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week off

I’m taking the week off

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Dear The Voice,

Dear Blake, I saw you on Jimmy Kimmel – he’s such a cheater. Good for you for calling him out, and for not making a big deal about it. Dear The Voice, The Block worked much better than I would … Continue reading

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One Possible Platform for the Democrats

The main ongoing issues facing the country now are Affordable College, Universal Healthcare, Stop the sale of assault and automatic weapons, Sensible drug laws, Higher pay for teachers. Higher minimum wage attached to the rate of inflation. Strength through Diplomacy. … Continue reading

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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

The only way Mark Zuckerberg didn’t know how people’s data was being used is he is only a figurehead, because Facebook was created to recruit people and hurt people and those they love for specific things.  When it became known that Isis … Continue reading

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This is How the US Government Repays Me

 ===================================================================== Things I’ve done for the US Government ============================================================================ 1961 – 1963 Espionage – classified 1960 – 68 – Presidential Advisor, Pres. Kennedy and Pres. Johnson. Came up with a peaceful solution to the Cuban Missile Crisis avoiding WW3, which … Continue reading

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