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The Mysteries of Saturday Night Live Revealed

I was one of the writers on Saturday Night Live for the first season. Some of my brain children include, Jane you ignorant slut: oh no, Mister Bill: Bass O-Matic: we are two wild and crazy guys: cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger: … Continue reading

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I’ve worked so many jobs I can say Hollywood is the worst for exchanging sex for jobs.  I’ve never done that, but it’s something that’s done regularly.  As a director, I can tell you it sucks.  The young actresses are … Continue reading

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The Wall

The Donald told me he was going to build a wall between Mexico and the United States. I told him they’ve done studies and the wall would not be effective and it would be too expensive and the American people … Continue reading

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Flamethrower on a Flatbed

Flamethrowers should be outlawed. I co-directed all three Lethal Weapon movies. In the first one there was a guy with a flamethrower walking down the street terrorist style. He turns and fires it down the street. The flame goes, I … Continue reading

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The strobe must have been a decoy. At least they got the real shooter

The fire alarm went off in the room of the real shooter and not the fictitious owner of the strobe light owner of the 14th floor. Check who the person was with the strobe light, that might give police a … Continue reading

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Football Players, Righteous indignation is the greatest of all emotions.

Football Players, This thing you’ve started is outstanding! I’m proud of you. Young black men being gunned down by racist cops has to stop. You’ve figured out a dignified, peaceful way to shine a light on that injustice. Kudos! Don’t … Continue reading

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Kanye West

Kanye is being manipulated by the same cult that owned me.  They use hypnosis, drugs, torture, and electricity to implant thoughts. So sorry Kanye

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