Where Have all the Young Men Gone?

Where Have all the Young Men Gone?
Some facts are that there were 70% fewer Generals when Obama left office. I heard him order 3 Generals killed in one night for trying to help me.
Also, Arizona said there was a backlog of soldiers wanting to join the NSA. I believe he said 5,000 were on the waiting list when Pres. Obama took office. When he left office they were recruiting right out of boot camp. They make those men Gold Star troops. That means Obama killed 5.000 NSA members.
The fellow who was mutilated to death in Africa was sent to Niger to be tortured to death over a two day period because he made a joke Obama didn’t like. Obama picked Niger as the place to do the killing because he wanted to see how Trump would pronounce the country’s name.
Satanists believe they need to have a reason to kill someone, it’s more of an excuse, and more often than not it’s a lie, but it’s a reason – however flimsy. Obama just kills for no reason at all. Arizona told me that Obama’s the one who ordered the Isis beheadings that he had to carry out as Jihadi John. Arizona told me that Obama routinely kills people for swearing.
Rita, in 2003, said the same thing, that every time she sent someone to kill me she ended up “having to” kill them because they couldn’t kill me.
To me, that’s a horrifying enough thought, but those were Satanists and they knew they would “have to” do something like that when they signed on. Usually, according to all the Satanists I’ve talked to, by the time you decide to join the Satanic church you’re both homicidal and suicidal.
But what Pres. Obama was doing was so horrifying and disgusting to me because when young men go into the US military, they do it because they want to do something for their country and they often want to be heroes: they didn’t sign up to be a hitmen for Satanists or for the mob that it exists inside our corrupt government. Those organizations should stick to using people who signed up for that or belong to that church. Just because a mission can be made classified, doesn’t mean Presidents, Generals corrupt politicians, or businessmen should abuse our enlisted men like that.
Those young agents only attacked to me because they were ordered to, not because they were Satanic. So you see, I have no choice. I can’t let all of those fine young men die in vain. I know they died for the cause of World Peace, so I have to keep going. I have no choice.
Moana is the name of the girl in the cartoon movie called Moana. It’s an instant classic.
I suggest it because it’s great, and because it’s kind of like my life in that it really doesn’t look like she’s got much of a choice. Moana is a fictional island princess who was given the task of replacing the heart of an island. Throughout the movie she is challenged and faces many obstacles, but she always managed to prevail. For Moana, it’s always the ocean that puts her back on course and keeps her alive.
Over the eight years he was president, Pres. Obama sent one agent a week to kill me. God and his angels interfered with each one, so Pres. Obama killed the agent using a most barbaric horrifying form of death. He ordered another agent, usually a friend, to kill him, and if they tried to complain, that agent was ordered to be killed. That’s over 400 highly trained officers in the US military who were killed for failing to kill me. And it wasn’t just that they failed to, they were physically unable to. I’ve talked to people who were sent to kill me, and they tell me various things happened, like their hand wouldn’t work or began to shake uncontrollably; or their feet wouldn’t move; or the gun got very hot and they couldn’t hold it. You probably won’t believe this until you know me better, but, using those types of little miracles the Angels have kept me safe my whole life. But that didn’t matter to Obama, he has an unparalleled passion for killing people. Evil is an addiction in him.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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At What Cost?

