Mind control takes away Free Will

How would you behave if there were no consequences to your actions?

How would you act if there were no one you were trying to make love you, no one you were trying to impress with your behavior?

I am aware that many satanic cults are requiring their minions to read the
Twenty signs of Satanic Church member’s description that Rita gave me – as an incentive to get people to hate me because mass hate is the best way to control people.
The Satanic Church couldn’t operate without keeping minions full of Hate, Anger, Vengeance, and Fear. Satanic Churches require blind obedience; and without instilling

Hate, Anger, Vengeance, and Fear. They constantly lie about me to make people Angry and hateful. Instead of forgiveness, Satanists insist on vengeance. This is an excerpt from my book, The Conversation.

The cornerstones of evil and Satanism are fear, anger, hatred, and vengeance.

Keep someone afraid and you can control him.
Fear is a great motivator. Fox News uses it non-stop.
Anger works like a Genie in a bottle. Anger takes control, whirls around, and you end up someplace you didn’t want to be. People tend to want to let their Anger Genie out because he can be a powerful force. But when a person gets angry he gets irrational. It’s easy to move that anger to other things, and soon one becomes angry with the world or his lot in life. A suggestion can be made to murder to get rid of the
terrible, uncontrollable, all-consuming feeling of anger.

Again, the brain isn’t able to think logically or rationally and may not see any way out. Murder wouldn’t make the angry person feel worse, so the suggestion sounds plausible.

Hatred closes the mind.

Vengeance may falsely appear to be a solution to the trap of Fear, Anger, and Hatred. A person who believes, ‘An eye for an eye – a tooth for a tooth,’ is doomed to a blind, toothless life of unhappiness.

I know, now, Rita was often telling the truth about my daughters and my life. I’ve read articles on the internet. My memories have returned, since this conversation, I recall John Alexander and the things he did to me.

I know, now, like the Manchurian Candidate, these hideous people can then make anyone do anything they want. The cult can turn anyone against anyone to the point that they will murder for the cult. I know members who murdered people who, just a few months before, they loved.

Mind control takes away Free Will.

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Look at Big Pharma for some Answers

Arkema, a chemical Plant in Crosby, TX, reported explosions that released noxious fumes into the atmosphere. They are taking their time in explaining what the problems may be. Their hesitance in reporting health problems leads me to think that some of the chemicals they produce go to pharmaceutical companies that produce drugs that treat lung disease. Someone should look into that.

If I lived near Crosby, Texas, I would find a friend or relative who could put me up for three weeks. Remember 9/11, remember Christie Whitman telling first responders that the air quality was acceptable. Those people are still dying of lung disease and are permanently disabled.

A chemical plant with ties to a pharmaceutical company could stand to earn a gazillion dollars if they caused lung disease.

Also the news says that many chemical plants were shut down due to the flood. I would wait a day or two after the startup of those plants to move back.

I hate to sound insane, but the people who plan these things are insane and I just state the facts.

The extreme weather is a natural occurrence but can be manipulated by Doppler radar and satellites. The first try at manipulating the rain happened in my town of Landing in the Netcong area of New Jersey. We had 14 inches of rain in one hour. It was as though someone opened a faucet in the sky. The water came down in buckets, not drops. I’ve resisted that anyone could manipulate the weather, but they can. They can’t control it but they can manipulate it.  That means California could get rain when they really need it.

There’s something about the Gulf that annoys Moocs. They’ve been hurting the coral reefs for decades. I’m not sure what is, I think it’s that Mexico and South America have dark skinned people, and many of the towns in the US that border the Gulf, also have dark skinned people. It could be something as simple as that, that drives people addicted to evil and money want to hurt the Gulf of Mexico.

Rise Up!

Think Peace!

PS – The Social Security Admin. needs a copy of my ex-husband, Peter Mickelsen’s, death certificate. It has been 9 months or more. He’s still receiving benefits. Please mail a few to me, Thanks.

