These are things the Donald, himself, told me.

My predicament. Why I can’t get free. Moocs and their followers have no way understanding reality because they were “taught” this is the way to think, they weren’t taught to think. In fact thinking got them in trouble, so they can’t be reasoned with. They live in an alternate reality.
The work I do keeps the world safer.
This is a long and winding informative flick. About 38 minutes. I suggest going off line to watch it as soon as you see the white line is all the way across the bottom, so your not online the whole time. (That’s a online safety good tip) I’m tired and on pain killers and in pain, but I manage. It picks up toward the end.
These are things the Donald, himself, told me.
I’ve been vetted by US Intelligence and the US Military for 50 years, so they know, for a fact, I don’t lie – except to save someone’s life. I’m telling the truth even though it means risking my life, because this knowledge could save many soldiers’ lives and the lives of many working Americans.
Trump thinks the press is lying because they contradict what his mother taught him. Trump lives in an alternate reality. Trump told me in 2003 that his mother learned a lot about being president from Nixon. She learned how far you can push the law without breaking it. “A President can do anything he wants. Everything is legal when your President, and if it’s not, you can’t be punished for it,” he told me. I said maybe not but you can be impeached. “That’s okay,” he told me, “I’ll probably make enough in the first 100 days to get myself in the black again. And then I’ll have you killed, then everyone will know I’m a god.”
Trump talked to people from Russia about killing me. I’m the classified person they talked about.
He’s right, you can’t be punished for things you did while President.
Trump said he couldn’t show his tax returns because it would show he owes much more than he’s worth.”
Trump declares bankruptcy so he doesn’t have to pay back his loans, but that means he doesn’t own his properties. Since he won the Presidency in 2016 that has turned around for him. He was going to charge for his cabinet positions – and he did. The Posts went to the highest bidder, some fetched as much as 2 billion. I believe some of the positions changed hands a few times because the person getting the job didn’t pay the agreed-upon price.
The US military protects the country, but a few troops are used to undermine our democracy and they aren’t allowed to say anything about it because they’ll be killed. They’re told to vote Republican, which is illegal. They’re told to rig elections in favor of Republicans, which is illegal, and the Politicians who order the rigged elections are traitors and are committing treason. THIS IS NOT WHY THESE YOUNG PEOPLE JOINED THE MILITARY!! They are told that I have to die because I stand for Peace. They are told campaigning for peace is a crime, when STOPPING FREE SPEACH is the real crime. The USA needs free speech to keep the political system honest. Pray Trump doesn’t get his wish.
Trump told me 50 years ago, his mother kept him home alone inside with her for 27 years. She told the authorities he didn’t need to go to school because he was retarded. She didn’t teach him the address of where he lived, he didn’t even know the place name, so if he should try to leave the house alone, he wouldn’t be able to get back. Trump told me in 2003 that everything else, the father, the brother and the business were fictional, made up by his mother and a novelist they hired, because his mother thought some people may not like that they got rich with Nazi treasure. Do you think?
The brother was a real person – a fellow investor. Trump had him killed with cancer because his “brother” was a better businessman than he was, and started making more money. True.
Eva taught him how to do his hair and how to hold his face and how to yank someone off balance as a way of shaking hands. She told him he doesn’t need to be able to read, write, know history or vocabulary. He learned no Geography, math, social skills or anything children learned in school. He said that looking Presidential was all he needed to know about being President.
He didn’t realize what he told me in 1967 was insane. He said he didn’t know how old he was.
He was told to tell people that he was home-schooled, but there was no school involved. He was a proud illiterate who lived indoors at home in NYC with his mother. He wasn’t allowed to have friends. Since his belief system was never questioned, he doesn’t realize there is anything odd about him. He wasn’t allowed outside alone until he was 27, and when he told me how strange it was to be outside without his mother, he had no idea why I gasped. I’m pretty sure he said he had never been outside at night, even with his mother. I must have been the first girl he dated, I was 15 and he was 27 or 30, he didn’t know, and he didn’t realize that was a bit strange. Trump told me later that the next 12 girls he dated, he drugged and raped and then killed as training to be President. So, I think I must have been the first girl he dated, since he raped but didn’t kill me. I escaped without letting the Donald know my address, so that may have helped. I believe he was bragging when he told me about the other 12 girls. “At first I hated doing it,” he said, “But mother said I had to, so I had to.” Remember, he began dating when he was close to 30. I am 64 now and he’s, let’s say, 14 years older than me, so he’s at least 78, that’s why he looks so old.
The Donald lives by a code of ethics his Nazi mother instilled in him. Trump believes he is a god, and his mother is/was a god, but he doesn’t realize most people find his demeanor offensive, and most people don’t believe in human gods. I know he believes the Press should have realized his status as a deity by now, they should respect that. He can’t understand what’s happening because he can’t and won’t admit his mother was wrong. I told him at our consult in 2003 that if he wanted to be President he should probably stop telling people he was a god. He responded that was one of the main reasons he killed people, because they laughed when he told them he was a god. “You mean, if I hadn’t told them I was a god, I might not have had to kill them?” He said he paid an average of 12 Million a year to the police to cover up his murders. These are the things the NSA suppressed during the primaries and the general election so Trump would get elected. And I’m the crazy one?
These are things the Donald, himself, told me.
I’ve been vetted by US Intelligence and the US Military for 50 years, so they know, for a fact, I don’t lie – except to save someone’s life. I’m telling the truth even though it means risking my life, because this knowledge could save many soldiers’ lives and the lives of many working Americans.
By keeping me a prisoner, the Military and the NSA are making the world a Dictatorship of Moocs, so I can’t reason with them. I think I could get through to the Agents, but they aren’t allowed to read anything written by me. You can’t keep people from learning. Even people in the Military have free will. God bless you and keep you, good men and women of the Military.
Think Peace!

