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Farewell John McCain

Revised because I forgot about Ted Kennedy, who died of the same brain cancer.  There have been many others. I was told by my Navy Seal Colonel friend, Arizona, that my brain was injected with the condiment Liquid Smoke when … Continue reading

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Looking down the barrel of World War 3

The machine that was going to put Ted Cruz into power realized Trump was doing something fradulant that was knocking Cruz out. I said Trump was cheating better than Cruz. Some people in the Cruz machine read my dossier because … Continue reading

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The Push to End the World

If ocean circulation collapses we would lose 25%* of fish and one of the primary sources of protein on this planet. It’s already happening. The fresh water is much colder and less dense than the salt water in the ocean, … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerberg is the President – not the creator

That’s why he didn’t know if he was the right person to testify. Once again, ALL social networks were set up to collect your data. Facebook people wanted a program that would make you “give up*” all your friends and … Continue reading

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Cut the payouts to Corporations who make their companies fail

I say the companies and banks that get Government bailouts use up much more money than Welfare and Medicaid and any other government programs. I know a Republican who was out to prove me wrong. He went over the stats … Continue reading

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