Corrupt Voting

Boris Johnson threatened to kill me, for the post in this link, during one of my midnight phone conferences  (If that link doesn’t work type Boris in the search box on the right)

Mr. Johnson has access to the same people as Trump had, to make it look like he won.  I’ve written several posts about this.  Mr. Johnson bragged, to me, that he was sure the British people would vote to get into the European Union, and then he would make sure they would vote to leave the European Union.  he wanted to break out with no plan, or an incomplete plan.

I named Brexit about three years before England voted to join the European Union.  I am putting my life on the line by continuing to warn England.  They need a new vote on leaving the European Union using a system I have been pushing for in the US, both conventional voting and a paper ballot, tallied independently.  The results should be compared to make sure the results are legitimate.

Mr. Johnson was arrested that night of the conference call, for threatening to kill me.  (That’s a crime in Great Britain.)  The US Special services took it from there, so Mr. Johnson never made it to jail and the record of the arrest was stopped.  I know this because my Colonel in Special Services, Arizona, told me, and they were close enough to the mic so I heard it as it happened.  Everyone on the call had their memories erased.

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Iran has asked the UN for help in avoiding war

It appears Iran is in such a panic to prove the President’s attempts to say Iran is goading us into a war, are all just Trumped up charges. Iran has asked the UN for help in avoiding war. I hope the UN asks for gobs of proof because I don’t want this country to lie its way into war, again.

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Hey China,

I had, what I think is, a very good idea. Why don’t you raise your minimum wage. Raise wages in general. Chinese workers would make more money, so they can live and eat better. Pass along the cost to the products so you can avoid tariffs.
I know it’s not all that simple, but good luck.
As for the US, why don’t we raise the price of our crops. Wouldn’t that be the best thing for the farmers?


‘How may I help you?’ are the 5 most important words.
Rise Up Stronger Together!
Think Peace!
#find the little girls!
Don’t comment on this blog. The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my emails, calls, comments and snail mail; and they hurt, and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me. I was told Paul Allen tried to contact me.
Don’t stop at the office.

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People Who Help Me, Die because Gen. John Kelly wants WW3

General John Kelly said I stopped WW3 as many as eleven times, and he won’t let me do it again. It seems, over the past twenty years, the peace-loving people who the Government wants to kill, they kill slowly and painfully with metastatic brain cancer. Doctors who treat the patient are ordered to keep quiet about the origin of the cancer, or loose their license. Very recently, though, for a quick and painful death, they use Pneumonia. I was afraid, when Whoopie got so sick, that it might be them.
There are two segments of our Intelligence department, one who is moral and just and wants to keep the American people safe. Another who wants Armageddon. My suggestion to Whoopie is to work on air Tuesdays and Thursdays until the Intelligence Department straightens itself out.
I am under pressure, now, because I saw Goldie Hawn’s obituary on the AOL News site. Goldie’s a sweetheart who may have expressed concern about me. She needs to watch her back because the Government wants me dead – so if she wants to help me they can make things hard for her.
Goldie, you might want to increase security. Make your own food: stuff like that for a while. So sorry Goldie. This goes for anybody who has tried to help me.
Over the years these are a few of the people who wanted to help me, they went to the RANDD Corp., and the President for help: Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi and over the years, many more very good people, who are now dead.
One of the things this government does is to rid the world of anyone opposed to war.
The Military is creating automaton soldiers to carry out terror attack.
Hurting me and my daughters using Special Forces in US. I am a prisoner of the same cult that Pres. Donald Trump belongs to. I know too much and he will tell you lies about me to try to keep me prisoner and discredit me.
The fact that God keeps keeping me alive means we still have a chance at World Peace. A daily murder attempt, additionally killing me with natural causes. Microwaving me with both ground equipment and satellites. The attacks were featured on 60 Minutes, but the people featured in the report were told the Chinese were the ones hurting them. (Anything to start a war.) I was told, by the Special Forces, the US was doing it. They feel sorry they’re doing things to hurt me, but they have been brainwashed using torture, electricity and stimulators implanted in their brains, so they have to follow orders.
The government uses worms or parasites injected into organs, the brain, muscle tissue and intestines. Parasites ravage the body, they use them on me. Parasites cause frontotemporal dementia. I suggest vacuuming them out of the brain and poisoning those remaining with a tiny drop of iodine. The medical community must take a stance against being hitmen for organized crime that exists in the Republican Party.

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Senator Ted Kennedy Falsely Accused

Senator Ted Kennedy
Senator Edward (AKA Ted or Teddy) Kennedy had nothing to do with the tragic drowning of the neighbor, Mary Jo Kopechne, who attended Ted Kennedy’s barbeque. The Kennedys used to hire a car company to drive guests’ home, or to a local hotel, if they’ve had too much to drink.
The night of the drowning, Sen. Ted Kennedy was having a catered barbeque in the back yard. Toward the end of the party I went to the front of the house and told the main chauffeur I wanted a car to go to a hotel, since I had no car because I had been picked up at the airport.
The US Military has always had a vendetta against the Kennedys and were constantly trying to discredit, or kill, them, just as they are doing to me right now. I talk, a lot, about cheating death: this was one of the times. When my driver saw me, he looked at a polaroid, he recognized me as his next victim, he ran to get Sen. Kennedy’s car. At the same time someone from the party came out to ask me to go back to the party to explain the accelerated melting of the polar ice caps. I told the girl behind me she could take my car, or, my place in line. Someone else gave her a drink and said, “One for the road.” As the driver seat-belted her in the back seat he said something like, “There. You’ll never get out of that.”
I asked the girl if she was alright? She replied, “Fine. I’ve never received so much attention.” I was still concerned, as something seemed wrong to me, so I went over the scenario of what happened with a few people; I even told Ted the driver was using his car.
Ted and a few others stood in the back yard asking me all kinds of science questions. One of them even commented that it felt funny that men were asking these kinds of questions to a girl. We talked until we were too exhausted to continue. We all found beds and I found a couch and we spent the night. By that time, it was three or three-thirty AM. I had originally called for a car at about 11:30 PM.
The car that went into the water was Senator Ted Kennedy’s car, but he wasn’t driving. He was in his back yard with me and three other hangers on, talking about climate change and the melting of the polar ice caps. He went upstairs to bed at about three-thirty: and was up and in the kitchen, cooking bacon and eggs and coffee for breakfast at about six-thirty or seven because he was almost done when I got up at seven-thirty.
It is irresponsible and vile of the station to report such blatant lies in an attempt to continue to discredit the Kennedys for their Christian love of humanity and peace, their attempts to stop political corruption, and their attempts to uphold the constitution, and the notion that ‘all men are created equal.’
As for me, other women who have suffered and died as a matter of mistaken identity Sharon Tate, Patty Hearst, Jessica Simpson, and Karen Ann Quinlan and many other unknown women.
There are eleven new bullet holes in my rig over the past four days.

This is one of the memories I recovered over the past ten years.
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