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Postpone the Impeachment

From a strategy standpoint, I think it would be best to put the impeachment on hold until after the 2020 election. Pence is almost as scary as Trump. At least this way Americans know that if Trump is elected again, … Continue reading

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Trump and Hate The blind hatred Trump feels for anyone who doesn’t agree with him, wouldn’t be so consuming if Trump had been allowed to go to school, he would have been exposed to other points of view, and he wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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World Destruction

Finally, Evangelical Ministers are not going to support Trump. Perhaps they’re realizing Armageddon is NOT something God wants. No one but God is God. Trump says, privately, that he’s god (which goes against the first Commandment) and he’ll build Casinos … Continue reading

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Jeff Sessions

Attorney Gen. Mathew Whitaker was the man on a call two years ago, asking me why I didn’t think Trump was fit to serve as president. He was irrational and his mood was all over the map. He referred to … Continue reading

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Republican False Advertising

This is a transcript of a Washington State Republican Ad. It may be nationwide. There is a law in place, that I lobbied for, called Truth in Advertising. If a product claims to do something, it has to do that … Continue reading

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