Anti-War is Anti-American

As it turns out, Anti-War is Anti-American.
Below are 22 steps we can take toward World Peace.
The Military should not be the entity that decides who will be President in a Democracy!

The NSA has a serious problem with peace and the truth. The truth will set us free. The US needs to get to the idea of Freedom and Justice for ALL, not just the white folks. These are the things I know to be true from being the CEO of the Rand Corporation and from being a political advisor. These are the things that I know that might get me killed, so I ask that you copy and paste this into your computer because it will likely disappear along with me, and I don’t want my death to be in vain.
This is the single most important thing I’ve written, please treat it accordingly. Mr. Cheney, please, I’m begging you, please step up!

It’s a bad feeling to know you’re on number 1 on the President’s hit list for wanting peace. How long has this been going on? 50 years! Maybe the US should try playing by it’s own rules instead of hurting me for 50 years.
They have been working on this run up to WW3 for 15 years, so they’ve doubled down on their efforts to stop me. That’s right, President Obama was in on the plan, and helped Trump get elected for the follow through.)
My story –
There are laws in this country. I was lucky enough to have a judge for an uncle and later, cousins who were lawyers so I always checked before I made a move.
When I came up with the word Anti-War in my freshman year of high-school, almost everybody over 30 said I should never use that word. My father had his first premonition, he saw my life in turmoil, and he saw me get shot. “Is that what you want? To sacrifice your whole life for peace? Is that really what you want?”
I thought a minute and asked, “Do I win?”
My father said he thought I did because at the end of my life people are very happy I helped them.
“If I win, maybe it will be worth it. What’s my one measly little life, compared to World Peace?”
“Do what you want,” he said, “I don’t understand the things you do anyway but people seem to think,” he put his head down and grumbled, “you’re special.” He shook his head, “I don’t know what to do about you. You’re a girl,” he said angrily, “I shouldn’t even be talking to you. You shouldn’t even be alive.”
(As an aside, Barack Obama’s father taught him the same thing, that women are worthless, but he believed it and it stuck with him.)
So I thought I’d do what I could to stay out of everyone’s way, but that people had to know we have a choice, we don’t have to fight wars half a world away. We don’t have to interfere in other countries’ governments.

I could talk so well about it, I made friends with people like John Lennon, Dick Cavett, and William F. Buckley. I was on William F. Buckley’s show a few times talking about how we can use negotiation to end conflicts, and how the drug laws are bad for the country. England took my advice and downgraded their drug laws, but the US ramped up incarceration of black people who smoked weed. Drugs were thought of as another money-making war. Prison building was a very lucrative business. The US Government began to spend money like crazy on the war on drugs.
I think the thing that cemented my fate as a political prisoner was May 3, 1971. I wasn’t allowed to speak at the May Day Anti-War Rally in Washington. I was asked to speak and I did for several minutes but when the military heard me, and I was saying something interesting that made sense, and I didn’t just rattle off strings of expletives like the men were doing, they started pulling plugs. After the sound was back on, I got up to speak again and the electricity was cut off to the whole area. On a wing and a prayer I organized the May 3rd rally that changed Nixon’s mind, and he decided to de-escalate the war in Vietnam.
I am sure, now, that I’ve been under surveillance through Army Intelligence ever since. The man heading up the charade against me was General John Alexander, the man who killed John and Bobby Kennedy, and shot students and me at Kent State. US Intelligence had me drugged, abducted, and brought to Kent State so he could kill me and say I was an outside agitator. The bullet grazed my cheek and ear and another killed the girl I was standing near.
John orchestrated my life so he could put forth ridiculous accusations about me, in hopes no one would listen to me. He planted surveillance cameras and microphones in my walls to tape my husband and I having sex and put those films on the internet as porn, thinking no one would listen to a “porn star.”
So, as it turns out, all those grown-ups were right in 1966, the word Anti-War is Anti-American. All these years I’ve been thinking nobody really wants war. I was wrong. There’s money in war. For some reason, the US government wants a few people to make obscene amounts of money, and they want our men to go off and be wounded and killed. There’s a rational for it all but it’s one that I feel is insane and immoral.*

It seems the only anti-war President we ever had, who wasn’t killed, was President Clinton. They did try to impeach him, though. That was a set up.

