John Alexander

This is only one example of the abuse of power Edward Snowden stopped. John Alexander has always had a personal vendetta against me ever since I was 11 years old and in Dallas Texas standing on a small cliff-like hill when he shot John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I managed to get him arrested. A few years later, I was in a hotel across from the Watergate and reported a robbery. John was arrested again. After that, John felt that if the Moocs had not freed him from prison by substituting other men, he would have been in prison for his life. John said he has had a love-hate relationship with me and spied on me for most of his life. He loved me and hated me for always doing the right thing. John Alexander spied on me for 50 years waiting, just waiting, for me to do something wrong. He had an army of about 350 men watching me around the clock. That’s 1,000 men a day watching and waiting for me to do something bad or illegal. That’s almost 17 million man hours that the military paid for, just to watch me. At just $10 an hour that’s 170,000,000 taxpayer dollars for the possibility of a vendetta for one man.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – or more correctly, done with billions of taxpayer dollars, and money stolen from me.

There was a General in the Air Force and the NSA known to most Satanic Churches as General John Alexander, or Colonel John Alexander, John Anderson, Hewitt, or Dr. Death. None of those are his real name.   John has been dead for about 2 ½ years.  John Alexander and the Satanic Secret Service branch of the NSA showed up in my life when I was an advisor to JFK.  John Alexander said he was the gunman on the grassy knoll who everyone in the crowd reported hearing.  He said there were four gunmen placed around the square.  He said no one knew Oswald and the person who discovered the rifle in the book depository brought Oswald’s rifle in with him.  Oswald was nowhere to be found and had nothing to do with JFK’s murder. The military shadow dwellers made sure the Warren Report didn’t mention the four gunmen and concluded Oswald acted alone.

I know my life and the world would have been much better had John Kennedy lived and John Alexander had not.

I was eleven at the time and John Alexander was in his early to mid-twenties. He was recruited into the Air Force from a Satanic cult.  Their promise was that if he did what he was told he would eventually be made a General.  His role was to provide Satanic cults with military surveillance and his unique know-how in the field of torture, mind control and extrasensory perception.  (Something Hitler excelled in.)  He bragged that he was the person in the movie Men Who Stare At Goats who found our military base using ESP, and said he did get a goat to fall over using his mind.  Both things are impressive but not impossible, yet the military and Satanic cults were overly impressed.

The military’s fascination with the dark side of the paranormal is what has always scared me. I thought if they knew what I was capable of, I would be a prisoner.  I was a prisoner my whole life only I didn’t know it.  I was used for my insight and abilities and my unique perspective.  The Kennedys, at least, were up front about it.  The dark side of the military used me all the time and didn’t give me credit and kept me brainwashed and erased my memory routinely.  So what I was most afraid of, what I tried to guard myself against, happened to me anyway.

Jack Kennedy was killed by the dark side of the military because he was a champion of human rights and peace.

John Alexander enjoyed torture, as do most people in Satanic cults, so his job in the military suited him well. He drifted in and out of the Secret Service.

John Alexander showed up again when I was Bobby Kennedy’s campaign manager. He brainwashed Sirhan-Sirhan into shooting Bobby and me the night Bobby won the California primary.  The reason John Alexander had Bobby killed was he could see the future and it was beautiful.  John saw that, as President, Bobby Kennedy would bring about world peace, and the military doesn’t like that.  I was the woman in the polkadotted dress who was seen running from the building, John came into the pantry where Bobby was laying and dragged me out saying Sirhan-Sirhan was gunning for me, too.  That’s twice that the world and my life changed dramatically.

I should say again that Bobby Kennedy enjoyed a 95% approval rating worldwide. That is something that is unheard of.  I believe McGovern was going to be his running mate and there was no doubt that he could easily defeat Nixon who had a 2% approval rating.  This particular murder should be looked at as treason and not just fixing an election.

John and the shadow dwellers, his military counterparts changed the world for the worse each time they killed a Kennedy.

(Years later, I was at a party in Chappaquiddick and I was about to leave and called for a car. During my walk from the back of the house to the front of the house I stopped to talk to several people.  As the car came out I heard someone say, “Oh no, she’s still here.  Did you want to talk with her?”  So I gave up my place in line and the next car pulled up and I told the girl behind me she could have the car.  That girl ended up drowned in the car in the bottom of a body of water.  The driver hadn’t noticed that the girl he strapped in the back was not me.  Teddy Kennedy’s memory was erased and he was made to think he was the driver of the ill-fated car.  Teddy Kennedy could never be a presidential candidate because of that incident.)

