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great show!

Adam, that was a fun show!  Thanks Are you going to go on Ellen to talk about it? Love and thanks always, Grace

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Dear Adam Levine

Congratulations on getting the half-time gig. Watch your back. You might want to Dedicate the set to the young black men whose lives were needlessly cut short. Or Dedicate it to the young African-American men who were killed. Or Dedicate … Continue reading

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Voter Fraud – fix the voting system or we’ll get Trump again in 2020

There are Republicans stealing democrats’ ballots from the ballot boxes. I’ve been informed that they got mine because of the name printed on the outside of the envelop. These dirty tricks Republicans have lists of democrats from the DNC and … Continue reading

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What Trump is doing is Extortion

What Trump is doing is Extortion If there is a shutdown, it’s Trump’s tactic and is tyranny, embezzlement, misappropriation. He is holding the government hostage until he gets his money. Trump said he will take a full 1/3 for a … Continue reading

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Dear Annihilists, Olympic Peninsula Medical People and your hit men, and Merry Christmas President Donald Trump,

The Jefferson Healthcare medical institution, based in Port Townsend WA on the Olympic Peninsula, sent two dozen hitmen over the course of the day on Monday, and Tuesday December 18, and 19, in response to my post very early on … Continue reading

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