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Great Convention! I think you did a swell job!

It was swell. Dear Mr. Biden, You were able to get your point across without trashing Trump. You had just the right amount of righteous indignation. Kamala needs to work on her inflection. She’s pausing and hitting the second and … Continue reading

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This was a story from the Twilight Zone

The town saw a meteorite. Soon after that a car wouldn’t start, lights went off, phones didn’t work. Then a little boy says it is aliens among them based on his knowledge of comic books. One neighbor was accused of … Continue reading

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The President elected in 2020

The President elected in 2020 should make the following corrections in order to make room for Peace. President Trump should remember this Montague quote for the balance of his Presidency. “Government should be set up so that no man is … Continue reading

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