I could use a little help.
I was kept a prisoner and slave of a Satanic Church in NJ for my whole life. I call those people Moocs – Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate. These past 10 years the US government and the military also keep me prisoner. The Satanic church and the Satanists in our government keep my phones tapped and my mail, phone calls and emails are intercepted. Trump has a hit list of over 10,000 people, and I’m number 1. President Obama promised to help me by May the 4th, but he had no intention of doing anything, he just figured I’d be dead by then. He used me and then had my memory erased. The Government owes me lots of money, which they don’t pay because if they did, I would no longer be a prisoner. President Obama wants to keep me prisoner because he’s been brainwashed to believe he’s smarter than God. It makes some kind of morbid sense to him to think I should die, and George and I should never get together. He has to talk to me to snap out of it. But he’s been brainwashed to avoid me.
The Satanic church, posing as the Rand Corporation, gets my residuals from my songs, TV shows and movies to the tune of 40 million a year, they keep that and use it to pay Isil and they pay people to watch me around the clock. That’s right, they use my money to keep me prisoner. And the US Government assists in Rand’s slavery operation.
My taxable income for 2016 was $15,000. That’s not even enough to get an apartment. The Moocs won’t pay me what they owe me, and neither will the Government. I’m a political prisoner. I’ve told the NSA how to stop the terror attacks, but they cover that up while they try their best to discredit me. The Military and the NSA have brochures and websites and other propaganda loaded with lies about me. The Moocs in the Military don’t like that I tell the truth. It’s the truth that keeps this country a democracy, so, since they’ve buried the truth, the US is no longer a Democracy. I told Obama that God told me that if President Obama gets his way, we will have another 1,000 years of war. He’s not used to talking to God and has no idea that God is ALWAYS right. Baracko can’t become a super-hero without God’s help.
My daughters aren’t safe; they’re slaves and prisoners, they struggle to get by, while the Rand Corp. makes hundreds of millions of dollars on them each year. The Government keeps us apart. The US Government keeps them slaves and prisoners. John Alexander kept George Lucas and I apart and his orders remain even though he’s been dead for 5 years. I’m living in Hell.
This is Hell.
I’m only human. I’m just one person, and sure I’ve gotten a lot done, but there’s more to be done.
Luminaries have the might of the US military working against us.
(Make sure it’s me when you call.)