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Special forces have been under orders to kill me and all of my friends and family for decades

My Fri,ends Family and Facebrook are killed by US Special Forces My three daughters range in age from 35 and 46. I am kept from them by my government and my ex-husband’s cult (satanic church), and lately, by every satanic … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions

Attorney Gen. Mathew Whitaker was the man on a call two years ago, asking me why I didn’t think Trump was fit to serve as president. He was irrational and his mood was all over the map. He referred to … Continue reading

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Republicans teach hate and Racism

Trump says Dems are Haters. That’s another one of his lies. Republicans teach hate. They teach their children to be Republican through punishment and child abuse. The pillars of Republican Anarchists, Annihilists and promoters of Armageddon teach Hate, Anger, Vengeance … Continue reading

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Dear Bernie Sanders and Washington State -Vote NO on 1631. It is a con job!

I got a disturbing email from Bernie Sanders.  No!!!  1631 is a con job.  I was made aware of this massive theft plan in 2015.  The tax money is to make the Moocs in Washington State rich.  Read the whole Initiative 1631 … Continue reading

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Pipe Bombs Hold Trump and the Press are Accountable

Democrats are tree-hugging, whale-loving, nonviolent, vegetarian peaceniks. To call them haters and mobs is smoke and mirrors. It’s hate and fear-mongering.  It’s a mooc tactic to call someone the very thing they’re being accused of. And shame on the Press … Continue reading

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