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Corrupt Voting

Boris Johnson threatened to kill me, for the post in this link, during one of my midnight phone conferences  (If that link doesn’t work type Boris in the search box on the right) Mr. Johnson has access to the same people as Trump had, … Continue reading

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Iran has asked the UN for help in avoiding war

It appears Iran is in such a panic to prove the President’s attempts to say Iran is goading us into a war, are all just Trumped up charges. Iran has asked the UN for help in avoiding war. I hope … Continue reading

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Hey China,

I had, what I think is, a very good idea. Why don’t you raise your minimum wage. Raise wages in general. Chinese workers would make more money, so they can live and eat better. Pass along the cost to the products … Continue reading

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People Who Help Me, Die because Gen. John Kelly wants WW3

General John Kelly said I stopped WW3 as many as eleven times, and he won’t let me do it again. It seems, over the past twenty years, the peace-loving people who the Government wants to kill, they kill slowly and … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Kennedy Falsely Accused

Senator Ted Kennedy Senator Edward (AKA Ted or Teddy) Kennedy had nothing to do with the tragic drowning of the neighbor, Mary Jo Kopechne, who attended Ted Kennedy’s barbeque. The Kennedys used to hire a car company to drive guests’ … Continue reading

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