The Voice

There’s a mighty Fine Crop of Singers this year.

I’m sorry this took so long. I wrote it on 5/2 but the people keeping me prisoner have been f_cking with my computer. So I’m pretty sure this is way too late. Sorry. Here it is anyway.

Jackie Verna
I Can’t stop Loving you – Ray Charles

My suggestion would be a soft melody so she doesn’t feel the need to belt the song. I think I hear some Joni Mitchell (Big Yellow Taxi) or Laura Nero in her voice.   (Superstar by Leon Russell might be a good fit, but I’m afraid the song has faded into obscurity.)

Rayshun LaMarr
I would suggest a song like You are My Sunshine – Ray Charles

I’m thinking Stray Cats, or some Swing song along the lines of Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy, so Rayshun can sing in front of a band stand. (A band stand, I think, are those music stands with a poster with the band’s name in front of them that covers the stand. I hope you know what I mean. Horns are usually in the back row, which is elevated.) Rayshun’s clothing choices are good. His energy is quite impressive and probably infectious. I’ll bet he’s great live.

Spensha Baker
I think she’s more Americana than Country. When she moves around the stage, she might occasionally do a two step or a country waltz step if she knows them. Any decidedly country song like a George Straight song that all people recognize, so that she gets associated with Country. She’s a cutie. I almost think she should wear braids but she’s probably far too cool for that.

‘For my Broken Heart’ – Reba McEntire

‘Spend it on Love’ – Rainmakers   but add a two step beat.

Good Luck to everyone.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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The new Star Trek original series opening is abominable

The new Star Trek original series opening is abominable. Over a year ago, I was asked permission to make a new graphic file; and background noises to add to the original Star Trek. He felt I made a mistake by leaving them out; and the new graphic would be a superior opening. He asked for my permission and I declined saying make something up so I can see it, but I didn’t want to okay something I know nothing about and felt unnecessary. It is unfair to fans to change the original.

He replied he was going to make a cartoon and sell it as a graphic and make enough money to retire on. He felt the background noises would make him happy and the happiness of one Mooc is always their top priority. So, he said he would tell the buyer I okayed the new opening.

I said, “You’d be lying.”

He said, “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

The new opening was prepaid, it must have been, because the supposed “graphic” looks like a cartoon drawn by the artists who draw the Simpsons or the Family Guy. The Enterprise in the cartoon, gained weight and has gained the ability to bend.  It is disgraceful and despicable. The new opening makes me nauseous.

As for ambient noises and background chatter, those were purposefully left out. Gene Rodenberry and other scientists and I decided the Bridge is a self-sustaining craft and could be separated from the main ship in an emergency and continue alone with the top officers; and therefore, the door was always closed and hallway noises could not be heard due to the Bridge’s separate atmospheric system from the rest of the ship. Also, if you were a fan you would know there was no non-essential chatter allowed on the Bridge. Every time you see people in conversation, other than conversations involving the condition of the ship or crew, you should have realized they are in a room in the main part of the ship. They are Never on the Bridge. That is why you don’t hear any background conversations on the Bridge – there were none – they were not allowed.

So, it shouldn’t matter that you want to hear the noises that were never supposed to be there. Putting noises where none ever were and should not be, throws the symmetry of Star Trek way off kilter. I hate it. I have to be true to the fans. You should take your stupid, selfish way of making money, and come up with something legitimate, and don’t bastardize my work. You always have to consider the happiness of others to make yourself happy.

Find yourself a worm hole and throw yourself into it – you worm.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!

PS: The Star Trek “Discovery” opening is great.

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Homeless Veterans is a National Disgrace

I think most of the homeless in Seattle are Veterans. The Veterans Administration should be doing something but a lot of our tax dollars dedicated to the VA, second only to the Military, are being syphoned off by organized crime. Since the government doesn’t object to the reallocation of funds away from its intended uses, and does nothing to stop it; the private sector has to, once again, step up. The organizations are already set up to take donations and some, like the American Legion, and the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) also have land and some even have camping areas. These clubs could extend their camping areas with hookups. This is where the Government will have to chip in. An agreed upon monthly rate could be paid for each veteran who stays there.

