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JFK Assignation

This is a re-post.  I was with President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the ambulance after he was shot. I was on the grassy knoll when the shot was fired.  I got that man arrested, yet there was no mention of … Continue reading

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Fracking in Yellowstone is tantamount to Mass Murder.

(Injecting large amounts of waste water into the Earth’s Arbuckle causes earthquakes.  Oklahoma went from 2 earthquakes a year in 2008 to 3 a day. {It seems a pipeline or holding tanks would be of some use.  The pressure at … Continue reading

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Anti-War is Anti-American

As it turns out, Anti-War is Anti-American. Below are 22 steps we can take toward World Peace. The Military should not be the entity that decides who will be President in a Democracy! The NSA has a serious problem with … Continue reading

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Qatar must learn from History

US citizens are wondering how many wars we can get into in the Middle East? This is an educated guess as to what’s happening with Qatar. By the way, you pronounce the name like the instrument guitar with a slight … Continue reading

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100 Year Hoax

Dwight Eisenhower was the last legitimately elected Republican! So why won’t the GOP heed his advice? That was the topic of Thom Hartmann’s podcast on May 23, 2017. He was wrong that Eisenhower didn’t cheat to become President, I have … Continue reading

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Trump’s Speech to Saudi Arabia

That was a very nice speech. Now I know someone in the Trump Administration is reading this blog, which gives me hope. Too bad, like the campaign speeches, you can’t believe a word. The speech should placate people in the … Continue reading

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Date Rape

I’m the woman who Trump outed in his classified conversation with the Russian gentlemen. I know he wants me dead, and I assume that’s what they were discussing. This date 50 years ago is one of the reasons.

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