No Collusion? Really? The FBI covered it up. It’s Kennedy All Over Again. How Long Will We Allow This?

Both Kennedys were killed uncovering the corruption in the government. That was 55 and 50 years ago. The Kennedy’s were friends of mine. The FBI covered it up. They are still at it. This country has gone down the tubes thanks to them. If JFK or Bobby had lived, we would have World Peace. There’s no money in that.
Department of Justice? Should be renamed Department of Corruption Protection. or – Place for Criminals to Hide. or – Beginners of the End. or – Uncle Sammy – We protect People Who Start Wars for Cash. or – Mo Money, Mo Money.
At least I know they’ll all die too, maybe a year or two after the rest of us, so they’ll die as slowly and painfully as they’re making me die. Theresa May must know the US kept the Weapons of mass destruction that we went into Iraq for. I know the man who went in, and he was a great man who trusted and was hoodwinked by General Petraeus. President Obama killed him. He tried to go to the Press with the story, but he was stopped and brainwashed into forgetting. He was brainwashed into thinking stopping the corruption was a bad thing. In the meantime, General Petraeus kept the weapons so he could start his own terrorist Group – Isis. The FBI knows this and they keep it secret. The FBI knows General Petraeus is the one who had our Embassy in Bengasi, Libya, attacked so he could set up Hillary for the “Lock Her Up” Campaign Trump would run. That thing was set up during Trump’s and my meeting in 2003. In the same meeting Trump placed a call to Putin (who was in his phone’s contact list) Trump spoke a little Russian to Putin’s assistant, who answered his phone for him. They’re dumb enough to tell me they didn’t want Hillary to win because they want me to be the first female President. Liars! Idiots!
I always assumed Putin knew Trump wanted to start WW3, since they’re best buds and all, but maybe he doesn’t. He has to keep saying England has to investigate, because I know much of Interpol and Scotland Yard is in cahoots with the Moocs in the US. I think May may be, too, only because she’s not well liked and people question how she was elected. Russia or no Russia, Trump cheated to get in, and Moocs around the world are sharing the tricks and technology to get anyone they want into power. It’s been happening all around the world for over 50 years. If May’s down with WW3, she could have gotten a win that never happened. Her harsh talk recently, about Russia, shows she has a puzzle piece missing.
If he had no part of the gas attack, Putin must keep insisting he had no part of the gas attack. Putin has to ask his buddy if he’s a pawn in starting WW3. If Trump truly doesn’t know, he needs my help. I would like them both to do an about face and get on my team. If they do, I’d be happy to help them. They could be heroes!
Syria had no part in attacking its own citizens, either. If President Trump doesn’t know that either, he needs my help. The FBI knows, but they are masters of covering up crimes and mass murder.
We elect politicians who cheat to win, so they’re not elected at all, and still they put forward their agenda, saying they’re pandering to their base. Their base is always 30% less than the polls say, so for instance, when polls say Trump has a 41% approval rating – he really has an 11% approval rating.
“YOUNTVILLE, Calif. (AP) — Three workers for a program that treats veterans for post-traumatic stress disorder were found dead Friday along with the suspect who took them hostage at the largest veterans’ home in the U.S., officials said.”
These women knew too much. They had to be disposed of. These multiple murders, to cover up corruption, will continue as long as the “Justice Department” covers up for the murderers and crooks holding the reigns.
The real-life man who was An American Sniper was my friend Arizona’s, friend. Arizona was asked to kill him because he now had access to the press and corrupt politicians can’t have that, because many, many of the murders he committed were for American gangsters, on behalf of American Politicians. So, Obama, who is such a cutie-pie, likeable guy, I have a hard time believing how horrible he is, ordered the murder of the American Sniper and his friend, who also had interviews lined up. He was killed by another Vet who everyone agreed was a loose cannon, who then, may have killed himself or would have been killed to tie up loose ends. Read about this in my blog (search bar on the right) The FBI covered it up.
The men in the massacre at a Military Fort in Florida was because, as I said before, they had a plan to go to the press to disclose their main job was to be hit-men for organized crime. Once again, to cover-up corruption, Obama planned the massacre. Obama’s being brainwashed, but still, he’s destroying so many lives. My blog has been cut down from 1200 to 400 posts, but you’re welcome to read about this too, if it’s still here. The FBI has read and studied this blog and my videos on, Grace Force, which is now empty. They know me, and I’ve spoken with them often enough to know they believe me – I’ve been around politics and the Military for so long, 55 years, they all know and believe me. They get me to help and then try to kill me. They erase my memory. The FBI covers it up.
Freedom of Speech, which is also supposed to be protected by the Justice Department, is non-existent in this country. I can tell story after story about the CIA & FBI working against what they were hired for. Every time I post something the real news wants to print, they’re stopped. Every time I post something the crooks don’t like, someone tries to kill me, and the post is taken down. I can’t get my comments, but someone allows them to be taken down, because when I began this blog, people who commented on it were killed. People don’t put up likes, but if they did, they’d probably be killed, too.
The people who believe in me believe in God. Most people in this country believe in God. I’m in many Religions’ in the Country and many others’ as someone who can stop Armageddon. Many people have died as a result. It has all gotten too hard. I’m tired. The FBI, Politicians, the Military – everyone – is working against me, but I’m not dead. I would be dead, I can promise you, if God thought there was no chance. If God thought there was no chance – I’d be dead. He must think we have a chance.
We have been duped for so long, all of our statistics prove we are a third world country, thanks to the crooks in the Military and politics, and the Department protecting the US who has rolled over and is playing dead. What I would like to know is, are they paying you for your blindness or do you want world annihilation? You’ll be dead too, you can count on it. What? Did you think because you made $50,000 you’d be saved? You are morons! Bend over, put your head between your legs, and kiss your as_ goodbye. Whoopee, we’re all gonna die – thanks to the FBI!
Wake Up You F_cking Morons!
Rise up!
Think Peace!

