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Just call the show the Connors

that’s it.

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Camp Phony

Never give TV preachers money. I’ve never been inspired by them and I feel they’re harmful. They only want money. I haven’t written about them before; but I recently stumbled on Mike Murdock who does nothing but beg for money, … Continue reading

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Dear Pope Francis,

Please make child sexual abuse a Mortal Sin punishable by automatic Excommunication from the Catholic Church. While you’re at it, please allow Priests to marry. That is a surefire way to get rid of pedophile priests. And, while you’re at … Continue reading

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The Voice

Kyla took that song, A Little Help from My Friends, to where it should be. Kudos, and thanks. Britton was handled skillfully by Alicia. She showed off his genius with his voice, and he may win, but not just for … Continue reading

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Congratulations on being born, Louis!

English and American Deep Staters and Moocs are taught that England’s Royal Family is standing in their way. Continue reading

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