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Find the Little Girls

We should not forget the missing girls in the US. The total, that may be right, is 3,000 which means 1,500 girls missing. What happens now that the deadline has passed? The US needs to use the News to let … Continue reading

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4th of July and dogs

A handy tip for pet owners whose dogs freak out at the sound of fireworks. Melatonin. I had a high-strung dog who was a mess on the 4th of July. I gave her 3mg of Melatonin. She was 45 pounds. … Continue reading

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Just call the show the Connors

that’s it.

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Dear Pope Francis,

Please make child sexual abuse a Mortal Sin punishable by automatic Excommunication from the Catholic Church. While you’re at it, please allow Priests to marry. That is a surefire way to get rid of pedophile priests. And, while you’re at … Continue reading

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the Voice Follow up

The Voice is Emmy Quality. It’s like watching the Grammys without all the annoying awards and everything. Continue reading

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