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Entitlements must include Corporate and Bank welfare

Entitlements must also include payouts to Corporations that fail. Banks and savings and loans that fail – the only payouts should be to the depositors as the FDIC insures. These government corporate welfare payouts are much more significant, financially, than … Continue reading

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Fire and Fury and False

Fire and Fury The book is wrong when it states Trump didn’t want to be President. I counseled Trump for 2 hours in 2003 and I can guarantee he WANTED to be President. True, Trump had thrown his hat into … Continue reading

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Me too! What we can do.

Me Too! Now What? There’s a lot involved in our attitudes towards sex. As I’ve pointed out too many times, our primate cousins only do three things a day, they eat, they sleep, and they have sex. The only reason … Continue reading

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Hoping for a Better year in 2018. Pray for Peace.

Here’s a great New Year’s present. My favorite 37 year old has an Instagram site that’s outrageous. It’s called Grub and Tunes so her handle is grubntunes. If you have an Instagram account I highly recommend it. She takes trips … Continue reading

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