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Plans to disrupt society and ruin the earth

Supreme Court

Brett M. Kavanaugh, Is being rushed through because Trump wanted to put someone on the Supreme Court for when he’s impeached. If the Congress impeaches him, he told me back in 2003, and the Senate votes for removal, he claims … Continue reading

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Looking down the barrel of World War 3

The machine that was going to put Ted Cruz into power realized Trump was doing something fradulant that was knocking Cruz out. I said Trump was cheating better than Cruz. Some people in the Cruz machine read my dossier because … Continue reading

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GI Jane

The hundreds of troops who were killed stateside for me; liked that I was Demi Moore’s stand in for all of the GI Jane’s Navy Seal training. The Army actually wanted to see if I could complete the Seal training, … Continue reading

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Thank You, President Trump

Thank you President Trump, for allowing families to stay together while awaiting trial. it is my firm belief that people who walk across our border to allow them selves to be part of our legal system, are not criminals. Criminals … Continue reading

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#Find the little girls?

Where are the little girls? President Trump is probably right that the law to take children away from their parents at the border was put in place by the Democrats, for him just after the Inauguration. I’ve talked a lot … Continue reading

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