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Me too! What we can do.

Me Too! Now What? There’s a lot involved in our attitudes towards sex. As I’ve pointed out too many times, our primate cousins only do three things a day, they eat, they sleep, and they have sex. The only reason … Continue reading

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Racism Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update stated a new study found infants show racist tendencies as young as six months old. This is the kind of crazy Mooc propaganda that goes unnoticed as stupid and harmless. Moocs would like us … Continue reading

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The Pathway to World Peace

Things we can start doing now RIGHT NOW to eliminate ignorance, war, mental illness, famine, disease, and extreme poverty. Exchange Healthy Positive Parenting Skills* – Legitimize Voting* – Empower Women – Share Knowledge and Ideas through the Internet* – Create … Continue reading

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The Dream, Adam Levine

I had a spectacular dream and Adam Levine was in it, only, turns out, it wasn’t a dream because it ended up on the internet. What had been a most beautiful experience was turned into an x-rated movie on the … Continue reading

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Young Me

Some people thought I could work miracles Early miracles, Some stories of the Pezzutti family’s abusive ways. Generational abuse. The local Moocs thought I was the one in their legends, even though I was a girl. Some stories of what … Continue reading

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Women Pedophiles

Some vile women have sex with their sons. Many women teach their sons to hate women. These women hate themselves and are criminally insane. A story of the abuse my family passed down from generation to generation. Break the Chain … Continue reading

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keep abortion legal

Many parenting patterns have been in place for generations. Sexual Abuse is as potent as torture in manipulating a child’s behavior. Wrong becomes right; and evil becomes tolerable. Abuse creates an atmosphere of brainwashing. We need to forgive ourselves for … Continue reading

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