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Trump, classified information, and Me

Trump was right, the GOP did help Trump win. I thought they wouldn’t stoop so low – I was wrong.
I’m the woman who Trump outed in his classified conversation with the Russian gentlemen. I know he wants me dead, and I assume that’s what they were discussing. This meeting 15 years ago is one of the reasons.

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Date Rape

I’m the woman who Trump outed in his classified conversation with the Russian gentlemen. I know he wants me dead, and I assume that’s what they were discussing. This date 50 years ago is one of the reasons.

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Comey Apology

Trump fired Comey today.
Apologies to FBI Director Comey. I thought you were one of them because your attack on Hillary is what cost her the election. Also, you should have let the American people know Trump was under investigation.
I thought perhaps you were ignorant or stupid, but now I think you’ve been played. Look at me, I’ve been played – all of America has been played.
The Intelligence Agencies have to get rid of “deep undercover” operatives who give orders. If you can’t put a face to the person who gave the orders, they shouldn’t be followed.
Since I wrote my last post I have come to the conclusion there are two Obamas, for these reasons –
The fake Obama said the following untruths: he never went to Law School. He said he was born in Kenya. He said he’d never been to Hawaii, and he made several comments that are right out of the Satanic playbook. When I said, “I saw pictures of you swimming in Hawaii,” he countered with, “Was my body the same color as my face?” Then he asked the people in the room with him, “Which one was that?”
So now I’m 100% sure.
My ex-husband, who has never been to college and has never been in the Military, passes himself off as an undercover General and gives orders that agents follow. If he can do it, other men can do that, too.
General John Alexander was an operative who few saw and few knew his real name. He could give orders and then make things classified, and only the few who carried out the order knew it was an illegal, internal order. The worst thing Alexander ordered was the murder of one of the Obama children. He ordered all kinds of things just to make my life a living hell. My ex-husband now has assumed the position of a General who gives orders just to make my life a living hell. For the record, General Alexander, or whatever his real name was, has been dead now for five years.
Agents are in a pickle right now. Surely they have received orders that make no sense. I am told that during “training” they are ordered to preform oral sex and are anally raped by certain Generals and civilians including Bill O’Reilly.

To Agents who have received illegal orders: I recommend going to the press, not Fox News, to tell your stories of these illegal orders. Go in mass to a local TV news studio, not owned by Rupert Murdock. They will get a correspondent and grab a cameraman and tape an interview. You’ll have to tell your stories because News people don’t know what questions to ask. The News will have to publish the story immediately because agents in the NSA will steal the interview right off the camera without ever entering the building. So bring a metal blanket with you to the meeting to cover the camera and equipment until after the story is published.
Doing it that way may save your life, because what the American people don’t know is, if you disobey an order you will be killed.
In Russia they jail people for telling the truth; in America they kill people for telling the truth.
Director Comey, if you’re still reading this, Michelle Obama, and George Lucas can give me the credibility I need.