So now I’m being watched by the US Government, the land of the free and the home of the brave, because WW3 is brewing and they don’t want me to interfere, so they, the military, made me the bad guy and they have to lie, cheat, steal, and murder innocent people to make it seem real. I know that’s not why the vast majority of men and women enlist. They don’t like having to lie, cheat, steal, and murder innocent people, but it’s their job and when you’re in Intelligence, you do your job or be killed. There’s no way out. Most people in intelligence are mind controlled – something that I’m adamantly opposed to, since it takes away our Free Will given to us by God. Intelligence doesn’t use intelligence as their first criteria, they look for men and women who were sexually abused as children, because they’re easier to mind control. These young people go from being abused at home to being abused as young adults in the Military, and they don’t question it.
This is not the face of America politicians want known throughout the world.
What’s going on?
Some modern day politicians are Annhilists. Many Republicans, mostly in the Tea Party, and of course Donald Trump and as I found out recently, Barack Obama, are in favor of world Annihilation, which can also be done through global warming and polluting the water. These politicians don’t like the fact that I started Earth Day, which was heartily embraced by the whole world! But not the US politicians who want to put an end to the earth. I sound mellow-dramatic but there are groups of religious demonic churches that have been around for centuries waiting for a chance to end the earth. Again, there are reasons, but to me their reasons aren’t rational or logical, it’s just something they were taught to do! And Satanists always do as they’re told without thought or hesitation.

The most frightening thing I found out recently is there are people in these groups who have direct control over the NSA. My Late ex-husband was one of them. He was given a General’s name and title and a secure channel so he could give kill orders against American citizens who might be a problem because they want peace or they don’t want to harm the earth, or they want universal healthcare. These fake Satanic Generals can give orders directly to the soldiers or Agents, and the Agents “have to” obey, or be killed. Again, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t talked with several dozen soldiers who were put in the position to kill many of the good, righteous people in the US.
Our tax dollars at work —
The US Military and cults have killed most of the people who have worked on Peace over the years. The NSA uses cancer, pneumonia, heart attacks, stroke, car accidents, drug overdoses, disappearances, drive by shootings, and apparent suicides so no one knows the soldiers were ever there.

Smart people are on the political chopping block all the time. Thom Hartmann, one of the most intelligent people I’ve met, and his wife, were both injected with carcinogens and got cancer. The US doesn’t like thinkers. Thom Hartmann was ordered killed by Barack Obama because I love to listen to him. He probably has cancer again. Surgery is recommended for implanted cancer, not chemotherapy. So sorry, Thom.
As for science, we are lower scoring than third world countries, because Annhilists believe we can go to and live on another planet, and that belief wouldn’t hold water if we knew physics. Space travel is impossible. There’s no air in space so there’s no way to steer and propel a spacecraft. That’s right folks. I was nominated to the NASA team for the Lunar Mission, and I was rejected because I thought space travel was impossible. The Physics teacher who taught the “Rocket Boys,” taught me that when I was 5. When I was 15 I was asked, by NASA, to figure out how to fake the lunar landing. Turns out, I was right.
No President can figure a way around the deception and so they tolerate it, or embrace it. The next President has to stop this madness. Meanwhile the US science and math scores are abysmal. When we annihilate the humans on earth, that’s it, no more, fini. Annhilists, everybody!

The problem is the people of the US didn’t vote most of these politicians into power. No one in the Tea party has ever won an election. The citizens of the US want freedom, justice, peace and prosperity for all, not just for the crooks and murderers. Satanists are taught that since they murder people, they deserve to be powerful and rich. I was told by the people who bought Medical Centers to turn a profit, that “Why should just Doctors make so much money. We deserve to make money, too! We kill for a living. That’s worth more than a medical degree.” These people don’t see the difference between going to school for an extra 10 years and shelling out a gazillion dollars for school and giving up time and relationships, and that doctors who have to pay back student loans, should make less money than thieves and murderers. The other advantage to buying medical groups is they can easily kill patients. The fact is that one third of people who go into a hospital, never come out.
For the owners of Big Medical, it’s a win-win.
This happened in China, too.*. They killed 65 Million thinkers. People who can think for themselves are more difficult to program.

The US has put a tight leash on its food and drug supply. At any given time they (the moocs in the government) can cause famine and disease, and we will soon have no healthcare as a back-up. This has all been in the works for all the decades I have been alive. I’ve been witness to it. I’ve been in meetings with the people who planned it. Our health has been sabotaged by money-hungry murderers who run Big Pharma, and Big Medicine (which also steals from Physicians who have paid a substantial amount of time and money to become a doctor, and now they fear for their jobs if they don’t prescribe harmful medication and procedures so all the crooked owners of Big Medical can make a fortune.

Physicians must rise up and speak out! Their contribution to World Peace is imperative. Go back to private practice. Say NO to big Pharma and Big Medical!

