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US Intelligence Agents and the top Billionaires are Nincompoops – Maybe they’ll survive the Armageddon they’ve begun; but not for too much longer. I give them a year more than me.

I was told I am currently a key witness in all least two FBI investigations. I tried to get in touch through a few different FBI offices with no luck. I sent two certified letters to The FBI in Portland, … Continue reading

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At What Cost?

President Obama made gazillions of dollars selling out his country. I knew what would happen with the pipeline. I found out the RAND Corporation was involved in building it, and the Koch brothers were the ones who wanted the pipeline. … Continue reading

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The Sins of the Presidents

What happened to Barack started when he ran for post in Illinois. He was beaten because his opponent cheated. He actually won and if he had checked into it, he probably could have found out that his opponent cheated. Cheating … Continue reading

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Murder Occult Organized Crime Syndicate

You know how Trump is always saying we’re letting terrorists into the country. Well, he should know, he imports assassins and serial killers all the time. Trump gives them US birth certificates and passports. Trump’s not the only one who … Continue reading

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Al Franken, You Quit? Please Don’t! Let Your Voters Decide!

For those of you not in the military, a USO show is a very happy occasion. I’ve been to one or two. Everybody on the aircraft carrier is so happy to have something new and their lives they’re giddy. It’s … Continue reading

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JFK Assignation

This is a re-post.  I was with President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the ambulance after he was shot. I was on the grassy knoll when the shot was fired.  I got that man arrested, yet there was no mention of … Continue reading

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Fracking in Yellowstone is tantamount to Mass Murder.

(Injecting large amounts of waste water into the Earth’s Arbuckle causes earthquakes.  Oklahoma went from 2 earthquakes a year in 2008 to 3 a day. {It seems a pipeline or holding tanks would be of some use.  The pressure at … Continue reading

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