President Obama made gazillions of dollars selling out his country.
I knew what would happen with the pipeline. I found out the RAND Corporation was involved in building it, and the Koch brothers were the ones who wanted the pipeline. Our country built the pipeline, which I have a huge problem with because the pipeline saves the Koch Brothers trucking fees and costs the country about $1 billion. These are the people who weep and moan about people who get food stamps or welfare. These corporate heads have no problem gobbling up tons of government money and yet complain about government assistance when that money goes to poor people. I believe we spend more money on the rich people than we do on the poor people.
Also, you can often-times tell when someone is a bad person by their name. Coke is like coal, so even though it’s spelled differently, as in Koch, it’s still something that burns and anything that has to do with fire is a giveaway that that person is a Satanist. (Not all, I’m sure) As I’ve been telling you all along the Satanists want Armageddon, and they are doing their damnedest to make it happen. So by having a leaky pipeline they can season the land that the pipeline covers and they are putting the filth that they are importing directly into the Gulf of Mexico. Arizona told me they have nighttime satellite footage of that happening. Once President Obama found out that was their plan he asked a million and a half dollars, to okay the deal, because he is an annihilist.
A President is supposed to help and protect his people. If President Obama had been left alone, I’m sure he would have made a fine President; I think there may have been some good in him at one point, but no more. He can’t be reasoned with – he doesn’t understand the logic.
I know I’ve told you that our weather can be altered using Doppler radar. Last December President Obama told me that a hurricane was going to hit close to Puerto Rico and he had decided he would make it hit the island and stall in the middle. Normally, hurricanes like to stay over water and if it had been left alone it probably would only have hit one of the sides of the island and it would have moved on. President Obama told me how he hated Puerto Ricans because they’re lazy. He likes to play God. He told me on many occasions he thought he was better than God and a lot of the evil things he does is simply to piss God off. Again, he was our President and should have been looking out for us. That’s the President’s job. You’d think if you had the power to alter weather, you would use it to make the hurricane miss one of our islands. Again I believe the President’s function is to help his people, not to destroy their property, which is all of our property by the way. He told me that the Red Cross gave him $1 million to tell people to give to the Red Cross. The Red Cross pockets 90% of the contributions they get. Obama said he would get as much of that money as he could, and any other contributions people give to Puerto Rico. I know, sickening, right? I think he got another million to give the electrical contract to that little company so it would take longer to get Puerto Rico back on its feet. Someone should be asking what is happening with the money that’s been contributed?
Something the IRS might want to do is investigate how much money Barack Obama paid for his house?
Obama made so many generalizations about people of certain colors, it was obvious he was being brainwashed by a bigot.
It seemed every time he told me of one of his schemes to make money at the expense of his people the dollar amount that came up the most was a million and a half.
I’ve known about the weather situation for quite a while; we’ve been able to manipulate the weather since Doppler radar was invented. Doppler is the thing that’s killing off large insects, bees, and small birds. We should stop using it and go back to satellite radar. No one has ever used it for good.
Doppler can create wind and change wind directions. After Barack’s agents use flamethrowers to start fires in California he can change wind speed and direction to keep them going.
The President should have no power over the Military once he is out of office. Illegal maneuvers like that, that can harm Americans, should NOT be allowed.
We need a mechanism so when a soldier gets a vile order he can report it.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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The Sins of the Presidents