The donations to these clubs can come in the way of livable Trailer and RV units that may or may not be roadworthy. There are many of those that the owners don’t know what to do with. They sit and grow mold and moss on the owner’s property. Maybe some of those owners wouldn’t mind having a Veteran stay on their lot. Owners could apply for the same agreed-upon rate as the clubs, and be supplied a list of candidate Vets to interview. Another thing Veterans groups could take as donations is cars in working condition. The VA could hire Vets to fix the cars and trailers.

There’s loads of BLM Land that could be set up for veterans as well. Resulting communities should be interest themed so neighbors have something in common. Creating cooperative parks is a great idea because there can be communal property like tools, paints, sewing machines, library, a printer and fax machine to make life simpler

The Government can even contribute to upgrading the host Club’s property to accommodate these RVs.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!

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The Push to End the World

If ocean circulation collapses we would lose 25%* of fish and one of the primary sources of protein on this planet. It’s already happening.

The fresh water is much colder and less dense than the salt water in the ocean, thus lowering the temperature and circulation of the ocean.

The reasons for the catastrophe – The men in the NSA and others have told me that every night they watch, in horror, as the Koch brothers release toxic chemicals brought by the pipeline, into the ocean. There’s a dedicated line that goes directly from the pipeline into the Gulf. They aren’t processing the poison into fuel as is the belief and the “official cover story.” It is transported here with the sole purpose of killing the Gulf of Mexico. This does two things –

One, it is horrible for the people of the Gulf and Caribbean, many of whom are black or dark skinned. (I’ve decided to call the brown-skinned enemies of Moocs and the Deep State – Naturally Tan, or Genuinely Tan, or Authentically Tan. Black and tan people do you think? Discuss it among yourselves. Too bad you can’t comment on this blog, people have been killed and hurt for doing that. You see I’m anti-war and therefore a threat to Moocs and the Deep State.)

Two – Destroy marine life and create a dead zone which will also change weather patterns; and effect the economy of the area.)

The Greenland Ice sheet is losing ice much earlier than expected which leads to global sea level rise. This is due to microwave rays concentrated on the North and South Poles. They’re trying to deplete the earth’s fresh water supply in other areas, too. It took some digging to find that out. Previously I thought there must be some “thing” at the poles doing this. I’ve known about this for forty years, I didn’t know why or how.

All non-essential satellites should be disabled and removed: because continued melting would lead to a change in circulation change which would lead to even more melting – warming Europe and Northern North America and eventually the US. A vicious self-perpetuating, ever-increasing cycle.

Convection allows the Atlantic to produce sea life. Eliminating even 25% of sea life in the Atlantic could very easily lead to complete devastation over the next ten or twenty years.

A Nuclear War will change the density of the air and probably the water. The fallout wouldn’t be able to be circulated out of the air to the point where circulation of the air is changed and could very, very easily become deadly over the next ten or twenty years.

The gulf stream and the jet stream act as air conditioners to clean the air and that used to be how we could survive a nuclear war. This time the Deep State and the Moocs want to disrupt that. They want a Nuclear War with countries who will fire back. President Obama is also an Annihilist. He made sure Iran got the ingredients and knowhow to make Nuclear weapons. He made sure North Korea had the Nuclear warheads for their missiles: he has even had a few programmed to hit targets in the US, including my town, and Fort Huachuca, AZ. He brainwashed Comey to lie about Hillary 10 days before the election – and that’s why Comey “can’t remember” why he did that to Hillary. Obama made Comey do that, he told me he even threatened Comey’s family to get Trump elected because Trump assured the Deep State he would lead us into war. Comey won’t remember that because his memory was erased.

A collapse in ocean circulation patterns can happen very abruptly. This is a surprise to scientists because they don’t read my blog. I’ve been warning of this since 2009. (I just did a search on my blog.)

Michael Mann says we could be right up against that tipping point where it just shuts down. I say we’re there and our measuring instruments aren’t sophisticated enough to detect it. Our science lags behind other countries for a reason; the destruction of the planet is supposed to be a secret. The US lags far, far behind ALL of the developed nations in science, hoping no one will notice what they’re up to.

