I could use a little help.
I was kept a prisoner and slave of a Satanic Church in NJ for my whole life. I call those people Moocs – Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate. These past 12 years the US government and the military also keep me prisoner. The Satanic church and the Satanists in our government keep my phones tapped and my mail, phone calls and emails are intercepted. Trump has a hit list of over 10,000 people, and I’m number one. The other 10,000 are dead, and a new 10,000 added.  President Obama used me and then had my memory erased. The Government owes me lots of money, which they don’t pay because if they did, I would no longer be a prisoner. President Obama wants to keep me prisoner because he’s been brainwashed to believe he’s smarter than God. It makes some kind of morbid sense to him to think I should die, and George and I should never get together. He has to talk to me to snap out of it. But he’s been brainwashed to avoid me.
Trying to be a good, peace-loving American gets me treated like a criminal. The military wants WW3 and I don’t, so to teach me a lesson if I get on a plane, twenty people get kicked off so I can get harassed during the flights, and then the flights gets delayed so the rest of the hundred passengers are inconvenienced. Every move I make, every breath I take, they are watching me, hurting me and hassling me. The Military already has their list of soldiers who are slated to be the first to die in WW3 and General John Kelly said they will do everything in their power to stop me from stopping them. I don’t know how delaying flights for three hours and inconveniencing dozens of people stops me from doing anything. The Military teaches its troops to be rude and inconsiderate, and to hate good people who pray for peace. They say I’m subversive because I don’t want war.
Sometimes the airline has to send another plane to accommodate all the people they kick off a flight. That costs them money. Airlines should have the right to ask about fabricating excuses for changing seats, etc. They should have the right to refuse Military baby antics.
You notice the way we left the Kurds to be annihilated and we released Isis into Turkey so when something starts up, we can send nuclear missiles. Notice Trump didn’t send our troops home, rather on to the next potential nuclear war site. There are potential wars in six other countries and three bogus attacks on our people, in this country, so we “have to retaliate,” just like Afghanistan. I knew about that, too. A country that attacks its own people as a pretense to start a war is subversive and traitorous. I wrote a memo and I told Pres. Bush about the attack on the trade towers at least a year before nine eleven. Three thousand people died that day and he has killed more than thirty thousand Americans since then just to keep his secret. The killing will get worse.
I just want this madness to stop. Trump isn’t a pacifist, he’s an Annihilist. Pence is no better, he thinks Armageddon will resurrect Christ: the opposite is true. Christ will not come if we start Armageddon. That’s a myth and a lie, like everything else. Wake up America.
The Satanic church, posing as the RAND Corporation, gets my residuals from my songs, TV shows and movies to the tune of 40 million a year, they keep that and use it to pay Isil and they pay people to watch me around the clock. Obama is stealing my residuals from the RAND Corp.  That’s right, they use my money to keep me prisoner. And the US Government assists in RAND’s slavery operation.  and that includes Trump’s wall.My daughters aren’t safe; they’re slaves and prisoners, they struggle to get by, while the Rand Corp. makes hundreds of millions of dollars on them each year. The Government keeps us apart. The US Government keeps them slaves and prisoners. John Alexander kept George Lucas, TH and many others I apart and his orders remain even though he’s been dead for 5 years. I’m living in Hell.
Still no one can call, write or email me without risking our lives.When I was young, I found out some things the Military was going to do to escalate Vietnam into WW3. I helped to get the story to the press, and that stopped them. I was taken to a farm house hunting cabin, was gang raped and tied into an electric chair and fried until my skin cooked. I was repeatedly raped, beaten and fried for a week. (You need water to die in an electric chair.) I wasn’t fed, which was just as well, because I wasn’t allowed to get out of the chair to use the bathroom. By the end of the third day, the blood, urine and feces bubbled and cooked whenever the chair was turned on, that was enough water for the chair to be lethal. I was punched and kicked for smelling. They couldn’t leave the chair on for long because I died a few times. The last time I died, they didn’t bring me back – I was rolled up in a rug in the cabin and left for dead. The farmer who found me, unrolled me and gave me water and called the cops. He refused to believe it was our Army who did that to me. The cops who came were really in the Army. They erased my memory and brought me back to the cult. It took me about a week to clean up, and a month to recover enough to sit in a chair, or to go out, and longer for the skin to grow back on my back, crotch and rear-end. (I never went to a burn treatment center or anywhere.)
