‘Walking Dead’ Stuntman Dies After Fall on Set

I have to comment on this Hollywood death. The Walking Dead is a mooc production. I was in on the creation of the show.
I’ve been wanting to talk about moocs in Hollywood for a long time. They put out crap and say its doing well in the ratings, because they can manipulate the ratings. They use conventional filming to create what’s called “snuff films.”
Someone can “forget” to do something, or put a fray in a rope, and whoopsie, somebody dies, and it’s all on film so if you become a member of one of the satanic cults, you can see it.
I’ve seen it happen, it almost happened to me a few times. It’s usually moocs working in the props department who might put bullets in a gun instead of blanks, or put out a real knife when the plastic version should have been used.
One time I remember was when I was 9, I played the widow in heavy mask make-up, in Zorba the Greek. (I wore the same makeup to play the Queen of Portugal in Anne of a Thousand Days.) What I didn’t know at the time was, they let a murderer out of jail to play the man who kills me. The man was in jail for beheading the widow I was playing, and they told him I had come back to life and he would have to kill me again. This is how moocs think. It’s a good habit to get into, if a weapon is being used against you on screen, make sure it’s a prop. I know some actors who won’t even hold a real gun, and they have enough clout to insist on a prop gun, because too many “accidents” happen on sets.
I checked to make sure the knife was fake and dull, I switched it back a few times and complained a few times, with no luck. So I dulled the real knife sufficiently so that it did little damage, just a surface slice, across my neck. You can still see the scar. That was one of the times my neck was broken.
Just because someone tells you a show has high ratings, doesn’t mean you should watch it. The Mooc’s goal is the increasing violence on TV inside our houses, does a good job of desensitizing us to evil.

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Donald Jr. Emails

I’ve been waiting for a Trump child to tell the truth about their father. (Wrong pronoun I know. Get over it.) Trump’s first introductory talk he gave me (that included the date and rape 50 years ago) was a short history of his life. The history he laid out is in this blog if you wish to read it. Trump talked ad-nauseam about his abuse under the total control of his mother for the first 30 years of his life, and the abuse he heaped on his children, including teaching his children to be sex gods. Trump’s mother sexually abused him and he sexually abused his children, which is the classic pattern of pedophiles. The torture the Donald was subjected to as discipline was what his children were subjected to.
I watch and wonder when those children will stop backing their father? I think Trump, himself, wouldn’t have backed his mother at their ages.I know the Donald’s mother told him he was retarded on a continuing basis. She told him so often he believed it, and that is the tragedy of the Trump legacy. I am certain that Donald Jr. was similarly abused; and Eric OMG. The press and comedians abused Eric and Donald Jr. with their jokes. (Everyone always assumes if you’re rich you had a good life.) I was hoping there would be a tipping point for Donald Jr.. Every time I saw a picture or video of Eric or Donald Jr. I prayed for them. I was abused as a child, and so are we all, but, at times, I had other people to turn to and I had God. The way Trump and his children were abused was a very lonely and prison-like abuse.
Somewhere along the line, Donald Jr. realized he had the power to expose his father and he has enough good in him to want to do the right thing for the world. If Don Jr. is the only one who hangs for this, then the world will suffer.
The other child to watch is Eric. I believe Eric is a character like Claudius. Claudius survived the ancient Rome Rulers due to a speech impediment that made him unlikely to become a Caesar. Eric could be able to fill in a lot of blanks because he was a fly on the wall.
The last is his daughter Ivanka. She may not be moral enough to call out her father, but she showed some humanity with the Syrian chemical attack. The Donald told me he wanted Ivanka to marry Jarred Kushner because he was as ruthless as Trump was. Jarred showed the Donald that his mother was wrong about the Jews. Jarred, too, saw the advantage of using murder as a business tool.
In January the Donald asked me to come and be his chief advisor and live in the White House. I said I couldn’t work for him, and added I couldn’t work for someone who raped me. I told him to quit and said he was in over his head. That was my advice.
Trump’s children know who Trump is, and his goal as President was to become “The richest man in the world.” They know daddy had no intention of keeping his campaign promises. Perhaps there’s enough good in them to come clean about what they know about their father.
Trump is like a venomous snake. His children and others will have to work quickly. You can’t take off pieces of him, he’ll just grow another tail.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!
PS – I would love to hear Kellyanne’s story. She has a life story that would help others. She should come clean about her part in fixing the Trump vote in exchange for amnesty. She should be aware she will be killed anyway, so she might as well go down swinging. Her name is on Trump’s hit list for 2021; and I won’t be there to save her then. I hear she has a family and children now, which should be of some consern to her. Conway’s the one who could stop WW3.

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Trump Russia Truth

I absolutely know this is what happened because it happened right in front of my eyes!
Most people will refuse to believe this because it breaks up their bubble. It makes people think outside of their white picket fence, and people convulse against believing something outside their paradigm. Read it though because this directly effects you.
I’ll break it down for you.
Trump ordered Russia to bomb Syria while I was talking with him in 2003 so he could get satellite images for his campaign ad. I say ordered as in “order” a tuna sandwich. Trump was in the Russia organized crime syndicate; this is what he told me. He felt they were a part of his family, a relationship organized crime members feel. What Trump did was offer to pay for Russia’s military to bomb Syria; and Trump borrowed money from Russia to do it. Since his debts were forgiven and paid off by the American Taxpayers when he became President, Trump HAD TO become President in order to pay Russia back. Russia had to do what ever they could to get Trump elected.
The feeling of friendship and family among crime syndicates is not unlike the movie Good Fellas.
In 2003, Trump told me he feels like Putin is a long lost brother, and he may even be a distant cousin since they have almost identical family histories, which I took to mean they were both the product of the Nazi ideology and have their family roots in Nazi Germany. (As with all assumptions, I could have been wrong – but I’m close)
Think Peace!
Rise Up!
I’ve met and spent time with Trump ever since 1967 when he raped me. I didn’t realize this was the same man until recently, when I heard Trump was bragging about raping me. Trump had given me a detailed history of his origin, which was totally different from the official story. Pres. Obama and the NSA were instrumental in keeping me and my story out of the press during the primaries.

