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I LOVED the new Star Wars movie

I LOVED the new Star Wars movie. I especially like the many small George Lucas touches like the dragon that swims by as Rey and Luke talk. The little tracking bauble Leia and Rey have. I’d like to see that … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jesus

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Fort Hunter Liggett & Fort Huachuca

Uncle I went to Fort Hunter Liggett and they wouldn’t help me. They got a call from the Corrupt Mooc Member assigned to me because they know where I’m going since I have a tracking device and a microphone in … Continue reading

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Where Have all the Young Men Gone?

Where Have all the Young Men Gone? Some facts are that there were 70% fewer Generals when Obama left office. I heard him order 3 Generals killed in one night for trying to help me. Also, Arizona said there was … Continue reading

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At What Cost?

President Obama made gazillions of dollars selling out his country. I knew what would happen with the pipeline. I found out the RAND Corporation was involved in building it, and the Koch brothers were the ones who wanted the pipeline. … Continue reading

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The Sins of the Presidents

What happened to Barack started when he ran for post in Illinois. He was beaten because his opponent cheated. He actually won and if he had checked into it, he probably could have found out that his opponent cheated. Cheating … Continue reading

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My Relationship with Jihadi John

Jihadi John came to a few functions at the Lows. Loners on Wheels, the LoWs, are an RV singles group I used to belong to. Not under that name, but most folks liked him, we thought he was a retired … Continue reading

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