The NSA folks have been after me since 1966. Every year this struggle gets worse. Now that President Obama has set the blueprint for WW3 in motion I won’t last much longer. I WILL get in the way of President Trump pushing the button, and the Military knows it.

The NSA has a serious problem with peace. I have been shot, stabbed and poisoned. I’ve been injected with carcinogens. I’ve been tortured every day for 25 years to try to turn me “evil.” I have 107 broken bones. My neck has been broken over a half dozen times.
The US Military is taking a page out of Mao’s playbook.***. The numbers of people killed while Obama was president is shocking. Did you know a US president can kill anyone he wants? I was told he killed over 10,000 by 2014. I realize that seems steep since he’s such a tremendous actor, he seems so cute, smart and funny; but I’ve heard him give kill orders for his wife, Michelle, 3 Generals, a dozen NSA agents and a few civilians, all in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. All of those people were ready to help me in my quest for World Peace, even my ex-husband was ready to give himself up so he could help me from jail. I had such hope talking to all of them, and then suddenly they were gone, permanently. Obama gave a kill order for General Robin Rand who had spent the past 10 years as a mind-controlled puppet of John Alexander. Robin was afraid to talk to me but as soon as he did, I got through to him and he was ready and very willing to help me. I was thrilled because he was a righteous man who knew the Military inside out. Robin’s the man who stood up to John Alexander and wrote an article for the Newspapers stating the search for the Weapons of Mass Destruction was a sham, and he was given false intel.
If General Rand’s article hadn’t been intercepted by John Alexander, we would not be in this war right now. The war would have been over before it began. I have great respect and admiration and feel General Rand did the righteous thing. Unfortunately, he was programmed to harass me and hurt me and he wouldn’t talk to me, and that programming hurt this country and the world.
Programming human beings has to stop.
John Alexander wouldn’t tell Robin Rand where the weapons were because he was saving them to give to a little group he was assembling called Isis! That’s right, Isis was assembled in the US, I know because I named them Isil and Bill O’Reilly renamed them Isis. The cache of weapons let them hit the stage with unstoppable firepower. Another huge weapons exchange happened in Mosel.
Obama was programmed by John Alexander, too. A calling card of John’s was to make his victims hate sex. He told me he didn’t understand why he did that, until he heard me say sex lets us know what it feels like to be in heaven. I’m sure he had Obama think he was right to set the stage for WW3.
Right after he Obama got George and I back together, Obama gave a kill order for George Lucas and then quickly rescinded it, but gave a torture order to make George forget about me, hate me, not recognize me, and to be afraid of me, because it amused him that such a powerful man could be brainwashed. If you’re gasping in disbelief, I was right there with you. I could not believe it was Obama, but the General with me assured me it was and told me the story about Barack setting up his daughter to be killed. The General with me, whom I called Arizona, was the one who was ordered to kill the young girl, because she was caught flirting, and Barack hates sex. Obama also asked Arizona to inject his wife with a carcinogen. Arizona said he didn’t know how. Arizona told me Barack got someone else to do it. Normally, if someone tells me something personal like hating sex, I don’t say anything, but if that someone uses his insanity to start WW3, then I’m obligated to bring it up. Obama also said he would never let me be free and he would never let George and I get together because one of the things I have to do for God, is tell people sex is how we feel in heaven. Obama said God is wrong, and no one should have sex, and if he can’t stop them he has to kill them. I told Obama that kind of thinking was insane.
I was with Arizona when Obama gave the order to kill him. I felt so powerless. I offered to go outside with him but he wouldn’t allow it. Arizona saw the writing on the wall and told his fellow servicemen to listen to me. To read what I wrote. He had a copy of my second book, Babble On, which was destroyed at Dick Cheney’s request. The rewrite was two books. Mr. Cheney told me to write the book as non-fiction and “Let the chips fall where they may,” He said. I took two or three years to do the rewrite, but the resulting books, The Conversation; and The Truth about Lynn Mickelsen, were both sabotaged and are now unreadable. (I did that for you, Mr. Cheney. All of my help was killed that night, and you know it.) But Arizona told his fellow soldiers they should read it and it would help them. All of those soldiers were ordered killed. I could hear the man who took hold of Arizona as he left my home that night. “Just make it quick,” Arizona said. It’s a tragic way of life, and a waste of a good man, of several good men.
The NSA gets its members from a pool of people who were badly abused as children and who are suicidal. Those people are the easiest to mind control through electricity, drugs, and torture. Those Agents listen to orders and carry them out without question. That’s why Robin Rand was so great. He was able to figure out what was happening and tried to stop it.
I want to thank George Lucas for doing what he could for me. He never gave up hope. I was happier than I’ve ever been when I thought we were finally getting together!
Obama gave the order to torture George Lucas right after he told George he promised to get us together by April 24th so we could be married on May the 4th. (May the 4th be with you.) I went from flying high with elation to the darkest depths of despair. I felt like I’d been hit by a semi. Obama gave the same torture order on Adam Levine. The amount of torture it will take to do that to George is too horrible to think about. I think if it doesn’t work he’ll give George cancer. He’ll do the same to Michelle. I’m very afraid for, Adam, Michelle George, my daughters and the Obama girls. Even if they survive their ordeal they’ll be permanently affected.