Nixon ran against McGovern and he didn’t win. I believe people blamed Nixon for Bobby Kennedy’s death.  The GOP has a mechanism by which they can skew election results using the electoral college and they used that to get Nixon into the presidency. Nixon and Trump both told me that.  John Alexander claims responsibility for the events that led to Nixon’s election, including the Watergate break-in.  John Alexander also helped in starting a riot at the Democratic convention.  John used military personnel to dress up as both rioters and policeman.  Once again our tax dollars at work.

John Alexander told me he shot President Ronald Reagan with his own 22.


The following plan to set up the terrorists with an unending supply of weapons was put in place by John Alexander, the shadow people, and a few other corrupt Generals. By using this plan over and over the war could last forever.  When we took the town of Fallujah the US deposited a large cache of weapons and trained Iraqi officers to guard the city.  When the US military exited the city, and as soon as the terrorists appeared, the local army officers abandoned their posts, essentially giving the enemy the weapons, most of which were dispersed among terrorist groups.  The Iraqi officers trained to guard the city told the press they had been told to leave the weapons and that area.  They were told not to fight the terrorists and not to take the weapons with them.  This way the area would be continuously stirred up.  Our soldiers who fought so hard to take Fallujah were heartbroken and furious to find out what happened.

Our tax dollars at work.

Tens of Millions of taxpayer dollars was poured into keeping track of me, following me and filming me with satellite surveillance. There were recording devices all throughout my house and cameras that could see through walls were filming my every move.  John Alexander had a team of roughly 350 military men watching me 24 hours a day.  I strongly suggest soldiers need a means to question the commanding officers motives.  Soldiers were made to think I was the bad guy, when all along it was John who was the bad guy and he was afraid I would out him and his shadow accomplices.  Which, by the way, I’m doing right now.

There are torture videos galore of the times I was tortured on the web that John undoubtedly made a fortune on. There are several snuff videos of the times I was murdered.  That’s a true statement, I’ve been murdered and pronounced dead many times but I always woke up the next morning.  God has a plan for me, too.  There are rape ritual videos; and videos of my husband and I having sex, all taken without my knowledge or consent.  I say that because it’s so obvious that of course I didn’t realize what was going on, I was continuously drugged and tortured to forget.  I had nothing whatever to do with those videos.  I’ve never seen any of them.  When I first found out about the videos I couldn’t believe it.  Demonic people who say vile things like, “You had it coming,” have hell as their goal.  I didn’t know that the military had that capability and it sickens me to think that no one keeps track of torture drugs, night vision goggles, satellite surveillance, and surveillance cameras.  No one keeps track of surveillance satellites and jumbo telescopes?  What are they looking at when they’re not pointed at the stars?  Far too often they are pointed at me.  The military has gobs of money and teaches its recruits to be voyeurs and allows them to post those videos on porn sites hoping I’ll get beaten and raped and then they can film that and post that, too.  It’s disgusting.  It makes me nauseous every time I think about it.

NSA General John Alexander is Dr. Death in the report on Gitmo. When he came up with torture he always tried it out on me.  He even demonstrated torture techniques using me as his victim.  One time the water torture went wrong and I died, and John killed someone in the military who found out John was torturing me just for fun.

Donald Trump talks about witnessing how torture works. Why doesn’t anyone ask him who it was who showed him? John Alexander knew he would be able to get information from that prisoner he was about to torture.  Why was Trump invited to witness torture, and why did he want to see it?  I maintain torture doesn’t work, and Trump is a monstrous ghoul and a freak.

John was into brainwashing and mind control big time. He enjoyed brainwashing people, wanting to join a cult, into hating me.  I’ve always had enemies I’ve never even met. How can you hate someone you haven’t met and don’t know?  Practically all military sharpshooters were brainwashed into killing me on sight.  I’ve met several of them and they are elated when they find out John is dead.  They’re relieved to find out they aren’t expected to kill me.  They feel free for the first time in their lives.

John shared torture equipment and brainwashing techniques with all Satanic churches. He enjoyed being the honored guest.

If you read my blog you’ll see that I’ve done quite a bit for this country. This is how they pay me back?  Last fall the NSA broke into my rig and broke my back (yet again.) I’ve spent the past year in unfathomable agony.  The conversation I had with the NSA that night was on a secure channel but was intercepted and broadcast on a Satanic channel.  My neighbor and countless others listened in; and no one, not even the NSA, offered to help me.

