Dear President Biden

There will be troops spraying the area with Covid-19 slurry the morning of the inauguration.  Trump’s troops have to follow Trump’s orders or they will be killed. Many Generals are in Trump’s cult.  Your first order of business will be to find the politicians giving the orders and stop the spread.

Trump asked what Hitler’s total was in Germany? How many Jews died?  I told him six million.  Trump said he wanted to beat that total. Up until now he’s been concentrating  on Native Americans Reservations, Black and Hispanic areas: but since he hates you and people who voted for you, he’ll go for you there. People in hazmat suits and sprayers are literally carrying the virus.

Have a great virtual inauguration!  You’re gonna do a great job!


Rise Up Stronger Together

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It couldn’t be simpler

I’ve been saying this for 50 years. Maybe that’s why it is doable now?

All new construction should be attached to individual or neighborhood grids.

Large construction initiatives, like housing developments, should also have wind, solar and geo-thermal: so that each home can plug it’s required, installed, storage battery into it’s corresponding grid or mini-grid. The battery will add about $2,000 to the price of each home

Parking garages should have enough solar on their rooves to power the garage, together with the building the garage services: adding 10 to 50,000 to the price.

50% of power a power plant produces Is immediately lost in transport. It will lose up to 90% depending on how far it travels.  Do you know where your power plant is? Then it’s too far.

Keeping power plants local and small is the answer.  Batteries have gotten stronger and more long term.

Most power plants will buy back power produced with household solar or wind. Get on that program now if it’s available to you.

There is usually a tax write-off for switching to renewable energy.

This is so simple a solution, there is no reason to wait to implement it.

Congratulations, VP Kamala Harris and Pres. Joe Biden!  Now let’s get to it.


“How may I help you?” are the 5 most important words.  When you help another human being, you create your own happiness.  You create your own good Karma.

 Rise Up!

Think Peace!

Thank you everyone for staying calm.  You’re doing great!!  Only a few more weeks before the madman is out of office and the virus will go away. I’m proud of everyone!

#find the little girls!  There are more than 25,000 girls who were trying to come to the US as refugees, who have been missing for years.  I was told, by a man who was identified as a slave trader, the girls were sold into slavery.  The Government can’t account for many of the children who are entering the US.  I was told that the kids in cages are being “groomed” to become slaves.

Don’t comment on this blog.  The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my calls, emails, comments and snail mail; and they hurt, and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me.  I was told Paul Allen tried to contact me.  Don’t stop at the office.


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Doctors without borders.

You will be able to prove how the virus spreads. The recent deadly surge is a temper tantrum because he lost the election. Help us!

Have any of you seen Donald Trump in the wrestling ring?  He rolled around on the mat, screamed and cried, “You hurt me! I’ll have you killed!” over and over until he moved off the mat using his belly. About twenty years ago he was a professional wrestler. Someone should post that

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