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Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy a whole lot of misery! Right, Mueller? Mr. Comey, Please Step Up!

Why Stop Homeland Security?

Many Republican sub-groups fund Isil and other terrorist groups and practice terrorism in this country (releasing Measles and Ebola here are only two examples*)  They hijack our government regularly. Homeland Security got dangerously close to catching them.  I’ll bet the plan is to stop funding Homeland Security and then to attack somewhere in the US, the UK or Canada (or all three) and then blame it on Obama. Obama was not only aware of this, but he enabled them because he wants WW3.

The Special Forces Colonel I call Arizona filmed a vague threat against the Mall of America and at the same time the Tea Party threatened to stop Homeland Security.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Republican members of Isil are ready to kill their own countrymen in order to prove a black man shouldn’t be President. The Tea Party’s sole function was to raise untraceable money and to keep President Obama from doing anything!  The thing that hurts me is President Obama knew and went along with all this for money.  He said he’s getting a hefty kickback once World War 3 starts.  It’s a combination of greed and mind control that keeps him robbing me and torturing and raping my daughter.

Cults with names similar to the Knights Templar, the Ku Klux Klan, Builder Berg Society and the Skull and Dagger Society are Satanic, and they’re seemingly unstoppable.  I’m not sure of their exact names, but I think I’m pretty close.

I was told the Red Cross siphons off money to pay for Satanic goals such as killing half the population of Africa by spreading infectious disease and the start of World War III.  The IRS might want to check into ALL of the big charities.  We need to change the way money for campaigns is raised, without the donor being named.

Dry up their funding and stop Isil or Isis!  Bombing and war is useless against them.  We’ll see how committed they are with no money.

Since I wrote this I’ve discovered a disgusting truth.  We are using our troops to attack a Terrorist group and the reason the terrorists win is because, American Special Forces are under those robes and masks.  This is why the NSA and Homeland Security are ineffective.   The kicker is the FBI knows all this.  Mueller isn’t moving on any of it.   Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure can buy a whole lot of misery!  Right, Mueller?

Mr. Comey, Please Step Up!

Rise up!

Think Peace!