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My Life Always S_cked

I didn’t want to act, and I didn’t want to play a boy, but that’s what I did for many years, I played many male roles until I got breasts. I would have been much happier if I had been left alone to be a kid. I usually got at least 4 movie roles a year. I went from one role as a girl, like Pollyanna or the little girl in Mary Poppins and the exorcist: but I also was the little boy in TVs the Rifleman, and in the TV show Flipper, and Patrick in the movie Auntie Mame, or the head good boy in Lord of the Flies. It was so much pressure. There are many child molesters in Hollywood. I was in Lost in Space, and The Sound of Music. I remember watching those TV shows and movies and feeling that actor or actress looked so tired and pale. Since the Moocs kept my money my memory was erased on a regular basis. I would have done without all of it, I was very unhappy. (I won an Academy Award for best actor for Lord of the Flies the same year I won best actress for To Catch a Thief, and Best Supporting Actress for Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice. The same year I was nominated for the Peasant daughter in The Ten Commandments. I think I won that, too. The only award I accepted that year was as Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief. I’m still on record as the shortest acceptance speech, “You like me, You really, really like me.”)

{I went to public school so you can see why I was always so run-down and tired.} All of that information has been changed online. IMBd, a company I named, has changed dates and names. Wikipedia, a company I thought up and named, has everything about me wrong. )

I missed two years of school, 4th and 5th grade when I was supposed to learn long division. So I had to figure it out on my own: the result turned into “the new math.”

I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Once I got a girl’s figure, the work continued, only I started playing adults, because adult actresses made 10 times what children make. I was walking in heels and driving in movies when I was 9 to 13. Directors would say, “There’s the gas pedal and that’s the brake and that’s the steering wheel. There; now you know how to drive.”

It was cruel and they gave me growth hormones until I was 6 feet tall. That’s why I’ve always walked with a limp because they took 4 inches out of my right leg, and 2 inches out of my left leg. I was six feet tall when I was the blonde in the second half of All That Jazz. That’s also why my rear end looks all pushed up. Those extra muscles have to go somewhere.

The first I knew I had a part in something was when I got there. Someone would say, this is the part your playing, with no warning or preparation, and NO ONE ever asked if I wanted to do the part!

As I got older and older I played younger and younger women, something I really hated. There’s so much pressure to act like a kid when your middle aged. I hated that as much, or more, than I hated playing adult women beginning with the Maltese Falcon at age 9.

I started directing when I was 11, when I wrote and directed West Side Story. I wrote, directed, co-wrote the songs, choreographed, and acted. Nobody looked out for my welfare. I wrote, choreographed, acted and directed All That Jazz when I was 13 or 14, and I was working 20 hours a day. I was so exhausted I’m still amazed I lived through it. And then I wrote, directed, wrote the songs, and choreographed the broadway musical Hair when I was 15. That was the first time I was asked if I wanted to do that, and took the job only when I was told I could write a musical about whatever I wanted and songs I liked to write, but still, it was so much work, and I was a Junior in High School and I made it to school every day.

I wrote the book Confusion turned to Chaos about that year.

I worked all the time at jobs I didn’t want. I was writing songs with some of the great musicians like Johny Cash, Rogers and Hammerstein, Marvin Hamlisch, Mic Jagger and many others. All my work was erased and all that money was stolen by the moocs. I can only remember it now. The memories have been coming back these past 7 years. All that time working so very hard and I have nothing to show for it.

I’m not lazy or stupid but I am very poor.

I was also being put in dangerous situations just for the amusement of the moocs. I’ve been thrown in naked with wild lions, a grizzly bear and other animals to see how I would react and to film snuff films.

All that time and energy generated an extraordinary income.

The acting and directing jobs, the song writing and singing continued until I was 55.

I still get residuals to the tune of $100 million a year. I don’t see a dime, I am very poor.

Barack Obama took over stealing my money this past year, so he’s hoping I die, and he’s doing everything in his power to get me killed.

Dr. Burry started a bank account for me from an investment he made for me in an investment product I helped him create. Barack Obama stole that money, too. Now he’s the one making my life miserable for his own amusement.

He’s hurting my daughters, too, and I can assume he’s steeling their money as well. He’s torturing Liberty and he was planning on raping her and his own daughters. And Obama still has the power of the military behind him to accomplish that goal.

According to Arizona who was one of Barack’s secret service agents, Mr. Obama talks non-stop about killing Michelle and raping his daughters. When he tells people he’s doing that he kills the people he tells if they don’t approve. According to Arizona (that’s what I call him), Michelle wants a divorce but Obama won’t give it to her. Mr. Obama told me “She took a vow till death do us part,” so death is her only way out. She likes sex and instead of being thankful or happy, Mr. Obama told me “women shouldn’t like sex,” so he “has to” kill her. In the meantime he’s stringing Michelle along using the satanic mind control techniques he learned being Commander and Chief. Michelle helped her husband perpetrate the most cruel con on me, my daughters and George Lucas, I can’t trust her either. I feel so alone and powerless; I don’t think I’ll ever get over what they did to me and my daughters. I feel hollow and empty.

