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The Push to End the World

If ocean circulation collapses we would lose 25%* of fish and one of the primary sources of protein on this planet. It’s already happening. The fresh water is much colder and less dense than the salt water in the ocean, … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerberg is the President – not the creator

That’s why he didn’t know if he was the right person to testify. Once again, ALL social networks were set up to collect your data. Facebook people wanted a program that would make you “give up*” all your friends and … Continue reading

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Cut the payouts to Corporations who make their companies fail

I say the companies and banks that get Government bailouts use up much more money than Welfare and Medicaid and any other government programs. I know a Republican who was out to prove me wrong. He went over the stats … Continue reading

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Rebuild Puerto Rico with Local Electricity

What if We Encourage Makers of the Components of Solar Power to Open Shop in Puerto Rico? Tesla could put its cutting-edge storage battery knowledge to work. Puerto Rico already has the demand for electricity. All you would need would … Continue reading

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3D Mammograms and the Dangers of Big Medical and Dental

I keep wanting to warn women about the new 3D mammograms – they don’t work.  As you may or may not know, I invented the mammogram.  I also invented the 3D slow-mo motion picture camera used in The Matrix.  The … Continue reading

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