to make your arrests until after WW3 is TOO LATE. Ask anyone who knows what I know and who is a scientist, and they’ll tell you it’s too late! The Nuclear Winter that follows a Nuclear blast will kill the planet because the natural order of the environment’s ability to clean itself is gone.
When villains in movies tell the good guys, “Do this or we’ll kill you.” The good guys knuckle under. I love my children far, far more than myself. I can’t throw THE WORLD under the bus to keep my daughters safe. I’ve been threatened numerous times. My daughters know, on some level, I hope, the pressure I get from these selfish sociopaths. I’m sure someone in the Baltimore Police Department will step up to back me up and say – there’s a lot of suspicious activity around my daughter’s house in north Baltimore, and for the good and safety of the country, they will investigate it, and at the very least, get satellite images of men entering her home at midnight, and then leaving her house before dawn. My daughters are jewels in beaches of hot lava. They will be the gems at the tiller of society that will guide us to World Peace. They are lovely, caring, peaceful, beautiful, fine, fun-loving creatures who can recognize good and can keep us on a course to World Peace. That is if humanity survives.
The Legislative branch has the clout to set me free, but instead, they’re helping to build a case against me, that’s based on out-and-out lies. They’re threatening and hurting my family, who they’re brainwashing and hurting, torturing and raping. The Moocs hurting and trying to kill us have the Mueller /Comey stamp of approval. These people are into world annihilation. Don’t they realize they won’t be able to survive either? It will be ten years after the war that some small part of the planet earth may be habitable? Do they have supplies and electricity and air and water in their missile silos to last more than ten years? They’ll essentially be in the jail they made for themselves underground for ten to twenty years: in order to live in a lonely gray world when they emerge to live another three years of painful death. They are old now and will die along with the rest of the world.
They know I don’t lie, cheat, steal, or kill. They’ve been watching me and following me ever since I worked for President Kennedy at age eight, I haven’t done anything illegal and I’ve helped this country so often, that THEY HAVE TO lie and use all their resources to make me look bad so the country won’t listen to me.
Corruption is the norm in this country, but I refuse to get on board. They’ve been screwing the country for so long now, people will believe me because the crazy-sounding things I’m saying are the only logical answers.
If the evil Deep Staters and the Moocs think treating me like this is a good thing, I feel sorry for their dogs.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!
Find the Little Girls!
Don’t stop at the office.

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search Milk in this blog. don’t get suckered in.

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Farewell John McCain

Revised because I forgot about Ted Kennedy, who died of the same brain cancer.  There have been many others.

I was told by my Navy Seal Colonel friend, Arizona, that my brain was injected with the condiment Liquid Smoke when Ted Kennedy, and again when Steve Jobs, Bo Biden were injected and again when Sen. McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, and a friend of mine’s son were injected. I was injected more often, but these are the examples the amount of time it takes to kill someone with brain cancer. Liquid smoke is a carcinogen.

My friend’s son died only a few months later. The others


Ted Kennedy 8/25/09

Steve Jobs 10/5/11

Bo Biden 5/30/ 15

Barbara Bush 4/17/18

John McCain 8/25/18

I was told John McCain was killed because the Deep State knew he wouldn’t have voted for going to war. If you are in the Senate or Congress and want to honor Sen. McCain, vote against going to war. In 2003 Donald Trump told me one of the reasons he was running was to start WW3 to cause Armageddon.

Rise up!

Think Peace!

Find the little girls!


I ran away from my abusive ex-husband and his Satanic Church in 2007 that kept me as a prisoner and slave. I had been working as a songwriter, actress*, director, and consultant and CEO for the RAND Corp, that was a front for what is now one of the most powerful Satanic Churches in the world. They used me to make their members filthy rich. I’m well-known in certain circles.

Ted Kennedy, Steve Jobs, and Barbara Bush were killed for wanting to help me.

You can’t get in touch with me but please read about me, these people are ruthless. Don’t send me money.

