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Plans to disrupt society and ruin the earth

imposters slugs masquerading as humans

There is a Grace Gardner on YouTube and WordPress who is a prostitute and her sites should not show up when child controls are on. The other is on YouTube, and is called Grace_Force. It looks like they took over … Continue reading

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General Soleimani

People ask about the timing of the murder.  The timing is so the Golden Globes coincided with the murder: they will detract attention in the News. I’m serious. The News runs the world. Someone should tell Mike Pompeo those squiggly … Continue reading

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Once again, I don’t “hate” Trump: God and I don’t approve of his insistence at starting Armageddon. Pence and the 0.5% who want to kill five billion poor, black and brown people or make them slaves, will follow Trump to … Continue reading

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