We have purposefully been under-teaching and even mis-teaching (teaching things that aren’t true) for this very reason. I sound like a nut when I say these things, but I was told this in 2003 and I took me ten years of watching and studying patterns before I believed this thing was real and is happening on purpose and now I know the only reason it is happening, not human error – it’s deliberate.

It is happening now. The ocean pattern has changed. Six to eight feet change in sea level rise is happening, which is why there are extremes in weather. It’s a vicious circular cycle, turning our weather system into a monster.

I was told that, in the south Pacific, there are people sprinkling bleach over the reef. I believe it. It is killing massive amounts of life in that area.

The other thing microwaves are used for, besides melting the ice, is weather radar, but the way we have the system set up we can’t predict weather very well, but the system can control wind. It has been used to destroy. If I could control the weather I’d send rain to places that need it, and I’d take rain away from flooded areas – stuff like that. Obama told me he would set fires in the wine county of California using a flame thrower on a flatbed truck. And then use wind to spread the fire. He said he would stop the fire on the hill near an RV park I like near Winters, CA. Sure enough, when I got to the park, there was a burn line on the hill just 50 feet from the park. Obama then stalled a rainstorm in the same area to cause floods. He also said he’d make a hurricane stall over Puerto Rico so the Deep State can cash in on disaster relief efforts. The Red Cross spends only 5% of what it takes in on the disaster, the rest goes to the Deep State. Obama isn’t an official member of the Deep State because he’s part black, they are brainwashing him and using him for his popularity.

There was a year without a summer that lead to riots and famine, another symptom of Armageddon. I did NOT believe this either at first – that anyone could be evil enough to want this to happen. There are evil people who are cheering this thing on. The satanic church has had this plan for the past two hundred years, and since the church is made up of sociopaths, they are proceeding as planned even though it will affect everyone and everything on the earth – it can end the earth. Why they think it won’t affect them because they own the missile silos and because they believe Satan will protect them. They should know better. Satanists are told over and over that Satan will protect them – with absolutely NO evidence. I can’t tell you how many people died saying, “Satan will protect me.” Yet they still believe what they’re taught. Insanity is a key ingredient to being a Satanist. They believe only what they’re taught because their ability to reason logically or think for themselves was beaten out of them as children, even if they weren’t born into the Satanic Church. Extreme child abuse is the key ingredient of Satanism. Social media data works very well in determining who is recruitable. As I’ve been saying all along, Social Media was set up just to collect such data and the friends and relatives of sociopaths and exactly where to find them at any given hour on any given day. Each of the brainwashed individuals involved in mass shootings were found via Social Media trolling, and then brainwashed into doing the unthinkable, and then they’re killed so no one would ever know. You think that’s crazy and off track, but, isn’t it clear by now that these people were programmed by the same three or four individuals. Hundreds and hundreds of people have been killed in exactly the same way and no one sees a connection?

Thom was brainwashed into not believing me. It will be hard for him to realize I’m the one telling the truth. The man lying to him is one of the very, very few perpetrating these many, many horrific unthinkable acts. The man lying to him is someone very different from the one we all think he is. The man lying to him is the one who injected his lungs and throat with liquid smoke, a condiment that is a hundred percent carcinogen. The man lying to him is the one helping to brainwash him into believing his wife is not one of them (which she is.) I didn’t believe my husband of twenty-two years was torturing and brainwashing me to get married and stay married to him, when I first learned about it. The Satanic Church will always help to keep good people down, or to kill them. People with no conscience have a great propensity for evil and if they’re stupid, they’re very easily brainwashed. The man lying to him thinks Thom’s wife is retarded. The Moocs who owned me got her to step in when they took me away from him so they could have easy access to him. He is routinely brought in for “tune ups,” to stay married: as I was, so I would stay married to a man who was a mass murderer and rapist. But I digress. The man lying to him is stealing what little money I have left. The man lying to him is NOT the man Thom and I thought he was. We admired him.