They seem so nice. The country has been conned for the eight years he was in office.

He’s torturing Liberty into getting married and he’s keeping her from wanting to see me because he knows she would be a help in my quest for World Peace. He says he loves torturing her EVERY DAY.

One minute he talks like a sane person and the next he sounds completely insane. He has multiple personalities. He is a real life Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde. He should turn himself in. He should stay away from my daughters!


Multiple Personality disorder, Mind control,

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World Peace

Watch the video below, Please.  This is all new information, maybe not this first part.  All of the statements in this video and post have been checked with AT LEAST three sources.

If I’m killed for what I know, I’m going down swinging because I believe Americans have a right to know what really goes on in their military and in Politics. Many men have tried to kill me and they were killed for failing.

Both Obama and Trump are Satanists and Annihilists. They are almost the same person except Obama is a very talented actor and can appear sane and concerned. Both were brought up as satanic princes.

Both want to kill all the good, and smart people in the world just because they are enemies of evil. That’s why they want to get me, too, I want to stop this madness. (Obama killed so many good and smart Americans there’s not an accurate count. My best estimate is 20,000 Americans were killed.) Trump had a list of 4,000 when he made it look like he “won” the election with the help of Kellyanne Conway, cults and the military, and it’s the Military’s job to carry out all those hits. Trump’s total body count will be astronomical if he isn’t stopped. They both want to kill me for trying to stop them. MANY many families of military men who were killed in the US want to know why, and why it keeps happening?

The things they are sworn to secrecy when they enlist are, they have to subject themselves to torture and brainwashing, most are then tortured to forget and so wonder what’s wrong with them. Some commit suicide. They’re often ordered to kill their friends, which is horrifying and barbaric. They’re used as hitmen in whichever organized crime syndicate the President is affiliated with. They’re ordered to kill or torture my friends who are good people and are sometimes celebrities. If they complain they’re murdered by their companion. All true. Horrifying, and unbelievable but true.

They’re told what to believe, how to vote, what to read and what not to read. They should be allowed to quit, but if they ask to quit they are often killed.

I hope this flick helps the families who lost loved ones, mentally or physically.

I know the men in the military have been praying for me to help them, so I do what I can.

I would like to stop vote rigging. It’s all rigged in the Republican’s favor. For every one Democrat who votes illegally, 1,000 Republicans do, most without knowing. I explain in detail elsewhere in my blog Grace-Gardener.org. We live in the land of the free, but I’m not free and I haven’t been at any time in my life. Right now my daughter and I are Barack Obama’s prisoners.*

Vote rigging negates our democracy, so that MUST Stop.

The Military must be up front about how the enlisted men are treated. The men and women need to know just what they’re signing up to do. Men and women have to be allowed to question orders because there are Generals and Presidents who are evil and insane.

Any President who starts a war or prolongs a war through staging false attacks should be charged with Treason. War profiteering is a treasonous offense. Attacking Americans is traitorous.

The President should not have unlimited power to murder. Murdering someone because they’re a good person is a horrible reason to murder and only hurts the country. Murder includes giving someone cancer, heart attack, drug overdose, accidents, plane crashes, disappearances, etc. Once out of Office a President should loose the ability to force secret service men to commit crimes and murder for them.

Torture has to be outlawed!!!

I want to make America greater than it has ever been.

There will have to be truth telling to know what wrongs have to be corrected.

The truth will set us free.

From now on the President will have to be thoroughly vetted, including place of birth verification, and tested for mental illness and Intelligence.



More on the flick –

Fort Huachuca was added to the North Korean targets a few days after the men of Fort Huachuca were successful in getting Adam Levine and I together via satellite. Adam was not able to contact me, and I was unsuccessful getting to him. In desperation I asked for Fort Huachuca’s help. It was very, very nice of the men to help us. Thanks, guys. Of course, the President wouldn’t allow us to get together.

Well, President Obama didn’t like that so he ordered everyone in the Fort killed. Then he thought he’d give everyone cancer. Then he thought he would have it hit in the North Korean Missile strikes. He called his contact in North Korea and told him to add those co-ordinates to their missiles and said we would add Fort Huachuca into our missile co-ordinates. I believe that order makes him a traitor. It should.