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Sometimes the only logical answer sounds crazy

It must be the best thing for the country, right? That would be the thinking in the Political arena and the Military if you heard that Barack Obama was letting Trump win, or even helping Trump win?
Sometimes the only logical answer sounds crazy.
This post is long and convoluted but good, so please stick with it, and read it a few times. There’s lots of information in it about the state of the world. Sometimes the only logical answer sounds crazy. My forte is cutting through the lies to find the truth, and I get lied to a lot.
Do you really think Russia could monkey with our elections WITHOUT the NSA knowing? Plus that, I told them when the primaries began. The long and short of it is, Trump could not have won without the help of the NSA. The NSA was run by our Commander-In-Chief who, at the time, was Barack Obama.
Sad but true – I was getting late night break-ins in my 5th wheel over the past year and a half; orchestrated by the NSA and Moocs and President Obama. There’s always someone who wants to ask a question, and although it’s an NSA trick, the conversations are far from private. The people on the other end have included celebrities and politicians (They all read this blog, so your in good company.)
It’s unnerving, to say the least. I always get tortured and my memory gets erased in the bargain. I haven’t mentioned it until now because the whole thing is so surreal. Also, Obama had my back broken and a tracking device was put in my bowel so I can’t go anywhere.
During each meeting Barack Obama was saying very peculiar things to the people in the room with him. Barack’s personal body guards are Moocs. If there’s much more to it, and I can forgive him, then I suggest you forgive him as well; and for the record, I hope there’s much, much more to it. I was making sure Trump didn’t get elected when Obama and the NSA put a stop to that. Things in this country have gotten way out of hand, so it’s past time for me to speak up about these visits. If I hadn’t let Obama help Trump win, I would probably be dead; also, I was told there was a good reason. Well, what was the reason for this madness? Now, I’m thinking the reason is World War Three. I’m giving him this exit opportunity and praying he’ll take it.
In response to a politician who said he wanted to meet me, Barack Obama said, “You won’t after I get through with you.” Then the politician said, “What’s that mean?” Then Barack Obama said, “It’s time.” Then the politician said, “Wait, what’s happening?”
What happened was the politician was drugged and given an altered memory. And I was drugged and I had my memory erased. The torture and mind altering was sanctioned by President Obama, himself. If that doesn’t trouble you, I pity you. Most troubling is I trusted that man. My daughters thought he was the real deal. The Moocs got to him and found out he was capable of some nasty stuff. I’m sure they had to alter his brain to do it.
At the end of another meeting, Obama said he needed to get access to Adam Levine and he would do that through his daughters. Also, Barack Obama said, “We can’t let Adam Levine think what he wants. We have to tell him what to think and how to feel.” At the end of the “meeting” with Adam, I screamed because someone was coming at me with a hypodermic needle. I heard Adam scream, too, I assume for the same reason.
Barack Obama put a stop to everyone who offered to let me stay with them, saying he can’t keep me safe. That’s something God has been doing all along, and I have no doubt I’ll be under God’s protection. I’ll take this opportunity to thank Adam for waking me up. Thank you, Adam, with all my heart. People who want World Peace thank you, too.
Barack Obama said it was his idea to get naked pictures of me looking my worst. Some of them were photoshopped to make me look even worse. There are lies attached. (Please delete them and take them down.) Obama said he “had to” because he doesn’t like it when I talk about sex, he doesn’t like that people like me more than him. He doesn’t like that I swear. He doesn’t like that I walk around saying, ‘Look at me, look at me.’” I said, “That’s something I’ve never done, and would never do. I always keep a low profile.” Barack Obama said he heard I do that, and he hates it. Arizona, added his opinion because he had spent a little time with me in Arizona, and he said I wasn’t like that at all. Barack Obama said he didn’t care what Arizona said because he has people, people he trusts, who tell him that’s what I do. I asked, “Give me an example. What did I say?” Obama said he couldn’t, so I asked, “Who are these people?” and told Barack that he better watch his back because the only people who say that about me are Satanists. Barack Obama said he didn’t care, and added, “We have freedom of religion in this country.” I told him he should care because they’re the reason the world’s in the mess it’s in.
