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4th of July and dogs

A handy tip for pet owners whose dogs freak out at the sound of fireworks. Melatonin. I had a high-strung dog who was a mess on the 4th of July. I gave her 3mg of Melatonin. She was 45 pounds. … Continue reading

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GI Jane

The hundreds of troops who were killed stateside for me; liked that I was Demi Moore’s stand in for all of the GI Jane’s Navy Seal training. The Army actually wanted to see if I could complete the Seal training, … Continue reading

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Getting Loud is Just Childishness

Although harassment and heckling has been a long-time tac for shout-‘em down or shut- ‘em down Republicans. Decorum and civilized behavior is the hallmark of the tolerant and inclusive Democratic Party. The Idea that I can shout as loudly as … Continue reading

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Child Abuse

Thank you, Pope Francis, for taking a baby step toward denouncing child sexual abuse. Please say something about the little girls who are missing from the detention centers. Rise Up! Think Peace! #Find the Little Girls!

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Are We Happy Now? #Find the Little Girls!

#Find the Little Girls! This Horror Story is Far from Over. The numbers of affected children are being downgraded to 2,000. About two weeks ago it was 4,000 children. At the rate children had been incarcerated, the number has to … Continue reading

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