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Who needs Drones?

Nobody. The NSA (before it was the NSA) asked me how to get one of their operatives out of Siberia. They were pretty sure his plane went down and that was all they knew. I asked, “Why are those things … Continue reading

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NAPA Earthquake

The Doomsday Machine Actually, I had been drugged and questioned, “How would you cause an earthquake?”  I thought it was a drinking game, or a plot for a movie.  I didn’t know I was telling people who actually wanted to cause … Continue reading

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Tornadoes and Debris Hallers

Rubble Ridges may cut down on the size and severity of tornadoes. Towns hit by the May 19th and 20th, 2013 Tornado; and in Moore, Oklahoma; and coastal towns hit hardest by hurricane Sandy have mountains of debris that need … Continue reading

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Tornadoes, Under-Ground Malls, and Electricity

Horrible, horrible images are coming out of Moore, Oklahoma.  The devastation is as though an atom bomb hit the town. I’ve been thinking, and I may have blogged about it before, but people living in Tornado Alley should think about … Continue reading

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