Every time the military asked John for advice or a plan, he would come to a cult meeting and ask me. He’d pass off my answer as his own, and told me all of his promotions were a result of my advice.

If the military would pay me for my help I would be safer and able to do more for World Peace. (hint, hint.

John Alexander knew that I would be coming to this area of Washington so he used government money and money stolen from me to set up businesses and buy lots in this RV Park.

NSA General John Alexander helped Donald Trump film our meeting. There should be enough on that film to arrest the Donald.  But they don’t.  I figure since John had the video to begin with, he’s probably changed it all around, but they still should have plenty to go on.  I wrote up the meeting and sent it to every Intelligence Agency, the Congress, the White House, and all the major Newspapers and News Magazines, and I haven’t heard back.  I have to assume the NSA intercepted those letters and emails for the Donald.  I believe the man who was the Chief Officer trying to find the WMDs who had his emails intercepted, is the self-same man who ordered the interception of my correspondences about the Donald.  John Alexander said he cloned the Chief to carry on his work after him.  He did a good job.  Too bad, too, I liked and trusted him.

Since I’ve been on the road the only man I dated, I dated out of pity because my ex-husband killed his son. My ex and General John Alexander implanted a carcinogen into Paul’s son Sean’s brain, giving him brain cancer.  John Alexander equipped Paul with an earphone two-way radio and told Paul what to do and say to get me into a position where John could once again use off site surveillance equipment to remotely film us.  Pig!  That betrayal cut deeper than anything since Paul knew what he was doing, who he was cavorting with, and just how badly he would hurt me.  Paul was well aware that what he was doing could very well get me killed: but he did it anyway, he told me, to prove he was a god. He said his usual MO was to break families apart of every woman he dated because, he felt they had to be very badly hurt since he believed he was a god. (It makes no sense to me either)  I tried my best to help him, but he was beyond help.  Paul told so many lies about me and to me, it’s mind boggling and sickening.  Everything Paul said to me and did to me was prearranged with John Alexander to hurt me.  I’m telling you this because it has had an ongoing devastating effect on my life now, don’t believe what you were told, I knew nothing of what they were up to.  I still get death threats because of John Alexander’s videos.  It never crossed my mind that Paul would buddy-up with the man who killed his son.

The NSA has been pretending to be on my side just to string me along and watch me suffer. I believe the NSA will not help me because they want one more snuff video.  They have the power to do good, but don’t use it.  Perhaps the NSA is uncomfortable with my methods, but you can’t argue with results.  And besides, the NSA’s methods stink.  They broke into my home last November and broke my back, yet again.  I’ve spent the last 9 months laid up in agony.  They watch me via satellite and do what?  Laugh?

This is an open plea to members of the Armed Forces. If you receive an order that sounds illegal or immoral, you should not carry out that order.

For instance, being asked to kill or set up a United States citizen is illegal and immoral, it is murder!   Americans are entitled to a fair trial and a jury of your peers.  John Alexander said he has ordered his men to kill someone who cut him off in traffic, gave him the finger, told him he was wrong, didn’t compliment him, didn’t thank him, or burped or farted in front of him. He was very easily offended so the list of reasons he killed people was outrageous.  None of the things he had people killed for were illegal so he couldn’t have them arrested – so he used his men as hired guns for his own satisfaction and amusement.

You CAN NOT follow illegal and immoral orders! That is how Military Coups happen.

John Alexander is also responsible for the deaths of Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze, Sean Styles, and Michael Landon.

If you are a sharpshooter in the military and you are asked to murder a US citizen,  you need to go to the police, the News or the FBI or something.  The Officer ordering a murder will tell you that you’ll be backed up and he will say you were just following orders, but that’s a lie – he won’t ever admit to ordering such a thing, and you need to know “under orders” is meaningless.