What happened to Barack started when he ran for post in Illinois. He was beaten because his opponent cheated. He actually won and if he had checked into it, he probably could have found out that his opponent cheated. Cheating to win has been going on in this country. We are supposed to be a democracy but we are not. He made a deal with the devil; they said that they thought he could go all the way to be President. But that they would help him as long as he agreed to let the President after him be a Republican.
As I have stated many, many times Barack actually had 82% of the vote and 78% of the vote. Most of the people who didn’t vote for him were probably just Republicans or possibly, prejudice.
This is when the satanic cult Barack joined, doubled down on his brainwashing. They inserted electrodes into all of the emotion centers of his brain. They made him think that black people were inferior, crazy as that sounds I’ve heard him say that. I believe Dick Cheney now holds the joystick to Barack’s brain and he is making him do things that he would never have done when his mother was alive.
Barack knew, for instance, that the Russians were involved in the election and that Trump was going to cheat big time to get elected, and he said nothing and did nothing and told Hillary to do nothing and she must have been brainwashed into trusting him because she never mentioned it. Just the fact that Trump was going to cheat, should have negated Trump’s chance at being President and that’s why the Democrats seemed so confused because they didn’t realize Barack Obama was working against them.
He didn’t want Hillary to be President, he didn’t think a woman should be President; so Barack did things to sabotage her. He tried to have her killed and that’s what gave her the stroke. I believe he is sabotaging the entire Democratic party.
Some of the things that Barack has been doing he used the NSA to do for him. He went through (killed) 5,000 Special Forces and no one can talk about it because everything is classified. He’s being investigated for that, thank God.
I don’t think the Las Vegas shooter killed himself either. I think they shot him and then got out of the room. Barack wanted to kill the people at the country concert because he said they were all red necks and prejudice. I told him he was wrong and I told him not to do it. “It’s too late,” Barack said, “it’s already done.” This was back in January 2017. It is frightening that people in the NSA will do anything even when the order is clearly evil. Killing US citizens is illegal. But that’s how President Obama went through 5,000 NSA members. When they didn’t obey, or they tried to rat him out, he would kill them.
There was a mass murder at one of the Army bases, and that was because some of those men were going to go to the press so Barack had them killed. I think Barack told me he killed 33,000, “Not as many as in Vietnam,” he mused, “but still pretty impressive.” Then he chuckled. Like I should be impressed by such horror?
He told me he was going to use a flamethrower and, I think, “put it on the back of a pickup truck and drive it through wine country and set fires,” he told me, because he hates George Lucas. Barack said he thinks he needs to decimate George Lucas. From time to time he sends women made up to look like me to try to convince Mr. Lucas that they are me. These people look and sound crazy and they frighten George: and Barack said he would make sure that George is afraid of me and that he won’t be able to recognize me. That’s what someone has done to George before. It made it impossible for me to get through to him and even when I finally did; President Obama made it sound like he didn’t believe I was really me. He wants to hurt George because George asked for his help: but I told Barack that friends do that, they help each other. And I pointed out that being the President of the United States he was probably the only one who could help me.
Obama said later that Nelson Mandela had asked him for his help to find me so that he could meet with me one last time before he died. Nelson would call every few months and Barack finally got tired of it and killed him. You are welcome to do a search on my Nelson Mandela story. The search box is to the right and it works very well. (Anytime there’s a story in the News that I haven’t commented on – do a search, I most likely talked about it earlier.)
So now the electric companies are on the hot seat for starting the fires, but they did not start the fires – President Obama did.
Obama used Special Forces to aid the man who shot into the crowd at the country music Festival in Las Vegas. First they brainwashed him and then they supplied him with weapons and secured the room. When Barack asked me for some advice I suggested the strobe light in another room and I suggested that he keep the gun away from the window, hoping that that would set off the fire alarm, which it did. Now of course, my memory was erased and I was under duress when I helped him; I had Jihadi John sitting in arms length away from me.
Jihadi John, who I call Arizona, told me a lot of horrible things about President Obama. For instance, the Taliban was Bush’s idea and President Obama didn’t think they were ruthless enough so he created Isil. I knew that they were an American group because I’m the one who named them, Isil, very shortly later Isis. Barack used to make Arizona kill people. At first he thought there was a purpose; but no, it turned out it was just to please Barack. One day he had to kill his good friend and then swing the head around so Barack could watch. He says that memory was horrifying the point that he wanted to die. I remember that kill because it looked like Barack was laughing when he came out. But then he wiped the tear away. As he walked out he said what am I doing? – I can use this tear, and that’s what he did, he pretended to be upset, but Arizona said Barack had been laughing so hard that he was crying, just moments before he stepped on stage. I could hear it in his voice. But you don’t want to think your President’s a ghoul.

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My Relationship with Jihadi John

