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South Africa fifty years ago

Mr. Mandela was in a prison run by the decedents of the white European settlers, who brought their own laws with them. The problem was there had never been peace among the tribes, and now the white people in power … Continue reading

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It’s still a Man’s World

I have been told many times, “But, you’re a woman, you should think all men can do everything better than you. Weren’t you taught that? Why don’t you know that? I hate it that women are so stupid they can’t … Continue reading

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Dear Qatar,

Fear is a disease that eats away at life.  Living in fear is not living, it is merely existing. From Mary Dean: Dear Qatar, if the things US Pres.Trump is saying about you is a lie, you must stand up … Continue reading

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Interpol and the NSA

Interpol knew and did nothing. The world’s intelligence agencies are nothing more than high-tech voyeurs. They see what’s about to happen and then stand back and watch the misery. They are run by vile, disgusting creatures.

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Re-Publish what I write. Investigating me takes their eye off the real ball!

The NSA tells publishers not to publish what I know because that would interfere with an investigation; but what you will really be interfering with is the corrupt part of this government.  Publishing my knowledge would would interfere with the … Continue reading

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