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Hoping for a Better year in 2018. Pray for Peace.

Here’s a great New Year’s present. My favorite 37 year old has an Instagram site that’s outrageous. It’s called Grub and Tunes so her handle is grubntunes. If you have an Instagram account I highly recommend it. She takes trips … Continue reading

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Al Franken is a good and kind person who enjoys helping people

I have to weigh in on this Al Franken Situation. He’s the type of guy who went into politics to help people and to make this country a brighter place. Al’s probably the best hope for the Democratic Party, and … Continue reading

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The Military has to stay out of Politics

The joke’s over – how Boris Johnson is damaging Britain’s global stature As a journalist, he fanned the flames of Euroscepticism. As a politician, he used Brexit to advance his own ambitions. Now he is plotting a path to No 10 … Continue reading

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The Compromise John Kelly is Talking About

The Compromise John Kelly is Talking About The Troops I’ve spoken with hate the 3-5-0-0 rule which states whenever there is a mission that will get the soldier killed, the commanding officer “has to” send the brown soldiers on that … Continue reading

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Why JFK was shot …Investigating me takes their eye off the real ball!

a re-post from 5/29/17.  This is the speech John Kennedy was going to give to the Dallas Citizens Council on that fateful day in November 1963. I almost got him to cancel the trip, but his advisors laughed at him … Continue reading

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That’s Not What They Signed Up For!

There are politicians and NSA officials who have known of Trump’s plan to cheat and his ties to Russia, since 2003. NSA officials were in on the conversation I had with Trump in 2003. They taped it. Our Intelligence knew … Continue reading

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President Obama and President Trump planning Armageddon

Over the past year I talked to President Obama about his plans, that included – The California Fires are a classified military operation ordered by Barack Obama. The earthquake in the Pacific will be a top secret military operation ordered … Continue reading

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