Jihadi John came to a few functions at the Lows. Loners on Wheels, the LoWs, are an RV singles group I used to belong to. Not under that name, but most folks liked him, we thought he was a retired Marine.
I got to know a man who I thought was a retired Marine RVer. There are many servicemen who travel in RVs when they retire, the man I called Arizona was one, I thought. He had been sent to kill me, a monthly, or weekly, ritual President Obama set up. When Military men failed to kill me, usually because I have outstanding guardian Angels, Obama killed them – or more correctly, had their friends kill them. A vicious, vile mind game that gave Obama unparalled joy. It angered Obama that I didn’t share his joy about killing our men in uniform. “We’ll make more,” and then he laughed hideously.
Obama has been mind controlled to take over the Satanic church after Gen. John Alexander (a name you should be familiar with by now) was dead. Gen. John Alexander warned me that Pres. Obama was worse than he was – something I chuckled at.
Well, they’re both dead now and John was right – Obama is far-far worse. My life is light-years worse now than it ever before.
I’ve written about a man I called Arizona many times now.
You know how Adam Levine was my Prince Charming – he woke me up with a kiss. I had been in a waking coma or some other trance; induced through years of torture, Army Intelligence drugs and torture drugs, combined with electricity and continuous (daily) post hypnotic suggestions. That’s how the Satanic church held me as a prisoner and slave. The same technique is used on Special Forces by our Military, and Militaries in England, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, New Zealand, Russia, Israel and others. The men are used as robots to carry out Murder Occult Organized Crimes unrelated to our countries security, and oftentimes completely contrary to and even endangering our security. They are used to keep the war going so the One Percent can get richer. They do things that end up killing our soldiers, and they HATE doing these things. They fear for their lives and their sanity. The beg me to save them. I woke Jihadi John, and for that he could never thank me enough. He said my book, Babble On, saved him. He was Barack Obama’s Chief Security Officer. This is what he told me.
He told me I saved his life. When I found out, a few years later, who he was, he was close enough to me that I could touch him without bending my elbow. At one LoWs function we sat close enough to hear each other’s breath. Some LoWs might remember him as the Marine at the Ranch or as the guy at the hot springs in NM. I call him Arizona throughout this blog.
Jihadi John was the Isis creep in the beheading videos doing the beheading. Yeah, I know, right?
I’m watching “Dear John” a sweet movie about a girl like me and a boy like him.
When I was talking about that with the boys from Fort Huachuca the man with me got agitated. That man was Jehadi John. He thought of himself as the Chanon Tatum character in both “Dear John” and “American Assassin.”
Arizona had been given the duty of being my microphone. Someone, some soldier in Intelligence, had to wear a microphone and break into my house and drug me and sit next to me so I could be heard, and I could hear others talking to me over their satellite walkie-talkies, but, one false move and vwoosh, Off with her head. He broke into my home several times. Arizona was told by President Obama, himself, what to do. He was the one, who was putting foul smelling organisms in my soaps and shampoos, so that in less than a day I would stink like I hadn’t had a bath in a month, and put other things in my food, drinks, and hair products, so my hair would fall out. He would torture me and tell me what President Obama told him to tell me. For some reason many people still don’t believe this kind of crap goes on in the Military, but it is pretty much all that goes on nowadays. These guys are tortured and hypnotized into doing the most horrific things imaginable.
The men in the Military and I have implanted mics and tracking devices implanted in our guts, so if anyone wants to Out the President for the unsurpassed prick he is and tells someone, in confidence; the President has the man killed.
Arizona had a normal aura. Everytime I spent time with him, he was pleasant and even funny. As for him, Everytime there was an assignment or an opportunity to do anything that involved me, he took the assignment, so I’d spent time with him almost a dozen times. (Adam Levine said he was jealous of Arizona)
Arizona thought of himself as Chanon Tatum. I was watching “Dear John” now and he did look and act like him. When I found out who he was, I paused and thought should I be afraid, but then I thought “He’s the same guy he was 5 minutes ago.” And I should have been afraid then, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
Our story is so outrageous it sounds fake and surreal.
Obama uses mind control a lot, so often, I think he must use about a few hundred soldiers to carry it all out. No retired President should have such power. Soldiers need a safe place to report a mass-murdering, superior Officer’s insane and immoral commands.
Also, the President SHOULD NOT have the power to kill an unlimited number of American-born citizens -military and civilian.
The President SHOULD NOT have the power to kill his wife and family using the Military as hit men. According to Arizona, that’s something Barack talked about incessantly. If Barack had ever given that order, Arizona and his men would have undertaken a Military Coup. That’s what stopped Barack from killing his wife and daughters.

