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Kudos Paul Ryan

I support your decision not to run again. Good luck to you. It’s so much fun having teenagers, enjoy them while you can. I was told a year ago one of the Moocs’ plans was to fake a chemical attack … Continue reading

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One Possible Platform for the Democrats

The main ongoing issues facing the country now are Affordable College, Universal Healthcare, Stop the sale of assault and automatic weapons, Sensible drug laws, Higher pay for teachers. Higher minimum wage attached to the rate of inflation. Strength through Diplomacy. … Continue reading

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The Best Tomato Sauce

I’ve been cooking for 55 years experimenting with different tomato sauces. I had to write down this one because it’s the Best Tomato Sauce 1 large can of Muir Glen Organic Roasted Crushed Tomatoes 1/3 cup white grape juice (or … Continue reading

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US Intelligence Agents and the top Billionaires are Nincompoops – Maybe they’ll survive the Armageddon they’ve begun; but not for too much longer. I give them a year more than me.

I was told I am currently a key witness in all least two FBI investigations. I tried to get in touch through a few different FBI offices with no luck. I sent two certified letters to The FBI in Portland, … Continue reading

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At What Cost?

President Obama made gazillions of dollars selling out his country. I knew what would happen with the pipeline. I found out the RAND Corporation was involved in building it, and the Koch brothers were the ones who wanted the pipeline. … Continue reading

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