The NSA officers who currently have access to abduct and torture my daughters to keep them brainwashed and addled, are probably under orders from my late ex-husband, Peter Mickelsen, who gave orders as a General but who never went to school past high school and was NEVER in the military. Once a General’s orders are in place it’s impossible to rescind them. That’s something else that has to change.
I even heard Obama give a kill order for Nelson Mandela. Thankfully Mr. Mandela was already dead. But, can you imagine – Nelson Mandela? How sick is that?
Obama loved torturing my youngest daughter. “You’re right,” he said to me, “I shouldn’t torture without a reason. I’ll get your daughter to get married. What date should I pick?” Obama meant he would torture Lib into getting married. Arizona said Obama would sit and watch Lib get tortured like he couldn’t get enough. “Nine nine,” I answered. I chose that date to voice my objection to anyone’s interference in our lives. (Nine is no in German.)
Obama made many requests that I wouldn’t entertain since I answer to God. He tried to make it seem as though he would do me a favor if I would do things his way. It was just a power play, though. My daughter told me she’s getting married in 9/9.
Over the years the NSA has killed good people who spoke up for peace. I know this for sure first hand from the people who killed them. A few people our government killed have been,
John and Bobby Kennedy, John Lennon, James Dean, Lenny Bruce, Steve Jobs, Michael Landon, Christina Grimmy, Princess Di, and many, many others. The next to be killed will be George Lucas, if no one else steps forward to end this madness!
Ladies – where are you? Help me. You must listen to me, abandon any other plan you have and move forward now. We can’t allow this madness to continue!
Remember –
People DO want peace. The politicians who use the NSA as their own personal criminal hit squad are NOT elected officials who cater to their constituents, but rather, Dictators put in power by people like Kellyanne Conway who can make any poll say anything, and by NSA agents who aren’t allowed to think, and have to follow orders or die. Our economy is suffering. Many Americans are suffering.

All of these things have to stop if we want world peace. Here are some things that will help World Peace along.
1. The voting systems have to be revamped.
2. Women have to be allowed to hold positions of power in order to get World Peace. Women world wide have to be accepted as equal to men. We have higher IQs than men and should be allowed to learn what we want. Men are afraid we won’t need them anymore. We will always need men to make babies. (President Obama – we need to have sex to have babies.) Vilification of women who enjoy sex has to stop. We enjoy sex as much as men do. That’s not a crime.
3. President’s and Generals’ orders have to be rescinded if they are reckless and insane. The President’s power to murder has to end.
4. All communities have to be responsible for their own electricity. Desert communities can install Solar Systems, There’s wind for most of the world. There’s a better way to harness wind, the US opted for the most expensive and cumbersome way. There’s hydro for places with rivers and streams. Between wind, sun, and water we have it covered, it is making electricity travel that hurts our environment. We have to stop making electricity travel.
5. The Government has to stop spending money to make a handful of people rich. For the same amount of money we could feed the world!
6. We have to protect the environment and the water supply.
7. Drilled Oil products have to be outlawed by 2030. All pipeline projects have to be stopped. We, the taxpayers, are paying for pipelines that are weapons of mass destruction. (DAPL ends at the Gulf, and is allowed to dump its poison cargo into the Gulf from midnight to dawn every day, soon the entire Gulf will be a dead zone, and I’m among the taxpayers who funded that.)
8. Chemical fertilizers have to be outlawed by 2020.
9. The FDA has to be revamped. Chemicals and poisons have no place in our food supply or in drugs and supplements.
10. GMO _ Genetically Modified Organisms have to stop. We can’t digest them properly. We will die of malnutrition soon. Many of the new diseases are caused by GMO and chemicals added to food.
11. GMH – Genetically Modified Humans has to be a criminal offense punishable by life imprisonment. (GMO and GMH is the thing the Bible warns of, not homosexuality.)
12. Child abuse is a crime and has to end in order for there to be World Peace.
13. Lying to wage war or attacking private, law-abiding citizens of one’s own country is treason. Politicians like George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump who knowingly and willingly perpetrated murder and terror attacks in Oklahoma City, NYC, Boston, San Bernardino, Florida and elsewhere should be in jail for murder and treason.