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Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate

You know how Trump is always saying we’re letting terrorists into the country. Well, he should know, he imports assassins and serial killers all the time. Trump gives them US birth certificates and passports. Trump’s not the only one who does that; all Satanic prince figureheads do it. Our military supplies the fake birth certificates, driver’s licenses and passports. When we export our serial killers we give the country of origin’s documents. Our military can produce almost any country’s documents. We are sending many of our worst criminals to Canada and England.
I named the European Union and Brexit, because he said England would only join for ten years or so and he wanted a word that said they wanted to get out of it. He did all these high crimes and treason because he thought up a get rich in ten or twenty years plan that involved a foreign country and he had been working on his accent. The idea of an EU had been in the air for a while and he had access to, then, Mr. Kelly Conway, vote fixer extraordinaire. He was not really elected, he just needed it to look like he did so he could promote his agenda to get really rich – sound familiar?
Now it looks like Brexit was a bad idea, and England’s joining the EU had been an equally bad idea a few years ago. Heads up GB you may want to do a recount.
Both getting in, and leaving, the EU was a fraudulent vote, set up by American con men.
That’s exactly what Trump did to us, but I don’t want to tell that horrible story again.

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Al Franken, You Quit? Please Don’t! Let Your Voters Decide!

For those of you not in the military, a USO show is a very happy occasion. I’ve been to one or two. Everybody on the aircraft carrier is so happy to have something new and their lives they’re giddy. It’s a party atmosphere, except for a few satanic Generals and Officers standing around on the sidelines with their arms folded, with the requisite scowls on their faces, but I ignore them.
The talent is allowed to drink, but it seems everybody was sneaking a nip, or maybe they were just high on life.
I took that picture. Why didn’t you explain yourself, Mr. Franken?
The way I remember things is there was this bitch giving Al a hard time and just generally being nasty to him: and for that I didn’t like her, because Al’s a great guy. The picture was my idea, because I thought it was funny, and I kind of was trying to get back at her for being so nasty. Al’s hands aren’t on her; you can see a shadow under his hands which means there was a space between his hands and her vest. I wanted the shadow so there would be NO DOUBT his hands weren’t on her.
The kiss is another thing. (Maybe he shouldn’t have used his tongue) So what? He stole a kiss. Again, it was a party atmosphere and we were giddy and probably had been drinking. Men are taught to act like that from a very young age. I played boys in films until my breasts came in, and I was always concerned and appalled by what boys are taught about women by other men. They are taught to have sex with many women – like it’s a competition.
This was not Al’s idea, none of it; I put him up to all of it. It isn’t like he runs around grabbing women’s tits and sticking his tongue in women’s mouths. But feeling silly at a party and getting talked into some very funny yet questionable behavior is just being young.
Ladies, are we such china dolls that we want to take down a man’s career for questionable comedy?
Trump’s perversions are HIS idea. Trump says he doesn’t care what women think, so he does what he wants to them. That’s a very horrifying and frightening attitude. That was me he told Billy Bush about. I know Trump, and he’s a total disgusting pervert. THERE IS NO COMPARISON.
Al Franken is a good man who wants to help people; Trump is a cretin who likes watching people suffer.
I can’t believe anyone would put a party prank in the same category as an admitted rapist and a pedophile. Let the voters decide. Listen to me Al, there’s brainwashing going on making you think you should quit, and making her think it was terrible. You’re a very good man. Please let the voters decide.
By Kathleen Parker Opinion writer for the Washington Post
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So stay in the Senate, Al.
Stay strong! God bless you!
Think Peace!
Rise Up!

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Uber and Amazon share information with crooks all the time

Uber was created to see where people were going and how often they go there. They make up projections of anyone – where they may be and when they may be there. Of course they know where you live, as long as that is your pick-up point. I know because I named Uber and they shared their goal with me.
Uber charges its drivers many bucks to drive for them. Someone else can start the service locally and charge the drivers a lot less to belong to that service.
The reason some companies fail is because they come up against Mooc controlled companies and they get sabatoged.
Don’t put information in your phone that you don’t want Moocs to have. Take a cab.
The Mooc giant company, Amazon, uses drones and gizmos to know where you are and what you own.
Remember the last three letters in Moocs is Organized Crime Syndicate.

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