This time, even though Trump says he’s a pacifist, he’s in cahoots with the Military, the Deep State (which includes the RAND Corp, Bush, Obama, and Trump), Russia, Nazi governments, and others who have plans to turn the Middle East into WW3 and then Armageddon. I’ve heard the plans. The Military has been trying to stop me (kill me) from stopping WW3 again, since I was thirteen – fifty-three years ago: and, according to Generals Kelly and Petraeus, still I’ve been successful. My Body is racked with pain and I throw up daily from all the torture, medical murder attempts, heart attacks, land and space-based microwaves pelting me daily. 30,000 to 40,000 troops have been killed over the years because I fail to die when they kill me. It’s miraculous, really. The Military won’t let me near the press or anyone else for that matter. No one in the Military is allowed to say anything or they are killed. We all have microphones and tracking devices implanted. I estimate well over ten thousand have died trying to foil the plan, and another ten thousand trying to save me because they know the Generals, especially Gen. John Kelly and General Robin Rand (Obama killed him for trying to save me), believed that’s what I could do, I’ve done it many times. Around 15,000 asked me to save them and they were all killed soon after. The soldiers who are listed as killed in action were murdered; that’s the main reason we’ve been in the Middle-East for so many years, it’s a place to bury the bodies. I could go on and on.
I do this ‘save the world’ thing because it’s something God wants me to do. Miraculous things have happened around me ever since I could talk. The evil people do nothing but hurt me and lie about me.
Moocs = My word for Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate. They pay dues of $100 to $200 per month, plus they pay their own expenses. Often they work full-time for free for the cult, so many of them are homeless (which explains the homeless problem in WA.) Some of these wretched people have been here for thirty years. The Deep State laughs at them for blindly following them and throwing away their lives for them. Once this whole thing is over, these unwitting minions will be eliminated (murdered.) I have been here for 3 or 4 years, something the Deep State knew about for all these years. (Some Moocs are currently watching the wrong woman.) These facts don’t seem to bother them. They blindly follow orders, they have no ability to reason logically. They’re told I can be in two places at once. They believe that, even though it defies the laws of physics. Deep State = The top 1 to 2% of the world-wide Cult, the ones who run the show, with free help from the Moocs, Moocs in the Military, and Trump supporters, AKA – the men in the shadows.
Trump drugged and raped me when I was 15. The DOJ of the Southern District of NY wouldn’t investigate or charge him because he was going to run for president some day and they wanted him to win. The Southern District of NY Legal Dept. was afraid my charge of rape would hurt Trump’s chances in the primaries. I, too, was hoping the knowledge that Trump was a child rapist would hurt his chances in the primaries, because such a repugnant pig shouldn’t be President of the United States. The Southern District of NY, too, want world war three.