14. The practice of having US Servicemen kill their fellow US Servicemen has to STOP!

15. The practice of mind control used in the Military has to stop! Any soldier who is already brainwashed, should be de-programmed before he retires: and, Retirement should ALWAYS be an option for our soldiers. Killing soldiers at the end of their tour of duty has to STOP!
16. Slavery should be outlawed world wide, young girls are not a product or commodity. Countries whose GNP includes humans cannot be players on the world stage.

16. We NEED freedom of speech!!! The Military can be used to protect our freedom of speech, not to interfere with it. If the Military interferes with our first amendment rights, then the officer giving orders should be sent to jail.
17. We need freedom of the Press. Fake News in the form of Commentaries has to stop or be clearly labeled as fiction. If the story has no basis in fact, it cannot be called NEWS.
18. Truth in advertising is a law that has to be enforced.
19. Candidates for BOTH parties have to be vetted. Since Trump is a murderer, rapist and thief, he should have been vetted. The Military wanted Barack and Donald to be their candidates, and both men have criminal pasts, so they were NOT properly vetted. Trump is a much, much bigger criminal than Obama, but the US should not have a criminal as it’s President. Vetting should be done by an independent department, and audited by yet another agency.
20. Cabinet positions should be assigned, and should NOT go to the highest bidder.
21. Attempting to murder members of the First Family should be an impeachable offense.
22. Servicemen cannot be told who to vote for!!! That’s illegal, and should be illegal throughout the world.
Families of servicemen should get comfortable talking to the press.
The Rand Corporation should be shut down.
Until these things happen, suing the government is an option. If I were a soldier I would sue to retire and to get medical help to be de-programmed.

This is the run up to WW3! The Military needed Obama to set the pins up, and then Trump to knock them down. The environment is in terrible shape and won’t be able to shake off the effects of Global- Thermo-Nuclear War for decades. There is no where else we can go. We will be watching our loved ones die and our offspring deformed. We’re supposed to live in a democracy. We are the 99%, we are the people who are Anti-War. The Military has no right to start a world war, or any war, for that matter.
General John Kelly doesn’t like my views. He believes the opposite of everything I’ve laid out. When General Rand said he’d like to talk to me about my suggestions, General Kelly, I believe, said he should be killed for that. And he was. General Kelly is so wrong about that, it’s scary. For the past 15 years, far more soldiers have died at the hands of their buddies than in the Middle East. Trust is nonexistent in the US Military. General Kelly will say it’s unAmerican of me to tell you these things, and that bogus terror attacks that kill innocent US civilians are necessary, and that the people who die are casualties of war. The attacks are necessary because the American people don’t want to go to war without a reason. But the reason is a fraud. The Military is defrauding the American people – and that’s unAmerican! The Military is killing innocent US civilians in order to wage war on innocent countries. Where does this end?
The Military should not be the entity that decides who will be President in a Democracy! That’s a police state. Americans should be furious.

Women of the world, Rise Up! It’s our turn. We’re needed to turn the world around! People don’t want war. 99% of people suffer from war rather than profit from it.
Think Peace!
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* I put a Vietnam Vet’s poem 3-5-0-0 in my play, Hair. The code 3-5-0-0 meant the mission is dangerous so to send the black members of the platoon on that one. The Army is set up to kill the people of color first. I have a lot of evidence about that. 3-5-0-0 was finally ended by President Obama fifty years after the song came out. The Vet didn’t want to get writing credits for fear of retaliation.

Much of the world calls us the Great Satan. Strength can come from an ability to negotiate and settle things peacefully.

Look at the color of the people in the countries we invade. During WW2 we invaded parts of Africa that had nothing to do with anything. We sent black troops to kill black Africans and it was the most horrible blood bath of the war. Atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. Since then we’ve been in Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East. Trump has vowed to decimate the Middle East. Next China. We’ll go back into Iran and Korea. Between the US, China, Korea and Iran there will be very little left that’s recognizable. Trump is hoping only white people will be left.