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Dying from “Natural Causes”

Why are they trying to kill me and discredit me? Because I want World Peace and they want WW3 – Simple as that!
In the meantime my life shucks, big time. I have celebrity brain cancer. That’s the same cancer that they used to kill Steve Jobs because he wouldn’t play ball with them. Ted Kennedy died of it and Senator McCain is battling it now. They killed Patrick Swayze, Michael Landon and countless other good people. Some liquid smoke (a carcinogen) in the old noggin and presto chango – mutant cells.
Right now I’m watching Air America, with Mel Gibson and Robert Downey, Jr. I co-directed that one and I can promise you the story is true. We filmed it in Laos. (I think) The US Army was supposed to be there to protect us, but they tried to kill us, a few different times. When I said they couldn’t kill us because we were American citizens the Captain replied, “We’re the US Army, we can kill anyone we god-damn please.” I hear that a lot, and I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely NOT true, the US Army has the same laws as the rest of the country. If your superior officer tells you to murder a citizen you can be tried for murder, and the words “Under Orders” won’t protect you. That’s a fact. My friend, the one I call Arizona, AKA Jihadi John, looked into it because he had been promised, the words “Under Orders” would protect him, so he was sure I was wrong. He said he felt totally betrayed when he found out I was right. He felt hollow, like he couldn’t breathe. He looked into everything I said and he was Obama’s assistant when Obama fact checked all the good things about me and they found, each and every time, the good things were true. Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, and Mother Thresa wanted to see me again. Important figures started pestering President Obama to help me get free so Obama had them killed. The people Obama had killed were some of the best people who ever lived. He killed young good people, like Christina Grimmy, too. Arizona said he committed the murders.
Obama wants Armageddon, too. Apparently so does Muller, General Kelly and the NSA who, now, actively recruits from satanic cults. Satanic cults want Armageddon.
My life has been so bad because I have been actively keeping the US from getting into WW3. There was the Cuban Missile crisis. Then there was Vietnam War protests.
I have a ten pound tumor in my abdomen, throat cancer and skin cancer. Obama didn’t like it that all of these good people were pestering him about me so he killed all of them and he’s been trying to have me killed with “Natural Causes.” Cancer is soo painful. Jefferson Hospital and Swedish medical center won’t help me medically and they’ve been threatening the doctors in the area.
If all you leaders and takers got together, we’d have world peace in no time and the world would love you. If you start WW3 the world will hate you.
I have Netflix and I started watching the Twilight Zone – here are two of my old ones to watch:
Probe 7 ,,, Over and Out. And The Old Man in the Cave. I was in Grammar School when I wrote them so they’re pretty simplistic but they make my point about the futility of world war and the horrors of living through Nuclear War. I hope President Trump watches them. I hope he likes them. They are a very real, sobering look at war,
Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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Best Academy Awards EVER

Kudos! The awards ceremony was seamless, well-paced, and very classy. Great job to all. Thanks for taking out the too long, unfunny skits that mucked up the past shows, and allowing the winners to thank everyone they wanted to thank. I even liked the gold outfits. The theme of a better tomorrow was down-right uplifting; many of the songs were songs of hope and taking charge of the world’s destiny. *
This Academy Awards is one for the History books. Let a new day dawn. Thanks, and well-done to Jimmy and everyone who made it great!
Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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The World’s Destiny*