If you are still under orders from John, know you’re helping Terrorists, Isis, and World War III.  Why would you do that?  Do you own a weapons company?   So, if you are under orders from the military to kill me, know that those orders came from a dead Satanist called Dr. Death.

rape, murder, steal. kill pregnant women to eat their fetuses, beat their children and wives: Use naturally tan people, homosexuals, women and girls as sacrifices to the Devil. Young men who join the Army are taught to rape. They’re taught how to kill each other. They’re taught women in the Middle East want to be raped.
Still no one can call, write or email me without risking our lives.
I need a safe place to live! Secure Wi-Fi, and phone.
Louise Heartman had her cult steal my password book that had a lot of information in it. It’s a 5×7 red, three-ring binder. They broke in at night and held me down at gunpoint. I told them it was written in code, they still stole it and other things. Louise told me she doesn’t care about her husband and children. She told me she only married him because the cult, that’s about to start WW3, wanted her to keep tabs on her husband.
**Also, For thirty years I was ghost President of the RAND Corp. I named the Deep State. There are good people who work there, but there are always many who want Armageddon. All News, and, the news on the internet, is monitored by the Deep State. How do you think the government got wind of what Snowden was doing with the Guardian so quickly? How was his information about me, edited out before it was published? A year ago the only safe paper was the Washington Post.
I have to get free. I’m in so much pain. I need a safe place to stay. Obama wants Armageddon, too. He and her campaign manager helped to sabotage Hillary’s campaign. I want my red, three ring password book back.

To drop it off; to Lot 545 Evergreen Coho Escapee Park is the first paved driveway on the right after making a left onto Anderson Lake Rd. off of Route 19 Rhody Drive, make the right on the first paved driveway with SKP in white rocks on the ground. Turn right at 2481 Anderson Lake Rd., Chimacum, WA 98325 – DO NOT STOP at the office or talk to anyone in or out of your vehicle about me. memorize the directions – make the first right and stay right so the edge of the park is on your right through the park to the second street from the end then turn left to go to lot 545. #’s on the street. Pull far back on the lot and close to the 5th Wheel RV. Try to come between 10AM and 6 PM. If there is no little red car with a black top, I’m not home – please try again.* I’ve been very sick. I can’t bring anything but a passport. I will need some money, some clothes: and I need to get a safe place to stay, get on the internet, and make phone calls.
Directions: Use a van, truck or RV so you’ll fit in. Sorry I can’t plan with you. Don’t talk about me in your car or on the phone. The whole park is one big microphone and camera. (Put as little info in your GPS as possible. Turn off the GPS and put it on the floor under your seat.)
I need a safe place to live! Secure Wi-Fi, and phone. I can’t plan an escape so you’ll have to have someone pick me up. Don’t talk about me on the phone. Outside and under a tree that’s not on your property, is the best way to talk. Give me a nickname. If the government, including Pres. Obama, set you up with security and a driver, don’t trust them. the Military is brainwashed into thinking I am the enemy for wanting peace. The US Military does the Deep State’s dirty work. They’re used as a hit squad for corrupt politicians. Their brains are fitted with electrodes that turn them into automatons. Turn your GPS off and your radio down when you get close. People come to the RV park where I live and they’re told I only pick up mail there. Then the rest of the park is alerted. so DO NOT STOP AT THE OFFICE!!! 2481 Anderson Lake Rd (LOT 545) in Chimacum stay right and go back away from the entrance. I’m in row 5. Stay along the road to the right, so the edge of the park is on your right. I’m the second to last road in the back corner of the park. Make sure your GPS is off and under your seat. I’m very sick so my place is beyond messy. I’m never gone for more than a few hours. If you have to come back check out Port Townsend while you wait. Come between eight and five. The numbers are on the street. Don’t call me because THE RAND CORP. Corp. will intercept your call and you’ll leave a message for me that I’ll never get and you’ll get hurt or killed. I’ll be very upset and you’re no good to me dead. So don’t call email or write to me. You can’t even leave a message on my blog. My guardian angles will protect us. They’ve done a bang-up job so far. Come in a van, truck or RV.
Escapee (SKP) RV Park (LOT 545 DO NOT STOP AT THE OFFICE!!!) Chimacum, WA 98325
I can barely move. My house is a disaster. there’s a new murder attempt every day, most of them leave me with horrible symptoms. I have awakened, several times, with an NSA Agent on my back with a gun against the back of my head. the agents get a steady stream of mind control telling them world war is a good thing and eliminating me would be a big step in that direction. God and I have a deal that I’ll stay alive until there’s no more chance for world peace. The fact that I’m alive is good news for the 99.5% of people who want peace.
The NSA has been keeping track but over the past few years the Military has tried to kill me over four thousand times. so you see I have some kick-ass guardian angels and I firmly believe anyone who comes to get me will be under their protection as well. This is Hell.
I’m only human. I’m just one person, and sure I’ve gotten a lot done, but there’s much more to be done.