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Uber and Amazon share information with crooks all the time

Uber was created to see where people were going and how often they go there. They make up projections of anyone – where they may be and when they may be there. Of course they know where you live, as … Continue reading

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some extraordinary things in my life

This is a 26 minute recorded account of an extraordinary part of my life. This is a description of a few of the things I’ve accomplished over the years. My goal has always been World Peace. • I made up … Continue reading

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Al Franken is a good and kind person who enjoys helping people

I have to weigh in on this Al Franken Situation. He’s the type of guy who went into politics to help people and to make this country a brighter place. Al’s probably the best hope for the Democratic Party, and … Continue reading

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I think these are fake. I was made to paint fakes and so was my daughter, Liberty. We can both paint like the old masters. And we were both under lethal pressure to do so and then we had our … Continue reading

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Blake Shelton the Sexiest Man Alive

From My Mouth to People’s Ears. Congrats Blake! Next year – Carson Daily. This was supposed to be the end of the post: but I can’t help but preach, because I know a few people who might benefit from knowing … Continue reading

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Woodstock Ad

I’m not bragging, I’m just stating a fact. Rita told me that, I’ve been erased out of history: but lo and behold there’s a Volkswagen Commercial with me in it. Of course, after I post this, someone will take it … Continue reading

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United States Stands Alone Defiantly Denying Climate Change and Global Warming Because of a Gym Teacher

I advised Trump NOT to pull out of the Paris Climates Agreement I talked with him on a conference call. Then I spoke with the man who’s supposed to be the scientist advising Trump to relax our environmental laws. Others … Continue reading

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