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Faux Probiotics

Yacolt not good for you. My ex-husband used to put used to put Hemlock in my morning coffee. What a guy?  A little bit of a poison will give you diarrhea. Probiotics in Gels and gummies put enough poisons in … Continue reading

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Republican False Advertising

This is a transcript of a Washington State Republican Ad. It may be nationwide. There is a law in place, that I lobbied for, called Truth in Advertising. If a product claims to do something, it has to do that … Continue reading

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Washington, Vote NO on 1631

Washington, Vote NO on 1631 Western states petroleum association has an ad Vote NO on 1631. Remember I’m the founder of Earth Day. I wouldn’t tell you to vote no if I weren’t sure. I would like Bernie Sanders to … Continue reading

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Washington State Vote Against Dino Rossi No on 1631

Vote for the only woman who can be instrumental in writing the new Health Care Initiatives. Democrat Dr. Kim Schrier can help heal the country. She is uniquely qualified to overhaul the healthcare in this country. Whose hand is up … Continue reading

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Tim Cook on Amanpour This is what Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were always fighting about.  This is what we should all be concerned about.  This is why Steve Jobs was killed.  He died of cancer brought on by injecting him with a … Continue reading

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