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Republish Blog Posts

Newspapers. Also CNN NBC ABC and CBS can republish anything in my blog using this statement as my permission. You cannot get in touch with me, except in person. All of the statements in this blog have been confirmed.

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JFK Assignation

I was with President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the ambulance after he was shot. below under ***This is that Story *** I feel these are my last days, there’s nothing I can say to my daughters because my words will … Continue reading

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A Luminary is a Leading Light

Luminary – A Luminary is a leading light, guiding light, inspiration, role model. Trump people and Moocs prefer to live ignorance and darkness. Anti-Trump people and Luminaries dwell in the light. Luminaries are people who inspire others through righteousness. Righteousness … Continue reading

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O’Hare Airport

Chicago is a terrible airport, so bad, in fact, that it has to have been intentionally set up that way. Now we know the security is also corrupt. It’s scary.

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Thanks Wikileaks

Julian Assange just gave me a present. The source of Wikileaks attacks on Hillary Clinton came from an individual or group named Lucifer2: and not from any government or intelligence group. Lucifer2 an individual operating within a government or military. … Continue reading

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