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US Intelligence Agents and the top Billionaires are Nincompoops – Maybe they’ll survive the Armageddon they’ve begun; but not for too much longer. I give them a year more than me.

I was told I am currently a key witness in all least two FBI investigations. I tried to get in touch through a few different FBI offices with no luck. I sent two certified letters to The FBI in Portland, … Continue reading

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At What Cost?

President Obama made gazillions of dollars selling out his country. I knew what would happen with the pipeline. I found out the RAND Corporation was involved in building it, and the Koch brothers were the ones who wanted the pipeline. … Continue reading

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United States Stands Alone Defiantly Denying Climate Change and Global Warming Because of a Gym Teacher

I advised Trump NOT to pull out of the Paris Climates Agreement I talked with him on a conference call. Then I spoke with the man who’s supposed to be the scientist advising Trump to relax our environmental laws. Others … Continue reading

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Fracking in Yellowstone is tantamount to Mass Murder.

(Injecting large amounts of waste water into the Earth’s Arbuckle causes earthquakes.  Oklahoma went from 2 earthquakes a year in 2008 to 3 a day. {It seems a pipeline or holding tanks would be of some use.  The pressure at … Continue reading

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When Floods Give You Dead Animals – Make Jerky

I believe the process for making beef jerky can be very mobile. Recently dead animals should be seasoned, smoked, and processed into jerky or salami or canned, if need be. Jerky doesn’t have any fat so that’s preferable without refrigeration. … Continue reading

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My Life Always S_cked

I didn’t want to act, and I didn’t want to play a boy, but that’s what I did for many years, I played many male roles until I got breasts. I would have been much happier if I had been … Continue reading

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NSA Induced Insanity

Obama didn’t stop the NSA from illegally wiretapping me.  He didn’t stop the Russians from giving our Presidency to Trump.  I would say that proves he went insane.  Gen John Alexander drove him insane.  I believe his free will was … Continue reading

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