The Minister at a Church in Irondale WA is a Satanist

Why, you ask yourself, can Christians continue to support a war-mongering, misogynistic, lying, cheating, rapist? Well, Seventh Day Adventists, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Jehovah’s Witnesses, all have their roots, very recently, in Satanism.
The Minister of one of these Irondale, Washington churches is telling lies about me. He’s telling churches in Jefferson County Washington that I am a prostitute seeking redemption and other Ministers, Pastors, Priests, and what-not, should not listen to me. They should spread the lie to berate, and chastise me, all because they want WW3. I want World Peace and so MUST be labeled a prostitute. They want Armageddon and so they are infinitely better and more chaste than me.
If you are truly a Christian run from any of the Churches listed above.

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Raising Good and Righteous Leaders

Raising Good and Righteous Leaders
I watched the “Big Bang Theory” about doing the righteous thing. They had it all wrong. They said exposing a colleague in fraud was wrong. The colleague would get a Nobel prize passing off someone else’s work as their own. Of course, they should tell the truth!
The righteous thing to do is impeach president Trump. The way I read the Constitution and the Mueller report is that it is the Congresses’ job is to carry out the law. It is their duty to blow the whistle on corruption. The corruption has been going on since well before President Kennedy became President. The Corruption is why Kennedy was killed. I told Kennedy that the American people deserve to know about the corruption: his response was that he didn’t want the American people to lose faith in their government. He should have listened to me; we wouldn’t be on the verge of Armageddon today.
Once the Military got Kennedy to send Advisors to Vietnam, then the Military killed Kennedy.
The corruption is why Johnson decided not to run again. Johnson was told our Advisors were killed in an attack, and so Johnson ordered a counter attack. Only later did he find out our troops, dressed as North Vietcong, attacked our own people. And so began the war in Vietnam. When the military wanted Johnson to send 50,000 more troops – he refused. He and his family were threatened: instead of exposing them, Johnson withdrew from the race. Then Robert Kennedy surged ahead in the polls and was polling 90% world-wide, so the Military killed Robert Kennedy on the night he won the California Primary. That’s how McGovern won the nomination. Even still, he was the winner of the democratic nomination and, if the US Election procedures were legitimate, McGovern would have won by a margin of 2 or 3 %. That’s when Trump knew he could fake winning his election in 2016. The wheels were in motion to get Trump installed as president in 2016, in 1970. That’s when the GOP got their hooks into Obama.
The GOP wanted Trump to beat a woman. Satanists believe women and brown-skinned people are inferior, and they’re ready to cheat and kill to prove it. On a level playing field, men would be even with women. They knew Hillary was set to run for president, and so began to sabotage her. That’s why she isn’t running for 2020. She knows the US corrupt Military and government won’t allow her to win. Just like 2016, even if she wins, she won’t win. It’s too bad too, she would make a terrific President!!
Apocalypse is revealing the lies that we have passed down and believe. There’s a whole myriad of beliefs that make our lives worse. The beliefs were taught to us as fact and we teach them to our children as fact. We teach our children the way we were taught. We teach using abuse that I will call copycat behavior. When we start teaching, using praise, the net, far-reaching result will be peace. Peace will come when people start thinking for themselves. Right now, most people do not have the ability to think for themselves. Once people are allowed to think for themselves, they will have the ability to NOT follow orders if they think of a better way to do things.
You have to be taught fear, vengeance, anger and hate; the four cornerstones of the Satanic religion. Even if you don’t identify as Satanic, there are behaviors that are copycatted in mainstream society. The idea that someone must “pay” for the things he, or she, did.
Try training children with joy and love. Praise them when they have a loving reaction to a person in trouble. Praise them when they want to share. Praise them when they learn to tie their shoes, and encourage them while they are learning. When they make a mistake, give them a pat on the back, and say something like, “You’re a smart kid. You’ll get it next time. It takes practice.”
Everyone makes mistakes. When you tear a child down and call him or her stupid, that has life-long repercussions. They give up on life. They spend their life feeling worthless, full of regret. Oftentimes poor and alone.
Never shame or hit a child. Never rape a child.
Remember children have to be able to think for themselves, to make their own decisions, when they’re adults, so we can have World Peace!
How may I help you? Are the 5 most important words – They make your life happier and richer.
The world suffers when even one great person passes over to heaven. The lives of so many are enhanced by that person’s presence in their lives.

