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Football Players, Righteous indignation is the greatest of all emotions.

Football Players, This thing you’ve started is outstanding! I’m proud of you. Young black men being gunned down by racist cops has to stop. You’ve figured out a dignified, peaceful way to shine a light on that injustice. Kudos! Don’t … Continue reading

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Korea Proves Earthquakes can be manmade

Now Korea is having earthquakes near their explosion sites, proving earthquakes can be caused by man. There were 3 earth quakes on Sept 18 in Oaxaca, Mexico. There must be a fault line that extends into the ocean in that … Continue reading

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Mexico City Earthquake

Mexico City Earthquake Himalayan region will have earthquakes greater than magnitude 8 in the future’ The Gorkha earthquake that hit Nepal in April 2015 devastated the country. Geologically, the earthquake may have unlocked fault lines in the region, changing its … Continue reading

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