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Debate Mudslinging

Dear Contender Candidates, Do NOT berate or belittle your fellow Democrats. Bernie Sanders campaigned AGAINST Hillary Clinton and wouldn’t make things right and campaign for her (not even for a week) following the primary. Bernie’s trash talking did far more … Continue reading

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I Believe IRAN

The Donald keeps asking how the Russia Investigation (AKA ‘The Rusher’ Investigation) began, and why the Democrats didn’t use that information during the campaign?  Good question, and one that the Democratic Party should want answered.  A question that would have … Continue reading

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I can’t sign the Green New Deal

I’m sorry, I can’t sign the Green New Deal. Come up with something original, that’s less than a page, and I will look at that. There are far too many ‘pie in the sky’ ideas and ideals that have nothing … Continue reading

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To whomever stole my stuff

Please return my personal papers; and my red, three-ring binder password book.  Also, my money, my clothes and my food. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ‘How may I help you?’ are the 5 most important words. Rise Up Stronger Together! Think Peace! #find the … Continue reading

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