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Blue Hats for Democrats

I have a project that you could do from home. Making blue hats for the good people of the world. Hat colors and hat lines are online if you want hats to embroider or monogram. You could rent those sewing … Continue reading

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Looking down the barrel of World War 3

The machine that was going to put Ted Cruz into power realized Trump was doing something fradulant that was knocking Cruz out. I said Trump was cheating better than Cruz. Some people in the Cruz machine read my dossier because … Continue reading

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To the rescuers of the boys in the Thailand cave. I was going to suggest a rope lift – the kind used at ski resorts: it’s a circular rope that you hold onto one side to go one way. The … Continue reading

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Thank You, President Trump

Thank you President Trump, for allowing families to stay together while awaiting trial. it is my firm belief that people who walk across our border to allow them selves to be part of our legal system, are not criminals. Criminals … Continue reading

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The Voice

Kyla took that song, A Little Help from My Friends, to where it should be. Kudos, and thanks. Britton was handled skillfully by Alicia. She showed off his genius with his voice, and he may win, but not just for … Continue reading

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