Learn from China’s Mistakes
***_{According to the authoritative “Black Book of Communism,” an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new “socialist” China. Anyone who got in his way was done away with — by execution, imprisonment or forced famine._
_For Mao, the No. 1 enemy was the intellectual. The so-called Great Helmsman reveled in his blood-letting, boasting, “What’s so unusual about Emperor Shih Huang of the China Dynasty? He had buried alive 460 scholars only, but we have buried alive 46,000 scholars.” Mao was referring to a major “accomplishment” of the Great Cultural Revolution, which from 1966-1976 transformed China into a great House of Fear._ _}
_{The most inhumane example of Mao’s contempt for human life came when he ordered the collectivization of China’s agriculture under the ironic slogan, the “Great Leap Forward.” A deadly combination of lies about grain production, disastrous farming methods (profitable tea plantations, for example, were turned into rice fields), and misdistribution of food produced the worse famine in human history._
_Deaths from hunger reached more than 50 percent in some Chinese villages. The total number of dead from 1959 to 1961 was between 30 million and 40 million — the population of California.}


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About Grace Gardener

I’m being abused by the NSA. My right to privacy is long gone. They have put a homing device and a microphone in my stomach, supposedly attached to my spine so there will be bone conduction. I have an X-ray picture of it. I was told if I take it out I will be killed. Our soldiers all have the same, but they agreed to it. If I go to the ACLU to complain, my phone call will be intercepted. If I confide in a friend about what’s happening to me, she’ll be killed. The NSA has brainwashed my daughters into not trusting me. They’ve been working on torturing them every week for the past 15 years. When I left in my RV they loved and trusted me, but now that I haven’t seen them in so long that now they’re afraid of me. When I was there, living with or near them, even though they were being tortured to hate me (that’s true), once they saw me again they were fine. But I can’t even call them. I know most of my calls are diverted, and I know when they try to answer, that’s diverted, too. But I don’t try hard and I can’t talk to them about anything meaningful because I know they’ll be tortured for many hours. And then they’ll be tortured, drugged and electrocuted to forget and when I talk to them again they’ll say, “It never happened.” Trying to be a good, peace-loving American gets me treated like a criminal. The military wants WW3 and I don’t, so to teach me a lesson if I get on a plane, twenty people get kicked off so I can get harassed during the flights, and then the flights gets delayed so the rest of the hundred passengers are inconvenienced. Every move I make, every breath I take, they are watching me, hurting me and hassling me. The Military already has their list of soldiers who are slated to be the first to die in WW3 and General John Kelly said they will do everything in their power to stop me from stopping them. I don’t know how delaying flights for three hours and inconveniencing dozens of people stops me from doing anything. The Military teaches its troops to be rude and inconsiderate, and to hate good people who pray for peace. They say I’m subversive because I don’t want war. Sometimes the airline has to send another plane to accommodate all the people they kick off a flight. That costs them money. Airlines should have the right to ask about fabricating excuses for changing seats, etc. They should have the right to refuse Military baby antics. You notice the way we left the Kurds to be annihilated and we released Isis into Turkey so when something starts up, we can send nuclear missiles. Notice Trump didn’t send our troops home, rather on to the next potential nuclear war site. There are potential wars in six other countries and three bogus attacks on our people, in this country, so we “have to retaliate,” just like Afghanistan. I knew about that, too. A country that attacks its own people as a pretense to start a war is subversive and traitorous. I wrote a memo and I told Pres. Bush about the attack on the trade towers at least a year before nine eleven. Three thousand people died that day and he has killed more than thirty thousand Americans since then just to keep his secret. The killing will get worse. I just want this madness to stop. Trump isn’t a pacifist, he’s an Annihilist. Pence is no better, he thinks Armageddon will resurrect Christ: the opposite is true. Christ will not come if we start Armageddon. That’s a myth and a lie, like everything else. Wake up America. About George Lucas- NSA Agents are doing the same thing to George Lucas. I was told no one really wants to hurt George, but they “have to.” George and everyone involved with Obama must learn he's not the man you think he is. But they think he’s a nice guy so they feel badly about it. Well that’s something, I guess. But the Government and other cults should not have round-the-clock accessibility to agents who are trained killers and have had their free will taken away through torture and electroshock. The best agents have had their personality split, so one personality takes over to carry out “orders” while the original personality watches helplessly. There’s a better way to run the military, and I was about to get through to put forth my ideas when the order came through to kill the three Generals who wanted to listen to me: and to kill six special agents who had been listening to me. I listen to these guys and I wonder if they have