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Use This Time Wisely – Learn

I think therefore I am – Is a Quote from Plato’s’ time. Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato were some pretty far out philosophers with some interesting ideas about life. The question was: if you’re in a dark, silent room, how do … Continue reading

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Howard Stern v. Trump Supporters

Dear Howard Stern: Thank you. You said I got through to you, I hope you’re glad I did. I know firsthand that Trump hates his constituents. Everything Trump tells them is a lie. The first line of his first speech … Continue reading

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The Blue States are areas of Covid-19

Overlay a map of the virus and of red states and blue states. Right now this pandemic is preparing us for life after Trump’s Armageddon. I remembered, a few hours ago, that it was my idea to say that Corona … Continue reading

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