The man lying to Thom is so self-possessed he doesn’t even realize what a terrible thing his church did to us – and to the world. If Thom and I had been allowed to stay together – we would have World Peace by now.  Because of his lying, cheating and traitory we are now on the brink of WW3 instead of World Peace.

Social Media as increased the churches’ numbers 100%. Instead of 0.75% – the world is now 1.5% Satanist. They have gotten themselves in to a position of power through money, and the murder of good people.

Because of a tiny handful of sociopaths who made a bet, while in an Ivy League College, Harvard, I think they told me, we are in store for very cold winters and very hot summers until the end of time, which should be around 2050.   They will be long dead before that, and they hate their children, so what do they care? They’ll be dead before the bet is sorted out and our children will be the ones who suffer. Not fair, you say? They really don’t care.

I write these things to get through to them. There is no humanity in their human bodies. I do it for all the others who care about the earth. All the others who refuse to believe me. All the others who have children and want the earth to survive after they’re long dead.

You don’t believe me because the things these Inhumans do are so absurd it’s impossible to believe anyone could be so in-humane.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!


* Some insights provided by Michael E. Mann’s site.

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The Royals

Moocs feel that England’s Royal Family is standing in their way – that without them, the UK would be as corrupt as the US. American Moocs are woven through England’s Law enforcement agencies. Moocs stands for Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate.

I’m trying to get through to your Metropolitan Police to warn the Royal Family or to get your help stopping President Trump because he made it clear to me he is going to start a war.

The world needs to know these things before I die. The first thing I’d like for you to do is make a copy of the flicks and this letter, as it will get sideswiped and lost. Be careful who you tell and who you pass this along to, because the information I’m sending is imperative to stopping a world war. The people who say I should be investigated, are the same people who have been randomly killing people on the streets of London. The same people who killed dozens of people at a concert in Las Vegas. The same cult, or group of cults as those who killed Princess Di. Don’t let those people use lies about me to stop any investigation into Trump and Obama, or they will be successful in ending the earth, which is their ultimate goal.

If the first people to see this letter and these films, find no-one is doing anything to investigate, or the investigation will last past the date of the Royal wedding, rattle a few cages because there are undoubtedly enough corrupt influential people, who want war, to stop an investigation.

It sounds crazy, but think about it and you’ll know it’s true, England is going to be in trouble because Trump is planning Armageddon. As the CEO of the RAND Corp. I learned a lot about what is about to happen. Obama set things up so Trump would be President. Trump succeeded in making it seem as though he won the presidency; just as Boris Johnson manipulated the vote in England to make it look as though he won an election. Next Johnson made people believe the people of England voted to be a part of the European Union; and then Brexit. I helped name the European Union on the same day I named Brexit. I asked Mr. Johnson why he wanted to get England involved in the European Union just to turn around and get them out of it? Brexit, Johnson told me, was necessary for him to make more money than he ever dreamed of. Manipulating the vote and/or changing the outcome is something Moocs are very good at: and there are Moocs all over the world and they all helped to get Donald Trump elected because they knew the Donald openly bragged that he would definitely start World War Three.

Trump knew Putin ever since they were young,* and, I think Boris Johnson may have known them as well. Boris said he could win by making it look like he won. He also said he would guarantee people would vote to get the UK into the EU and then later he would make it look like they want to get out, and that’s when he would make his fortune. He asked for a name for that and I suggested Brexit. How could he predict these things with total certainty – he must be able to fix the vote. I told him not to do that because that isn’t democracy. He responded, “It’s still democracy. People still get to vote: and that’s all they want. Nobody wants to have to decide anything, so I should decide for them. Fake elections have been around for a hundred years. People like the pretense of getting out and voting. It makes them feel good about themselves, I guess.”

Trump told me the same thing – that he could “guarantee” he would win. You can’t make such a claim with certainty unless you know how to cheat. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson cheated to win. (Please don’t ask Boris Johnson – I have too many people trying to kill me already.)


Dear London 2

President Obama was setting things up for Trump to start WW3. He sold North Korea nuclear warheads. He made sure Iran had people who showed them how to turn industrial Plutonium into weapons grade. Obama is insane and has started using mind control on a grand scale.