any feelings at all? I know they do even though they’re not “allowed to.” They’re not “allowed to” complain, either, under fear of death. If they try to retire, they’re not de-programmed, they are killed! I watched the Clint Eastwood movie American Sniper about Chris Kyle and I’m sure I commented on it a lot, but my readership has grown significantly and I know I’m monitored and it’s the guys doing the monitoring, who I’m trying to help. Even tough guys need a little help sometimes. I wonder if the death of Cris Kyle, played by Bradley Cooper, was planned the way it was to get me to say something about it. Everyone in the NSA knows what happened. Chris was killed because he got out. Tragically, Chris seemed to be capable of healing himself with the help of his family and still he was murdered. The man who murdered him was under orders. True! I have many, many confirmations on that statement. The judge sentenced Eddie Ray Routh, Chris’s murderer, to life in prison without parole. The movie writeup says - “U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) takes his sole mission -- protect his comrades -- to heart and becomes one of the most lethal snipers in American history. His pinpoint accuracy not only saves countless lives.” Back to my dilemma, I can’t get in touch with anyone for fear they will be tortured or killed. You think, “I thought the US didn’t torture?” Well we do. My daughters and I are born and raised here. We are good people, we’re exceptionally good people and the NSA has a HUGE problem with that. The people who give the orders want war and we want peace, and they’re making us the bad guys? The only emails that get through to me are business and junk. Supposedly I get comments on my website that don’t come through, and I have to wonder if our military goes around killing anyone who tries to contact me? My phone rings all the time but not here. This was true when I was in NJ, too. Nobody got through to me. The call is sent elsewhere and other people pick it up pretending to be me and the women pretending to be me are nasty bitches. If I call someone and straighten something out, I find out later that the conversation never happened, I was really talking to someone in the NSA, and I have to get back to square one. Most times things are so impossible, I give up. I escaped my ex-husbands satanic cult only to find myself embroiled in the government’s cult. A much thicker, stickier web. They have kept my money from me so I can’t even get an apartment. That’s stealing, but they’re the military so nothing is illegal, not murder or theft. I feel if I call someone for help he or she will be killed or badly hurt. Just being my friend or talking to me can get you sick with cancer or dead. I think people who I have helped, or who have asked to help me, need to go to the press to tell them what a pickle I’m in . There are many people who have offered to help me over the years. Many have been killed. I don’t understand how a kid in a uniform can break into Steve Jobs’ house and inject his brain with liquid smoke, or some other carcinogen: and if he questions those orders his buddy will be told to kill him. They have to kill each other all the time. It’s so f_ked up I can’t stand it. Neither can the Agents. They don’t realize that “under orders” is meaningless. If they’re caught they’ll be tried for murder. Steve Jobs was a great man. No one, no politician, and no officer, has the right to murder any citizen, especially one who makes this country proud. If you know someone in the NSA it’s your responsibility to let your congressman know what this country is doing to him. They’re being treated barbarically. If you know my daughters please call them to lend an ear, because their memories are being erased in an attempt to make them cold and heartless and they’re suffering. Their memories are being erased and replaced with more horrible lies, and their ability to reason is gone. They used to be the smartest women on the planet. If you know George Lucas do the same. The man we were both speaking with, who George considers a friend, ordered some horrific things done to George. They are trying to change his personality so he won’t like me, or so I won’t like him, like that could ever happen, but in the meantime his health and his mind will be suffering. Listening to him will be helpful. He also has a homing device and a microphone planted in him. His whole house is wired because he knows me. If you’re a parent whose kid wants to join special forces let him know what he’ll be joining. I had someone with me get killed because he couldn’t kill his friend. I’m serious. Watch the Manchurian Candidate, especially the part where people are being murdered, but the men see themselves at a flower show. That’s what it’s like. A Clock Work Orange shows how it’s done. And Mel Gibson’s Conspiracy Theory shows the aftermath. NSA guys read my books and my blog because I may be the only friend you’ve got. I’d love to be able to take suggestions. I know I have to get all lawyered up, I’d like to sue the government for defamation of character and theft. That’s something I used to be able to do, but I’m powerless now. What you can do. God changed my name to Grace. I changed it legally in 2007. My slave name was Lynn. I was born Lynn Pezzutti, then I married Jay McDermott and I became Lynn McDermott, then I married Peter Mickelsen (now deceased) and became Lynn Mickelsen. Most of my friends in the entertainment industry think I’m Lynn Mickelsen. So now I’m Grace Gardener, and while I’m not a slave, I’m a prisoner of the state. If you’re a lawyer, see if you can get something going. I was thinking Amal Clooney could be very helpful. If you know