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It’s time for member countries in the European Union to revisit the wording of the document.

The up side for Boris is, it will wreak havoc with the global economy. He was hoping his plan would cause famine in Europe and that would kill many people world-wide. Continue reading

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Vaping Hazards

American cigarettes have chemicals added to them to make you sick and keep you hooked. Cancer is a huge moneymaker for the medical community. There are chemicals in the cigarettes that make them addictive and cause cancer. The fertilizer used … Continue reading

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Debate Mudslinging

Dear Contender Candidates, Do NOT berate or belittle your fellow Democrats. Bernie Sanders campaigned AGAINST Hillary Clinton and wouldn’t make things right and campaign for her (not even for a week) following the primary. Bernie’s trash talking did far more … Continue reading

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People Who Help Me, Die because Gen. John Kelly wants WW3

General John Kelly said I stopped WW3 as many as eleven times, and he won’t let me do it again. It seems, over the past twenty years, the peace-loving people who the Government wants to kill, they kill slowly and … Continue reading

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great show!

Adam, that was a fun show!  Thanks Are you going to go on Ellen to talk about it? Love and thanks always, Grace

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