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Virginia, Republicans want you to get rid of Northam, Herring, and Fairfax – don’t do it!

How did this Happen? If you take out Northam, Fairfax, and Herring suddenly decide to do a tell all? They are made to believe sex is assault, through Brainwashing. Take away Fairfax, and Herring, you’re left with the republican speaker … Continue reading

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Dear Howard Schultz,

If you run, I’ll be forced to tell everyone, the idea for Starbucks was mine. The logo was my creation. The name was my idea. Even your business model was mine. Remember? The only contribution you had was to use … Continue reading

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reason for the wall is to keep out foreign traders so the government can get it’s kickbacks Continue reading

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Things I’ve Done that are getting me killed is the web address for more info. The following is a short description of a few of the things I’ve accomplished over the years. The ramifications of these random acts of kindness have been far reaching. Gen. John Kelly … Continue reading

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great show!

Adam, that was a fun show!  Thanks Are you going to go on Ellen to talk about it? Love and thanks always, Grace

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