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Iran is giving us a chance to get out

We should grab it!!! Iran is giving us a chance to get out. Is there a way to demonstrate to pull out of Iran? We should get us out of the Middle East, altogether. +++++++++++++ Think Peace! Rise Up Stronger … Continue reading

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General Soleimani

People ask about the timing of the murder.  The timing is so the Golden Globes coincided with the murder: they will detract attention in the News. I’m serious. The News runs the world. Someone should tell Mike Pompeo those squiggly … Continue reading

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Robert DeNiro was on the View on 12/16/19

Why Trump must be impeached Trump says he did nothing wrong, but of course, that’s a lie. Robert DeNiro was on the View on 12/16/19. He talked about Trump in terms everybody can understand. I get criticized for using terms … Continue reading

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