During a “secure” satellite “conference call,” General John Kelly broke into the Royal Family’s conversation with me, saying we have to have child abuse and he wants the men in the military to rape and beat their children. It was very upsetting. Obama and Kelly want WW3. Obama and the Satanic Church wants to get rid of the Royal Family because they keep getting in the way, so you see, Trump and Obama are indeed a threat to England. Obama has used that conversation during that “secure” satellite “conference call,” as fodder for brainwashing the Royal Family into believing I am a pedophile and I advocate raping and beating children; when what I actually said was I wanted to achieve world peace through eradicating child abuse – to which General Kelly yelled, “Kill her! We have to kill her! We can’t have that! Kill her now!” which made the Queen very upset.

Obama is behind the stabbing deaths in London. Former President Barack Obama and former VP Dick Cheney have their own classified Army of soldiers and Special Forces who carry out their orders or are killed. Obama has hired my ex-husband as his assassin. Peter Mickelsen was the Boston Strangler, and now is being used as a modern-day Jack the Ripper. Rita Denman and Peter Mickelsen owned me and kept me prisoner and a slave and kept my money from all the work I did as CEO of the RAND Corp. I had no idea who he was until a conversation I had in 2003; that I detail in my book The Conversation which Mr. Cheney has made impossible to obtain. You may be able to get it in e-book format.

All countries have to start to work together.

Obama and Dick Cheney still have access to the US Military and are using them to kill all good Citizens and organize Terror attacks in England and France. Obama and the US Military carried out the chemical attacks on the English Soviet spies, so Russia would be blamed. Obama told me we have the same chemical weapons. Barack wants to see what Trump will do if it looks like Russia is involved. He just did the same thing in Syria. So, it is US private citizen Obama, who carried out the attack to see what Trump will do about it. Obama and Dick Cheney have the US Military attack the US Military that Trump controls in different parts of the world, in order to make the situation seem worse than it appears. It’s confusing, I know, that’s why I wanted to talk to the Queen in person. I am very concerned for their safety. Obama plans to kill them at the reception. I know he has them brainwashed so they are overly trusting of him, and now they may not trust me.

After the conference call, Queen Elizabeth contacted Intelligence to see if they could get me free, and Obama had to put a stop to that, and he stopped it using mind control and torture.

Unfortunately, this is true, because, I realize, it’s almost impossible to believe.

The terror attacks in France over the past ten years – or more, are perpetrated by the US Military are being ordered by Dick Cheney, General John Kelly, and Barack Obama. So please buddy up with France’s Intelligence to try to stop this madness. FYI: People in France’s space program may remember me because I helped them with their project to land a satellite on a comet.


Part 3

Barack Obama is Dick Cheney’s puppet. He is not the man he seems to be – at all. Obama is the best actor I’ve ever seen. He enjoys using mind control, or brainwashing, like he’s a kid in a candy shop. He also loves killing good people. I have never killed anyone, except in self-defense when I was certain the other person was killing me. Barack Obama will kill anyone he feels may help me. He has killed people for helping me carry in my groceries. He killed someone’s son for giving me a ride to the doctor. He likes using a condiment called Liquid Smoke injected into the brain. Sometimes it shows up in an autopsy, so I don’t understand why the death isn’t called a murder and investigated? Special forces can stop just about anything they want. I hope the films shed light on what I’m saying.

Now, US Special Forces recruits directly from satanic churches and cults, because I said it wasn’t fair to allow young men who wanted to serve their country to sign up and then find out, after they are under orders, that they have joined a satanic cult and are expected to be hitmen for the organized crime that exists in our political system, and if they complain or they don’t follow orders, they will be killed. I heard Pres. Obama give an order to have 55 men kill each other one night because they complained about their situation to me. Obama told them he was getting off the line so they could speak privately to me. But he didn’t and he had them shoot each other, which they did because they were under orders.