I like helping people. It makes me happy. Apparently making people happy makes President Obama homicidal.

It’s doubtful North Korea’s missiles would get there so if you can get your co-ordinates out of our system that should do it. The US missile system should never have any part of the US input as targets. That’s an example of an order that should not have been followed.

next –

When I said black people, I should have said people darker than Trump is. There are very few black people in the middle east.

Other things Obama traded to become president was helping to get Trump elected, he didn’t close Gitmo, he didn’t legalize marijuana, and he agreed to set up Isis. (You’ll believe it soon enough.)


As an aside, my ex-husband could have been very helpful, I would have visited him in jail because I need a lot of answers to be able to help the world. The killing of him and three Generals who wanted to work me and countless servicemen ready to work with me on creating a peacetime army and World Peace that night was a devastating blow to me and the world. I’m still reeling.


The same satanic General (who told me he was Lucifer) had access to every President beginning with Nixon; and he was a master of mind control. He was personally responsible for the deaths of John and Robert Kennedy, which interfered with our democracy because the men we wanted to run the country were viciously taken away from us. Nixon was installed even though McGovern was the one who won.

With so many years at the tiller steering this country, the US is now almost unrecognizable. We are a police state and an oligarchy.

Bernie Sanders is right, we have to rise up and get our democracy back!

Rise Up!

Think Peace!

* If you’re the one torturing my daughters for Obama’s amusement, don’t be so dam careful, let yourself get caught so you can tell law enforcement what he’s been doing to her for 8 1/2 years!

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To Whom it May Concern,

To Whom it May Concern,

I remembered something that will help you. JA (General John Alexander) said you and he had fathers who were the same, so he knew what to do and say that would manipulate you. He knew how to hurt you, how to push your buttons. Perhaps he did the same to your friend who said your fathers taught you the same ghastly, horrific things as truth. JA did the same to Robin, who had a very similar family situation. That’s why the three of you had the same thoughts. That’s why you all sounded like him and said the things JA would say, using the same words and intonation. The thing is John would say I didn’t need any help. I wasn’t born to do this save the world stuff, I’m just the only one the Moocs haven’t killed, yet. I need as much help as I can get. The worse the world gets, the more help I will need.

Please read my post about the Illuminati, and the Knights Templar. These people believe they’re right. Trump and his new advisor are annihilists. I don’t believe you were, but I’m afraid you’ll realize you’ve been hoodwinked and manipulated into being someone you’re not proud of when it’s too late. Your father would be proud of you, but how about your mother?

How does it feel to know the US Government was controlled by the US Military which was run by Lucifer?

I desperately need you to get your free will back. Meditate telling yourself, “I will remember everything,” so the things JA put in you will start to fade.

I need to get my daughters’ free will back.

No one has the right to take away what God gave us. I’ve been communicating with God all my life, and I have never seen Him get angry, but He did when you told me your plans to take my daughter’s free will away, and torture them daily, and your plans to keep the world at war for another 1,000 years.

You got me five minutes from being free and then made plans to take away all hope. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.

JA told me his calling card was to take away a person’s libido and make the people who were under his power think heterosexual sex was wrong, dirty and disgusting. I think JA made you believe you learned the altered memories he implanted, from your father: and maybe you did, but JA reinforced those ideas that go against nature and the will of God. Congratulate yourself, you made God growl.

Start by using self hypnosis to get your own memory back. Calm yourself and feel as though you are floating in a shallow pool of 100 degree water so your muscles relax. Then you need to say to yourself, “I can remember everything, clearly,” over and over as you fall asleep at night.

Some psychologists use hypnotherapy to deprogram people. If it were me, I’d want a good friend or loved one there with me and have a tape recorder going, but I wouldn’t tell the doctor I was taping the session.

You should not change a person’s memory or implant behaviors and hurt others because they don’t think like you. Maybe they don’t like the way you think. Maybe they don’t want to be like you. Maybe the world thinks one of you is more than enough, thank you. “Cloning” people the way JA did is a despicable, selfish act.

It would be a boring world, indeed, if we were all the same. Celebrate our differences! No one should ever play puppeteer with human beings. God doesn’t. If He did, you wouldn’t still be here.

I say over and over, If you only look for the good in people, all you will see is the good. You’ve now proven, if you only look for the bad in a good person, you won’t see the real person at all. Stop stealing from me.

Leave my daughters alone! Leave your daughters alone!



Help me get paid the money people owe me and


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