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The Musical Hair and the Force

Some people think I’m special and can do things others can’t. I’m here to tell you I can do things others can but don’t even try. Continue reading

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Do the Right Thing

War without end, amen. This is a plea to any remaining US Military Generals who have not been seduced by the dark side. There is a good Val Kilmer movie called Real Genius which I co-directed. (I may be portrayed … Continue reading

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Italy’s Earthquakes

From my book The Conversation originally published February 2012. “Iceland, Japan, Italy and the Netherlands were all targets. She said Christchurch New Zealand was a target. She growled saying she hated saying His name. Italy will have a series of … Continue reading

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Own Your Own Drones

I’ve decided to weigh in on drones, since I am the one who invented them. What happened was, a reconnaissance plane went down. I was asked if I had any ideas as to how to recover the pilot and my … Continue reading

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Regarding the treatment of Yoda in the Force Awakens

At one point in the phone call Lucas asked, “Does anyone ever tell you, you sound like Yoda?” “Oh, you mean the way I talk? Inside out – that’s what I call it.” “Well, you talk like no one else … Continue reading

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