Right now, my ex-husband, Peter Mickelsen of Hopatcong NJ and US Special Forces are terrorizing London, under orders from Barack Obama. Former VP Dick Cheney and Rupert Murdock control the News, and I have to tell you, there is absolutely NOTHING about these murders on ANY News shown in the US. That is such an unlikely scenario the police won’t catch on for a while. Since Barack sounds like a scarred child when he talks about his evil plans, if you brought him in for questioning, I don’t think it would take much to make him confess.

The men in the US Military want me to save them. No one who was in the Military when Obama became President was still there when he was out of office. In eight years, they were all killed. When he talked about it, Obama laughed and said, “We’ll make more.”


Moocs want Trump as their President because he is Hitler’s son and therefore the one in their legends who brings about Armageddon: and, Moocs want me dead because I’m the one in their legends who stops Armageddon. At any given time there are 3,500 people actively working against me. Manning satellites, microphones, and murder attempts, and since Moocs enjoy abusing people, they have each other doing other dirty deeds that don’t really need to be done.

I hope you decide to help.

Thank you,

Grace Gardener


Please, please at least watch Dear London 1 & 2   PS: Deep State is my original description of the main satanic families orchestrating all of the horrible atrocities, such as the use of chemical weapons, that are part of Armageddon. I made up the term at the request of one of its members.

* Trump and Putin are children of the elite SS in Nazi Germany. Eva Braun is Trump’s mother. All satanic cults and churches believe Trump is Hitler’s son so they have done and will do everything they can to help him.

Everything you need to know about me is on My government has some people sharing lies about me. If you investigate me they will find out what I’ve done.

You should look for corrupt Americans in your own Intelligence Agencies.

Do not try to contact me. My contact info is Box 256, Port Hadlock WA 98339 Phone 360-344-2604. My calls, emails, and letters are intercepted, and so you’ll be corresponding with the Moocs, and you’ll be letting them know what I’m doing. Do not waste ALL your time investigating me as there is very little time left before the assassination of the Royal Family, and WW3. Also, Moocs make sure there is precious little about me on the internet. There’s more false information about me out there, than there is truth; and the NSA will only tell you lies about me because they are covering up the corruption in the US. They don’t want me to expose it.

I took this back-door approach because I already tried everything else and I was stopped because the Agencies believed the corrupt NSA members and Generals that I was the problem. It’s easier to do nothing than to help, so it’s easier to believe I’m a prostitute seeking attention, their “proof” being films of me having consensual heterosexual sex taken with hidden cameras without my knowledge or consent, than to try to help the Royal Family, stop WW3, investigate your voting system and stop stabbings. The stabbings are the only new development but they might be enough to get someone there to help me stop all of this madness. President Obama told me that he was planning to use my ex-husband for murders in London, then he had my memory erased. If you want to help, please stay on top of this investigation. Put the films up on TV or the Internet and let the News know what I know. The News in the US is owned by Moocs and the Internet is policed by Moocs. They remove all good information about me, and have made up a porn star with my name. The things they do to me are horrible, exhausting and infuriating. The Royal Family has offered their help: if you won’t help me, they will. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth will be upset if they find out I tried to get through to them and I was blocked, and the result was WW3.

FYI: Agent Mueller is investigating Trump. The Mueller investigation is taking so long because he was paid to wait until AFTER the start of WW3 until he makes any arrests. Trump plans to pardon anyone who is arrested. One of the plans is to assassinate President Trump when he goes to Korea so we can start a war if it doesn’t look like Trump will start the war. Read my post about Paul Ryan on my blog I know you keep telling me that this is the US’s problem, but WW3 will be your problem, too.

Another Problem – The Royal chain of succession had been Legally changed to bypass Prince Charles, but when the Moocs found out* he was being passed over for mental capacity reasons, they cheered – “He’s our man, he’s the one we’ve been searching for, and all the while he’s been right under our noses!” The Deep State prefers Moocs who have inferior capacity because they’re easier to control. After our midnight conversation, Prince Charles was added back into the line using mind control – which uses torture, drugs, electrocution, and hypnosis.



* I’m so sorry, I was tortured and drugged to give up that information. The Queen told it to me in confidence.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!

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