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Look at Big Pharma for some Answers

Arkema, a chemical Plant in Crosby, TX, reported explosions that released noxious fumes into the atmosphere. They are taking their time in explaining what the problems may be. Their hesitance in reporting health problems leads me to think that some … Continue reading

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My Life Always S_cked

I didn’t want to act, and I didn’t want to play a boy, but that’s what I did for many years, I played many male roles until I got breasts. I would have been much happier if I had been … Continue reading

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Wear Hip Boots

Wear Hip Boots When investigating the Illuminati you’d better wear your hip-boots because you’re sure to be knee deep in sh_t! That word, ‘Illuminati,’ and ‘New World Order,’ are the missing puzzle pieces to our quest for World Peace. These … Continue reading

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Qatar must learn from History

US citizens are wondering how many wars we can get into in the Middle East? This is an educated guess as to what’s happening with Qatar. By the way, you pronounce the name like the instrument guitar with a slight … Continue reading

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JFK 100 year anniversary of his birth – Investigating me takes their eye off the real ball!

This is the speech John Kennedy was going to give to the Dallas Citizens Council on that fateful day in November 1963. I almost got him to cancel the trip, but his advisors laughed at him for listening to me. … Continue reading

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