‘How may I help you?’ are the 5 most important words.
Rise Up Stronger Together!
Think Peace!
#find the little girls!
Don’t comment on this blog. The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my emails, calls, comments and snail mail; and they hurt, and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me. I was told Paul Allen tried to contact me.
Don’t stop at the office.

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Robert Mueller and Tom Cruise

I should clarify my suggestion to Mr. Mueller and Mr. Cruise. I spoke with Mr. Mueller while the primaries were in full swing, and he and several others said the reason that they had to get rid of Mr. Comey was because he would have followed the Steel Dossier to pursue criminal charges against Donald Trump while he was running in the primaries, and therefore may have lessened Trump’s chances of getting elected. What had been happening was, members of the intelligence committee had found several links from the Trump organization to Russian organized crime. And since Mr. Mueller was willing to overlook that information and bury it, Mueller would be the best choice to investigate the Trump Russia investigation. One of the allegations in the dossier was that Donald Trump drugged and raped me at age 15, and Trump was 30. Mueller had already instructed the Southern district of New York not to charge Donald Trump with rape because he wanted Trump to become president. The Military was called in to make as many democratic votes as they could, disappear. The soldiers were told if they voted for anyone but Trump they would be killed. Many soldiers, and Republicans, told me they received their ballots pre-filled in. No one seemed to realize or care, that by changing the outcome of the election, they have taken away our democracy.
Mr. Mueller wanted to drag out the investigation until after Trump had been elected for a second term.
Regarding the inevitable outcome, Mr. Mueller asked for my advice on how to write the report. I told him that he should write a truthful report, but he said he was not willing to do that because he felt the best course of action for the United States to take, would be to start World War III and that Mr. Trump was the only candidate willing to do that, so Mueller, General Kelley and many other Annihilists, would do everything in their power to make sure that Donald Trump won the primary.
So, I was being watched by Special Forces, the Navy seal who I referred to in the blog, as Arizona, was 3 feet away from me. Arizona’s the one who made the news a few times, because he did the beheadings for the current president under the name of Jihadi John. It was clear if I didn’t help Mr. Mueller, I’d be killed. I begged him to hurry up and write the report giving the Congress enough information as to how to connect the hub to the crime before the primaries were over so the American people would have facts that will help them make up their minds who to vote for.
Mr. Mueller did not write that crucial information into his report, he just pointed out that there was in the criminal activity with no further information. During the conversation Mueller seemed to be amenable to that. He may have been brainwashed to forget that part of our conversation where he agreed to lay out, to the Congress, what their next acts have to be, or should be. The Democrats have to begin impeachment proceedings now. Robert Mueller’s easily brainwashable, Mr. James Comey was not.
I don’t hold people who were brainwashed into doing vile things as accountable as I would for people who have evil intents.
I recently found out that the RAND Corporation is the most powerful Satanic Cult in the World, so I know more “insider information” than almost anyone.
What the satanic church has been doing is making sure people who are either already in the satanic church, or could be brainwashed into joining, were the key people in the government and the military. This is something everyone must be aware of and use as a very possible reason why everything in the world lately, seems so impossibly evil and abhorrent. I know these things as a fact.
All the satanic churches know the reason why Trump had to be president was to start World War III which will be the final nail in the coffin of the earth.
All of the attacks around the world are Military driven and politician ordered, and made to look like other countries are carrying out the orders. The reason that WW3 will be jumping off point to Armageddon is because they have been chipping away at the fabric of the earth for these past hundred years. They make it look like the reason the atmosphere of the earth is changing is a byproduct of greed. That’s not the only reason. It is a deliberate act of sabotage. These are the things Satanists have been doing:
The oceans have been destroyed; the food chain has been deliberately modified so that all the fish will die.
The permafrost is being blasted with microwaves from some of the satellites that litter the Earth’s orbit.
The layer of protection, that used to be the ozone layer, has been removed.
Google has something to do with the major Computer world, and is a satanic company. Of course, Microsoft has a lot of power. Everything is run by computer. They can make everything go away whenever they want.
As the former President of the RAND Corporation, I can say ALL of the international aid companies or organizations, like the Red Cross, have all gained access to every minor country in the world. I don’t blame Bill Gates, but his foundation has gotten access to remote areas in Africa; and Col. Arizona told me they use that access to spread more harm than good.
Satanists are running UPS, FedEx, and the USPS. They have been stealing my mail for years now, many years. They could, and will, be the Pirates of the future and intercept anyone’s mail and packages at any time.
Mr. Mueller had an opportunity to explain to the committee the steps they need to take. He may have been ready to do that. I believe the reason he was so sleepy and dopey looking, was because he had recently been brainwashed.
As for Tom Cruise, he is scheduled to be a witness in a case against his church, Scientology. Scientology teaches; aliens inhabited the earth many years ago. People in the upper echelons of the church know to swap the word aliens, for the word Satanists or devils. He could save the world – for real – if he tells the truth.
All satanic churches, including Seventh Day Adventists, and Latter Day Saints, believe it is their mission in life to bring about Armageddon. Part of that mission is to eliminate me. They pose as Christians, but those churches in Jefferson County Washington tell their parishioners to spread lies that I’m a prostitute, so I’ll have a harder time stopping WW3. They want Armageddon!!!
Arizona told me the US Military is actively recruiting from Satanic Churches.
All US Special Forces are brainwashed and lied to, to hate me.
What they have in common is they have been brainwashed and have been under the control of the satanic cult they are associated with.
This explains why the world is in the atrocious state it’s in.