You can’t try to contact me via email, mail, text or phone call, no one can. You can talk to me in person only! Don’t call to try to make a plan. Someone else, with a safe place to stay, and a secure phone, should come get me in a truck, van or RV. Say you’re a handyman if you’re asked. My ex tells people I’m taking his money when he steals hundreds of millions a year from me. I live under the poverty line. He lies about everything about me all the time. Don’t trust Obama, he’s part of the Deep State. He has access to his elite team are brainwashing the Military and politicians to hate me.Many members of the NSA are Nazis. All the president’s men are in his cult. The Cult Trump belongs to owns me. I’m a political prisoner and slave. The cult believes I’m the one in their legends who stops Armageddon. They further believe I have to be stopped or I’ll take away their way of life. Their way of life includes killing 80% of the world’s population. Their way of life includes killing anyone who doesn’t belong to the Satanic Church. Their way of life includes killing all good people, people you’d like to have as a neighbor. Their way of life includes raping infants, women, children. Their way of life includes extreme child abuse, the kind that leaves the child unable to think for themselves. Look up Megan Phelps-Roper re growing up Westboro Baptist Church or Satanic Church. This is why ending child abuse will end war. Their way of life includes treating women as dogs. They maintain women and brown skinned people are so inferior they can be used in rape rituals and as human sacrifices. US Special Forces must join the Satanic Church and must adhere to satanic beliefs. They must abuse their wives and children, or they will be killed. Special forces have to agree to having implants put in their brains. They have to agree to having microchips implanted in them so they are tracked if they go to the police or the press to report illegal orders. They come home from a war zone and are told they had a grenade go off near their head, because their brains have been operated on and that’s the story they are brainwashed to believe. They have become automatons – half human half robot. They will do as they are ordered or they will be killed. Many Special Agents and Gold Star Soldiers can’t even function without orders. They feel nothing when killing and many times can’t even remember it.
Arizona and I figured out that these soldiers very often run away from home when they’re 17 or 18 because they were being abused, and, according to Col. Arizona, they go into the Army wanting to become a hero. They yearn to be acknowledged or appreciated. When they are offered a chance to go into Army Intelligence, the young soldiers take it because they’re told that’s the place to be to become a decorated soldier. Then they’re asked to sign a release that they are told, “There’s no need to read it.” Arizona said “So, you just sign it. It the US. If the US vouches the document is nothing unusual, and nothing to worry about. So, you believe what you’re told and you sign your life away.”
I said, “You run away from home because you’re being abused, and you join the Army where you are abused.”
Arizona said, “Oh yeah. Only a lot more. Way more. What was happening to me at home was like a day in the park compared to what they did to me.”
It turns out the paper not worth reading said you have to join the Satanic Church and abide by its rules. So, they’re taught to hate me and all good people who might help me. They’re told I want to interfere in their way of life. Their way of life is rape, murder, steal. kill pregnant women to eat their fetuses, beat their children and wives: Use naturally tan people, homosexuals, women and girls as sacrifices to the Devil. Young men who join the Army are taught to rape. They’re taught how to kill each other. They’re taught women in the Middle East want to be raped.
Still no one can call, write or email me without risking our lives.
I need a safe place to live! Secure Wi-Fi, and phone.
Louise Heartman had her cult steal my password book that had a lot of information in it. It’s a 5×7 red, three-ring binder. They broke in at night and held me down at gunpoint. I told them it was written in code, they still stole it and other things. Louise told me she doesn’t care about her husband and children. She told me she only married him because the cult, that’s about to start WW3, wanted her to keep tabs on her husband.
**Also, For thirty years I was ghost President of the RAND Corp. I named the Deep State. There are good people who work there, but there are always many who want Armageddon. All News, and, the news on the internet, is monitored by the Deep State. How do you think the government got wind of what Snowden was doing with the Guardian so quickly? How was his information about me, edited out before it was published? A year ago the only safe paper was the Washington Post.
I have to get free. I’m in so much pain. I need a safe place to stay. Obama wants Armageddon, too. He and her campaign manager helped to sabotage Hillary’s campaign. I want my red, three ring password book back.CE!!!) Chimacum, WA 98325
I can barely move. My house is a disaster. there’s a new murder attempt every day, most of them leave me with horrible symptoms. I have awakened, several times, with an NSA Agent on my back with a gun against the back of my head. the agents get a steady stream of mind control telling them world war is a good thing and eliminating me would be a big step in that direction. God and I have a deal that I’ll stay alive until there’s no more chance for world peace. The fact that I’m alive is good news for the 99.5% of people who want peace.
The NSA has been keeping track but over the past few years the Military has tried to kill me over four thousand times. so you see I have some kick-ass guardian angels and I firmly believe anyone who comes to get me will be under their protection as well. This is Hell.
I’m only human. I’m just one person, and sure I’ve gotten a lot done, but there’s much more to be done.