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September 12, 2019 Democratic Debates

Sorry, I forgot to post this. I haven’t been feeling well. I wrote this on Thursday night but forgot to post it until now I thought, tonight, Elizabeth Warren was the clear winner. I hope I’m free by the time … Continue reading

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I’m sad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

This has to stop! In the absence of leadership, how about this for a plan – all guns should be registered and licensed and insured. Guns should have to be insured at a minimum of $5,000 for hand guns up … Continue reading

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Mr. Mueller and Tom Cruise

Please tell the truth. The truth will set everyone free. World Annihilation is not the answer.

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What’s really going on at the border?

The slave traders are running this gory dog and pony show that’s going on at the border. The reason for the backlog is to determine how compliant they are, and which ones would make good slaves. There have been many … Continue reading

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I Believe IRAN

The Donald keeps asking how the Russia Investigation (AKA ‘The Rusher’ Investigation) began, and why the Democrats didn’t use that information during the campaign?  Good question, and one that the Democratic Party should want answered.  A question that would have … Continue reading

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