Rise Up Stronger Together!
No Comments Please!

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Mr. Mueller and Tom Cruise

Please tell the truth. The truth will set everyone free. World Annihilation is not the answer.

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What’s really going on at the border?

The slave traders are running this gory dog and pony show that’s going on at the border.
The reason for the backlog is to determine how compliant they are, and which ones would make good slaves. There have been many more asylum seekers in years past, and nothing like this happened. The conditions are over-crowded and completely unsanitary because they want to pass along disease in blankets and bedding.
The reason for the wall is to make it easier for the American slave traders to know where the tunnel openings are, or which areas they can pass through. The foreign slave traders will be foiled. I overheard a conversation in the Oval Office during a midnight conference call. Every President, after Clinton, got a kickback from the slavers. They don’t get a kick-back from foreign slave traders. Apparently, there’s a loophole in the emancipation proclamation, that allows the RAND corporation to take ALL the money I make, even now that I’m three thousand miles away and allows rich people to buy human beings.
It’s my belief is that almost every one in the Deep State owns slaves. By my calculations, there must be over 10,000 little girls missing by now. They are either dead, or sold into prostitution or slavery.
How may I help you? Are the 5 most important words. When you help another human being, you create your own happiness.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!
#find the little girls! There are more than 10,000 girls who were trying to come to the US as refugees, they have been missing for years. I was told, by a man who was identified as a slave trader, the girls were sold into slavery. The Government can’t account for many of the children who are entering the US. I was told that the kids in cages are being “groomed” to become slaves.
Don’t comment on this blog. The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my calls, emails, comments and snail mail; and they hurt, and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me. I was told Paul Allen tried to contact me.
Don’t stop at the office.

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