The World’s Destiny* is being hijacked by a teeny- tiny minority. A tiny handful of weapons manufacturers, hospital and prison owners, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and bigots have been orchestrating all of the shootings in the US and elsewhere.
The World’s Destiny* is being hijacked tiny minority who want Armageddon. A tiny handful of bankers, weapons manufacturers, hospital and prison owners, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and bigots who are willing to go against the will of the people even though they are representatives of our DEMOCRACY! A democracy is a system where the people run the country through people who are elected to REPRESENT them. Trump wasn’t legally elected and he still doesn’t want to represent the people. He’s pandering to his base, people say, but he is pandering to himself and his base of bankers, weapons manufacturers, hospital and prison owners, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and bigots. Trump’s base, according to Trump, is 5% of the Country: but he acts like he has 55% of the country.
He doesn’t care what people want. Trump’s crazy – kill all brown people and start WW3 – agenda was set when I met with him in 2003. The NSA was there, so they knew his agenda all along. My memory was erased, but what’s their excuse.
Mr. Comey was told to eliminate Hillary as a candidate so he lied to the American people saying she was under investigation and then he was fired by the man he helped win. His family was threatened, so I understand his lack of resolve. Trump doesn’t have the authority to fire someone in the Justice Department, and Comey should not have quit because he had enough to arrest Trump. He had enough to keep Trump from being elected. In 2003, the NSA had enough to arrest Donald Trump and Gen. Petraeus for their attack on Benghazi, but instead, they began a campaign of lies to discredit me. They have been putting together movies made up of 40 years of 24/7 films of me clipped together and highly edited and changed with computers to make me look bad and evil. Like I’m the bad guy. Like attacking Americans, the way they do, is child’s play, next to a rolling stop – once – in the forty years they’ve been filming me, at a stop sign nobody stops at, because you can clearly see all 4 corners well before you get to the intersection. Now there’s Intelligence for you. Scary. They’re so disgusting I can’t stand it.
Gen. Kelly, Gen. Petraeus, Mr. Mueller and Mr. Comey don’t want the US look bad in the eyes of the world, so they don’t stop the Donald; but they’re not thinking of what the world will think of us if we start WW3. I wish people in Intelligence had, at least, a triple digit IQ. It’s too much to wish for.
I was told Mr. Mueller is being paid to make the investigation last until AFTER President Trump starts the war he promised to his cronies who helped him to cheat to make it look like Trump won. There are war profiteers who helped Trump win and they’re protecting him now and will continue to protect him until the war starts; and then they will kill Mr. Pence and him, at which point the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan takes over.
I hope the message of peace, hope and inclusion got through to Mr. Mueller and I pray that he, and the war-profiteers offering the bribes, won’t wait until after the start of WW3 before he makes his move on the Trump troupe and the swamp creatures. Mr. Mueller will lose his life, but he has the unique opportunity to save the world.
This amazing movement toward World Peace should not be stopped by a tiny handful of weapons manufacturers, bankers, hospital and prison owners, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and bigots. I want them to do an about face and let the new day dawn.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!
I swear to God all of this is true and verified by at least 3 people who know the truth. (BTW: God and I are great friends.)
You’re welcome to copy and paste this text into your computer because you know this post, and probably me, won’t last long.

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Tariffs – Maybe Not

This is old information, but the reason we were given that closing the factories down was because other countries could make steel cheaper than we do, and that was because their standards were lower than ours. I hate to say it but, the solution may be to change our standards to that of Japan. US steel is said to be more flexible. Maybe we should do a study to see if products made with imported steel such as Japanese cars are as safe in a crash as cars made with American steel. And to see if products and cars made with steel are as durable in the long run as cars made with American steel. I’ve been watching all these years and there has been no noticeable difference. Now we have plenty of data to back that up.
Rather than Tariffs, I’d like to see upping our standard of pollution for steel plants, and changing our steel formula to meet Japan’s standard without compromising safety or health.
The way I understand it, if we changed our standards in the making of Steel to what other Countries’ standards are, we wouldn’t need tariffs.
I hope that makes sense, and if the people want it, we can responsibly reopen steel mills. If we don’t do this, we won’t be able to reopen steel mills no matter how many tariffs we impose.

Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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Please Don’t Politicize the Academy Awards

Jimmy: If you’re on the fence about a joke and it’s political, my suggestion is – don’t do it. Whatever comes out naturally is all the politics we can stand.
Winners, if you feel passionately about a subject, you can mention it.
The Problem isn’t Trump. The problem is how we ended up with Trump. The electoral College is the immediate problem.
Guns – the problem is background checks, licensing, registration and insuring gun owners. Citizens should be able to add people to the “No Buy” list. The Military HAS TO add soldiers who should be on the “No Buy” list.
Keep it light. America needs a break.
Rise Up!
Think Peace!

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