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Pills in Your Esophagus

I wanted to look up the symptoms of Oxycodone overdose, so I typed in Oxycodone overdose, and the search opened My Google Account and logged me in, put an active search window opened to let me know I was being tracked. When will this obsessive behavior stop among our Military and Google?
I believe many of the overdoses are attributable to the construct of the pill itself.
I have added Oxycodone to my list of painkillers since the NSA broke my back and it helps a good deal. The problem is Oxycodone is being abused.
I notice that if I take a pill, I have to eat and drink IMMEDIATELY after, or I get all kinds of side effects. I believe there are grabby molecules (don’t you love my tech talk) in the other ingredients and in the pill’s coating that hangs the pill up in the esophagus and there the drug can do damage.
So, all you Oxycodone addicts, please eat and drink for 10 minutes after taking the drug, and stay sitting or standing upright for 20 minutes until the pill is in your tummy. Make sure it is out of your esophagus and you’ll have far less overdose reactions.
I need the stuff for pain.
Thanks for your co-operation!
Big Pharma – Big Medicine
Acetaminophen – Oxycodone with Tylenol
Knowing Big Pharma as I do, I suggest you stop taking Acetaminophen. What I use it for it is to bump up the action of another pain reliever. I take 1/3 of 1 extra strength pill, so that’s 60 mg. So 20 mg of Oxycodone and 60 of Acetaminophen.
Extra strength is 1,000 mg and that’s a dose that will kill you slowly, especially if you mix it with other drugs. Acetaminophen is a lethal poison when taken with alcohol, that’s how Mozart was killed and his death attributed to liver failure.
The most Acetaminophen I take in a day is 120 mg or 60 mg twice a day.
If you get a violent reaction to any drug containing Acetaminophen your liver is probably ready for a break.
Also, Oxycodone reacts violently with antacids. Don’t take acid reducers with Oxycodone. Don’t even drink baking soda (not Arm and Hammer) within 2 or 3 hours of Oxycodone will cause a reaction; but Oxycodone and acid reducer pills will cause permanent damage.
Also, take your pills with food and water and don’t lie flat for 20 minutes. Few pill can work from your esophagus. Make sure it gets to your stomach before it dissolves.
The fewer of these things you know, the more money Big Medical can make, so please take heed. They will kill me for telling you these secrets.
Estrogen can ABSOLUTELY be made in a lab. Make the drug companies produce cheap, generic estrogen and save those horses lives!
For the older ladies – I take estrogen intra-vaginally. There are extra ingredients in those pills that help estrogen make cancer in your cervix. If you look at the example picture it looks like you should insert the little wand all the way up to the cervix and then pop the pill out. Do not do that! Move the little pill around within an inch of the opening, and then release the pill. It’s hard to remember but it is necessary, again because of cervical cancer. If you follow the diagram, Big Medical makes out like bandits selling you high-priced products, like chemo-therapy.

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It’s still a Man’s World

I have been told many times, “But, you’re a woman, you should think all men can do everything better than you. Weren’t you taught that? Why don’t you know that? I hate it that women are so stupid they can’t learn that.”
The fact is women have higher IQs than men.
I was stopped from buying an RV through Poulsbo RV because the sales team wouldn’t submit my loan application because they didn’t believe women should RV.
Many mechanics and RV repairmen have told me –
Women are charged 3 times what men are charged at the mechanics. Some mechanic schools teach that, too, like it’s not even an option to charge everyone the same. Also, they will break something while they have you, so you’ll come back.

Untrue Assumptions
Many old men believe these Untrue Assumptions
Women who swear are probably prostitutes, or gay.
Women who do a man’s job are gay.
Women who like sex are probably prostitutes or they want to be raped.
All women want to be raped.
Women who are strippers want to be beaten, raped and killed.
Prostitutes should be killed.

The old man who bought one of the RV clubs I belonged to, told me, “Women who talk about sex are prostitutes” – One of the RV clubs I used to belong to, tells prospective applicants that they can buy a membership to get the members phone numbers, and I’m in the phone book, and get this, I might be a prostitute, knowing full well I’m not a prostitute; but because he heard me joke about sex and he had been taught “Women who talk about sex are prostitutes.” He knows because I told him in no uncertain terms That I’m not a prostitute and I had nothing to do with the mess that’s on the internet. I can’t go near that club anymore because I get death threats when I do. Men who watch the “porn” the US Military made by putting cameras in every nook and cranny of my house and filming my most private, intimate moments and putting it on the internet as porn, the men who did that to me and the men who watch “porn” threaten to kill me. Crazy and sad, but true.
It’s irritating that no one wants to kill the people who took advantage of me like that, and it’s disgusting that a whole new seedy crop of people are still finding ways to profit from what the NSA and the Moocs have been doing to me my whole life.
Old men believe this to be true and they teach it to young boys as fact. The sad truth is, this is one thing that is still true.
No one cares if a girl, a stripper, or a prostitute is killed.

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