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Possible Answer to PermaFrost Loss

Rising Sea Levels I had another thought about the poles. If there really is no physical evidence of climate tampering on the poles, no evidence of mining, no stations with solar or wind electricity generators, no windmills that power vibrators … Continue reading

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No Oil. No Nukes. Save the Whales.

Oil is no longer a viable fuel. The reason the Koch brothers and all other Satanists want oil used as fuel, is to ruin the environment. It goes beyond greed into a realm of insanity only sociopaths like Trump understand. … Continue reading

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Medicare for Everyone

Actuarially Medicare could start making more money which could drive the cost of Medicare way down (which would be great news for consumers), and could raise the assignment limits (which would be good news for doctors). If someone tells you … Continue reading

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Possible information about Blindness

I keep meaning to research some information I obtained about blindness. People who used to work in darkrooms with red light to develop pictures eventually went blind. If you notice almost all of Amazon’s electronic clocks and gadgets, offered in … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day! 4/22/17

On April 22 1970 I decided we needed to honor the Earth, who is the mother of us all. My ten-year-old brother and I brought signs and news articles to our local park and just began telling everyone who stopped … Continue reading

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