Murder by natural causes. Politics, Armageddon

Farewell John McCain

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Full Measure, Sharyl Attkisson, China Syndrome

From Full Measure, Sharyl Attkisson, China Syndrome
Sharyl: “When we began investigating Traumatic Brain Injury in our troops, it sounded a lot like the highly-publicized controversy over NFL concussions. So why has there been so little public discussion about our 22,000 troops per year? As it turns out, military science could have important applications to civilian life.”
Sharyl spoke with Dr. David Brody, a lead researcher of Traumatic Brain Injury in the military and the NFL.
Dr. Brody: Sports concussions occur in basically a friendly environment. No one’s shooting at you. The guy next to you didn’t get blown up and lose both legs. The guy on the other side of you didn’t get killed. The combination of injury and the stress of war is worse.
Dave Hall is a former Navy SEAL who suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury.
Dave Hall: I’m sure I got it as much from training, because the type of equipment that we use is going to give it to you.
Dave Hall: My friends, my peers that have it, I think you almost have to fall off the edge and survive it. Otherwise, it’s so insidious, it’s like being gassed in your sleep. You don’t really know that that’s what it is that’s encroaching on your life. Addressing the issue head on is necessary to keep the U.S. Military strong.
Dave Hall sees Ryan Larkin as a hero—he’s the Navy SEAL who tried to flag the problem, ultimately took his own life, and donated his brain to Traumatic Brain Injury research.
Dave Hall: Looking at the whole thing now, you go, “Oh my god, this guy had the moral courage to say, ‘Hey, I have a problem,’ and I think, a lot of it was because he saw it happening to his peers as well, and thought, “Well, if you’re not going to say something, I will. And then maybe we’ll all get helped.”
Sharyl: “Ryan served his country honorably. He was a brave, young man. It almost strikes me as if he was killed in action.”
Frank Larkin: “He was. He just didn’t die right away.”
One Seal said,” I think the force is going to hit a point where the word gets out there to these young men. There’s so many young men that are super fit that want to be SEALs because we’re like legend in popular culture right now. When that shifts to, ‘Hey, you know that’s a really bad career path, you’re probably going to come in, your brain’s not going to be right, and if you start acting a little bit squirrely, the leadership is probably going to throw you out with a characterization that you can’t probably even get a job washing cars in a parking lot.”
My thoughts: Getting the word out is next to impossible. Many men have died trying. They are all wired with a tracking device instead of dog tags; and a microphone. They can’t go to the press or even complain amongst themselves or they will be killed. I’ve spoken with many of them and they asked me to try. They are trapped in the same prison without walls that I’m trapped in. ‘General John Kelly the White House Chief of Staff, has been programming the Navy Seals using techniques that mutilate the brain. They aren’t able to think for themselves or assimilate in polite society. They are left with the sole ability to take orders. These men are in Army Intelligence and they have the circuits in their brains turned to guacamole. Then their brain is then fitted with stimulators to make mind control easier. There is no recovery and no cure. What a waste of a good man.
Then they’re given a post hypnotic suggestion that they weren’t operated on, but attacked and hit in the head; and perhaps they were even given a helmet with a dent in it as proof.
There are many men in the area where I live in Washington who watch me so I can’t escape. I think they believe it’s something they have to do. They don’t understand why what they are doing is immoral, illegal, and unwarranted. Even when I tell them that by keeping me prisoner they are helping to start WW3, which will kill soldiers, and require more men to join the military. They have been ordered to steal my personal mail, my paychecks, and to make sure I don’t have conversations. They were ordered to interfere, even though it infringes on the very civil liberties they had fought to ensure. They all know President Trump didn’t really win and that he wants this country to go to war. They know a homicidal maniac will take us to war and kill thousands of our troops, and they don’t have the reasoning ability to want to stop it.
Isn’t it time we watched out for our troops so this horror doesn’t continue. General Kelly has turned our troops and veterans into his personal hit squad. Our own troops are stripping away at the democracy they were sworn to protect. General John Kelly is a serial killer who kills men, and killed his own son, for questioning his orders. His orders are immoral and illegal.
The corruption is so deep that the CIA, including Mueller, knew about this, all this, everything the American people are just finding out now, before the primaries, and the CIA won’t free me because they want to… I’m not exactly sure why. Double-check your reasoning fellas, what would you have done when you were a teenager? I was told they were tortured and brainwashed, Comey several times and Mueller often and ongoing, to wait until the first missiles are fired so we can go to WW3.
I hope enough horrible stuff has happened that instead of saying, “Oh, I don’t believe that,” you’ll say, “Holy sh_t! You know, she’s probably right.”

Traumatic Brain Injury in our troops, Traumatic Brain Injury, Full Measure,

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