Hiding in plain sight.

Trump’s cult terrorist police force is in Portland because Portland has a public broadcasting system in place that tells the truth on their News! Trump’s cult has infiltrated all of the News broadcasting systems in the country.  These News programs, that are getting money from advertisers, and only release the News they want you to hear.  They’ve gotten us all riled up over Covid-19 so they can plan the start of WW3 in the background.

In 2003 Trump wanted to release the Corona virus in Harlem, a mostly black area of Manhattan, because there are many nice buildings in Harlem and he’d like to rehab some of those buildings, but there are too many black people there, and he wanted to put white people there, and he wanted to get rid of the black people but not the buildings.

At another point, I was asked if there are any deadly viruses? I replied, “Well, there’s rabies.” I replied, because it’s caused by an animal bite so I didn’t think it was a virus that could be spread through the air, like a flu. Trump had two bodyguards with him. Trump and his two guards all had 6 gums on them, so I had to say something. The cult has people who have infiltrated into all of the research hospitals in the world.

Someone asked, “How do you get that?”

“Bats, mostly. That’s why people are afraid of bats.”

The cult doctors got hold of the rabies virus, and added it to a dangerous flu already created, my guess is the Avion Flu, and when the time was right, they released it to Trump’s hit list.  That’s why I was patient zero, the first person to get Covid-19 in the US.

It still can’t be spread like a flu. It spreads person to person on surfaces. The idea of six feet and masks was the cult’s idea to ensure social unrest.

The quarantine was added to make the states go bankrupt and borrowed from the Federal Government so Trump can own them when he becomes king he’ll own the states.  Also, poor people won’t be able to quarantine so Trump was looking forward to watching them starve.

One of the many horrifying things the Donald asked me was how to make a virus that would kill children.  I told him I wouldn’t help him. Rita backed me up. Trump asked if he can torture me to get me to figure it out. Rita assured him torture won’t work for something like that. What she did say was they had it figured out. Trump asked, “How?” Rita answered, “Timing.”

As soon as Trump announced they would open the schools and the schools would be fined if they don’t comply, I knew what timing meant.

I think VP Biden isn’t holding Rallies because he knows the Cult will spred the virus on the seats and handrails to kill all the good people who would attend. The cult has already been killing all of the good people who are only thinking about helping me. They kill with a drug that causes heart attacks and with Liquid Smoke that they buy at the supermarket, injected into the brain, or ovaries, or breasts, or pancreas, etc.

Are you ready to question the whistle blower yet?

My place gets broken into daily and I get tortured and poisoned routinely.

Mail-In ballots

Send for your absentee ballots now.

Send them in seven days before the election.

Vote Democratic for the President, Your Congressman and Senators to ensure that President Biden can change things for the better. Not everyone wants Armageddon. 99.5% of people do not want Armageddon. 0.2% of people have been taught it is a moral obligation to do their part to ruin the earth. So if all of those people, and I believe that’s 660,000 people, so half a million people deciding for the rest of US 328 million people sounds like a long shot, but, remember, these Nazis are zealots and will do anything for Trump. Trump controls the Military and he has been ordering them to kill all of our good, righteous, intelligent citizens.  The Nazis tell me cancer is the new lynching.  Don’t forget about all of the cancer deaths for the past twenty years.  The Nazis have infiltrated the pharmaceutical companies and Huge Medical Institutions, most, if not all of the Teaching Hospitals teach how to botch things for black and brown poor people who will leave a family with crushing debt so they will all die of starvation.

Trump asked Rita, what about an antidote or a vaccine.  Rita assured Trump they never release a virus before they have a Vaccine or an antidote.

Trump’s ads talk about Trump’s plans, Not Bidens.  He’s trying to scare you.

Everything Trump does is right out of Mein Kompf, Hitler’s Manifesto.  The Army has perfected mass mind control and, individually, can get practically anyone to do practically anything.

The News is run by Trump’s cult so I doubt this will happen but Decide now Not to call the election until three days after the election date. Say, Midnight on November 7th.

Remember that Trump gets to pick from six of Putin’s palatial estates if he annexes the US to Russia. He said he wouldn’t feel safe staying in this country, and he wants one that’s big enough so that he would never leave the estate.

Antifa stands for Antifascist, but is a total misnomer. They are terrorists the Nazi politicians have imported from other countries by advertising in terrorists group magazines. My Doctor from Pakistan told me this.  He said he joined the American Taliban.

Dear Bill Gates,

Mr. Gates, So sorry to hear about your father. I tried to visit you but I was shot at by the Cult. They’re afraid that together we can stop WW3.  Our trouble reading is caused by the cult cutting up our brains. That’s why Melinda laughed uncontrollably at the title.  I’m in lot 545, Do not stop at the office.


Do not comment on, or like this blog, Trump’s cult will kill you

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States avoid bankruptcy

States avoid bankruptcy

States avoid bankruptcy using the Federal Government as a bank. If Trump is able to do what he did the last time, and steal the Presidency he will name himself dictator and own those states.  It would be preferable for the rich people of California and Washington to use some of their funds to form a lending pool.

How the Donald steals mail in ballot elections is the counter people place as many Democratic ballots aside or in the trash. They continue to do this until Trump is ahead and then they say they have sufficient ballots to make a projection. Of course, the projection will be Trump won.

To keep that from happening no projections should be made. All of the ballots have to be counted. November 6 at 11:59 might be a sufficient deadline.  If we wait until all the ballots are ALL counted, Trump has a harder time to cheat.

I suggest everyone call for an absentee ballot now and sent it back as soon as your state allows.

Trump suggests voting in person as well. I think the suggestion is treasonous, but if no one charges him with treason, then we should all do as he says.


Rise up stronger together!

Do not comment on or like this Blog, someone from the Army may be ordered to kill you.

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Great Convention! I think you did a swell job!

It was swell.
Dear Mr. Biden,
You were able to get your point across without trashing Trump. You had just the right amount of righteous indignation.
Kamala needs to work on her inflection. She’s pausing and hitting the second and third word, when she should be hitting the end of the thought. Watch other motivational speakers.
To everyone else, Joe Biden told me the reason he never gave up was because he enjoys helping people and he thinks that by being the President of the US, he can do the most good.
When I asked Trump why he wants to be the richest man in the world. So I asked him for another reason, one he can campaign on, and he said he wants to own slaves and if he succeeds in building a wall between the US and Mexico he can get as many slaves as he wants. All his friends want slaves, too. Trump said he has plans to beat the American people down so hard that they will be grateful to get a job as a slave.
That’s a difference between these two men everyone can appreciate.
How may I help you? Are the 5 most important words – They make your life happier and richer. Long live the memory of George Floyd. The world suffers when even one good person goes to Heaven. The lives of so many are enhanced by that person’s presence in their lives.
Happiness starts with the words – how may I help you?
Rise Up Stronger Together!
Think Peace!
#find the little girls!
Watch ‘Birth of a Nation’ for the truth about what is happening now.
Don’t comment on this blog or follow it. The Government and the Annihilists are intercepting my calls, emails, comments and snail mail; and then they hurt and sometimes kill the people who tried to contact me. I was told Paul Allen tried to contact me.
This is my Apocalypse. Apocalypse means the truth is revealed. This blog tells the truth about Armageddon.

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