I told Barack Obama I didn’t like his plan because it sounded like it was born out of vengeance. (I was right – it was.)
Barack Obama said, “We have to let Trump win because they can’t figure out how he’s cheating.” I assured Mr. Obama, Trump was cheating. They can figure out how he’s doing it, they just have to loop me in. (I’ve published how they did it.)
No one stopped Trump from cheating to win, because Barack Obama assured everyone his plan was great.
I told Obama he wasn’t stopping anything, if he was sitting on the sidelines watching it all unfold, he was an enabler.
After our first satellite meeting Barack Obama asked his people at the end, “Do you think we fooled her?” I’ve thought about those words a lot since I remembered them.
There are probably two Barack Obamas in one body, maybe more. Satanists thrive on secrecy and schizophrenia. Electroshock, abuse, torture and drugs can split a personality. But there’s another way, that sounds so crazy you won’t believe it. Satanists, or Moocs, bank on the fact that what they do sounds crazy. There could be a second Barack Obama. It would probably be a white man who died his skin and had plastic surgery. I say this because, Barack Obama asked me what happened to the man who wrote the book, Black Like Me, and I told him I was pretty sure he died of cancer a few years after he wrote the book. I heard Barack Obama get agitated and say he “didn’t want to do this anymore.” He said so many other things about being two people that I’m 99.44% sure.
Other odd things he said over the satellite meetings were, he didn’t like doing this to Michelle. He said that in response to my telling Michelle she could tell if Barack had been brainwashed “When Barack sounds like he’s reading; followed by you saying, ‘Have you lost your mind?’ that’s how you’ll know.”
Barack Obama campaigned, saying he would close Gitmo. He got elected and said what George Bush said, “They hate us for our freedom,” Which was both totally untrue at the time, and idiotic. I asked Barack Obama about that and he said he never even went to Gitmo. I admonished him saying, “That was one of the reasons I voted for you!” I could tell the way he said it and what he said, that Moocs had gotten through to him.
So Moocs seized on the fact that people trust Barack Obama. They found they could make him say what they wanted and when they couldn’t, the other Barack Obama could.
Trump could not have won without the help of the NSA. The NSA was run by our Commander-In-Chief who, at the time, was Barack Obama.
Really, as I’ve explained before, all you need is access to the secure channel the President uses, and a voice that sounds like Barack Obama’s, and you can order anything you want, and then make it classified. Not even President Obama would know.
It must be the best thing for the country, right? That would be the thinking in the Political arena and the Military if you heard that Barack Obama was helping Trump win. But no, it sure wouldn’t.
The statement that no Republican Presidential candidate has won an election in a century, is, in fact a true statement. Who would know that better than the Moocs who made that happen.
President Trump’s statement – “What do all these people do?” was actually a really good question. Getting rid of government waste and government red tape would be a nice legacy for Mr. Trump. Moocs are firmly implanted in the White House. They like the red tape.
But, since Mooc treachery has been uncovered, they won’t be able to rig elections anymore. Moocs will infiltrate the enemy by doing what they did to Barack Obama. They can ride the winning horse.
The Republicans will have to win legitimately. They have to put forth candidates who are smart and real and who genuinely want to help this country, like Kasich. They have to have a more inclusive agenda. Republicans need a platform Americans get behind, in order to win legitimately. With Moocs abandoning the Republican ship, in a decade or two, it could be that the Republicans will become the good guys and the Democrats won’t be trusted.
In the meantime the Democrats have to reassemble and call a mis-vote. The US has to have an election redo.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!
About the man I called Arizona, I think you have been reprogrammed – or he was killed.
I heard one of Obama’s people say, “He’s on her side. He’s of no use to us anymore.”
I don’t know if GRR is still under their control. I still wish him well.
To anyone who has been manipulated by Moocs, including President Obama, GRR, Arizona, Adam Levine, and George Lucas, I suggest saying to yourself as you go to sleep and when you wake up, “I can remember everything clearly.”
It was Barack Obama, more than anyone else, who kept us apart for the past eight years. Maybe it was the fake Obama, but someone was instructing the NSA to keep us apart.
Hey Moocs, Killing or programming good people has to stop.

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