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4th of July and dogs

A handy tip for pet owners whose dogs freak out at the sound of fireworks. Melatonin. I had a high-strung dog who was a mess on the 4th of July. I gave her 3mg of Melatonin. She was 45 pounds. … Continue reading

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GI Jane

The hundreds of troops who were killed stateside for me; liked that I was Demi Moore’s stand in for all of the GI Jane’s Navy Seal training. The Army actually wanted to see if I could complete the Seal training, … Continue reading

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Getting Loud is Just Childishness

Although harassment and heckling has been a long-time tac for shout-‘em down or shut- ‘em down Republicans. Decorum and civilized behavior is the hallmark of the tolerant and inclusive Democratic Party. The Idea that I can shout as loudly as … Continue reading

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