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Clearly Mueller is on the Take

Oh, so you want us to believe the Russians, willy nilly, decided to interfere with our elections? To what end? Who supplied the money? How much are you getting paid, Mr. Mueller, to help start WW3? Rise Up! Think Peace!

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Steal from the Poor and Give to the Rich…

…or Phony Baloney Medicare Cuts & the error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future. I paid into Medicare God Damn It! I paid for my Social Security, too. It’s insurance that I already paid for. … Continue reading

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Florida Shooting

You know I know a lot of crazies; and that’s why, when I report on them, I sound crazy. You should hear the things they tell me, so – Hold on to your hats. There was a shooting at Fort … Continue reading

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Betrayed? By a Memo?

What about this internal GOP memo that Trump wants released? The memo has lies that will have to be addressed by the FBI. Was Hillary Clinton betrayed by the FBI when they revealed she was being investigated after the investigation … Continue reading

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The New World DisOrder

The Donald said he’d been to all 6 of Putin’s houses.  He feels Putin is like a long lost brother, they are both German children of the Third Reich. America is great because of her people.  Democrats has to include … Continue reading

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