someone in the ACLU ask them to read this blog. If you’re in my family, Doherty, Murray, Sullivan or Kelly and remember me from my Anti-War days and establishing Earth Day maybe there’s something you want to do. Let the NY Times know I’d like this published as a letter to the Editor. Publish first, contact later. Send a copy or link to your News. Good Luck, God Bless you. Rise Up! Think Peace. THE NSA AND THE MOOCS WON'T LET ANYONE GET THROUGH TO ME. THEY MAY EVEN HURT YOU IF YOU TRY. See the pages in the tabs of this blog, Grace Gardener, and, A Little About Lynn Mickelsen. If you know me and I don't get back to you, then the email was intercepted. Never talk to anyone claiming to be me without asking questions to be sure. All site posts beginning 4/1/16 will be on I’m not doing this for attention. I have 107 broken bones, zero disks in my back, and I’m exhausted. I need to get through to the people who knew me for credibility: but the NSA blocks my every move. I have to have the same acknowledgement and respect for my judgement I had while I was a ghost director in Hollywood and when I was CEO of the Rand Corp. Rand has been able to keep my work anonymous and credited to other people so they can collect my pay and residuals. They figured as long as they’re erasing my memory, and taking credit for my inventions, music, acting and directing; they may as well keep the money I earned. Also, the money would be proof that I did the work, so they’ve kept me poor all of my life. The reason the conspirators made plans in front of me was because they were assured I would “Never Remember” them, their visit and the things they planned. They talked in a kind of code that I have since figured out. I would have turned them in after the meeting had I been allowed to remember. I have to operate the way I do to keep away from my captors. GRR taught me most of the tactics I use. (Now he won’t help because his memory of me is implanted.) I know it angers some corrupt NSA Officers, but it’s a fact that I was a prisoner and slave at the Rand Corporation, and the NSA helped and still helps to keep me that way. I have to make evasive maneuvers to keep me, my daughters, this country and the world safe. Meanwhile I have no where to turn. I still feel like a candle in the wind. My name was Lynn Mickelsen while I was a prisoner in a blue house and slave of a “club” based in northern New Jersey. If you know me PLEASE DON'T TRY TO CONTACT ME THROUGH THE RAND CORPORATION OR ANY OF MY FORMER EMPLOYERS OR ANY CONTACT FROM MORE THAN 12 YEARS AGO. I know 90% of what I know because plans for Armageddon were alwazs talked about at RAND. Some people know the cult know it with a name similar to The Builder Berg Society or the Skull and Dagger Society. There's a HUGE bounty on my head that the cult I escaped from has no intention of paying. The plan is to have me killed and then to kill the person trying to collect the bounty. I thought up the plan and the amount because I thought it was going to be the plot in a movie. I told the people who wanted the plan, "This is one movie no one will want to see." In short, anyone who kills me will be killed within 24 hours and will never see a dime. Now I'm RVing but I’m still a prisoner in that I can't get in touch with anyone, and no one can get in touch with me, except in person. I found out about the other life I’d been living during a grueling five-hour conversation I detail in my Book, ‘the Conversation’ We'll have World Peace once we abolish child abuse. My view of Apocalypse has no battle, no war, no army. I believe the knowledge in ‘the Conversation’ is enough to save the world. The blog lists just some of the accomplishments I achieved as a slave, to let everyone I've helped over the past sixty years, who I am. I will finally claim my life! If you’re a George Lucas fan you may remember some of these strange stories that involve him. I met George on the set of American Graffiti; we got engaged when the movie wrapped. I was taken away and George was told I was dead. Five years later I was hired to figure out how to make Luke Skywalker’s farm vehicle fly. The people who handled me (owned me) forgot that I had worked for this director once before on American Graffiti and they told him I was dead. I arrived and solved Lucas’s problem for him and he tearfully remembered me and told me what had happened five years before. I stayed on the set of Star Wars long enough to name the Star Wars characters and solve another animatronics problem with Chewy’s costume. I was told it was time to leave and started to follow my jailers the way I had been programmed to, when George asked, “When will I see you again?” I began to say, “Oh, you’ll see me again,” but I realized I wasn’t certain of that because once before, when we got engaged, I never saw him again. So I turned around and started walking back toward Lucas and I asked, “How about now? Can I stay with you now? Because I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you again.” George thought a second and agreed that I should stay. As I was walking back to him I saw his expression change and looked over my shoulder to see the man I had been following holding a gun on me. I kept walking because now I was sure that the story Lucas had told me about what happened five years ago, was going to happen again and I couldn’t allow that. Someone had obviously been playing with my life, and I couldn’t have that, so I kept walking toward Lucas and away from the man with the gun. Lucas’s expression changed again, this time his face was filled with fear and horror. I turned around and now there were three men holding guns on George Lucas. There was only about 20 feet of desert between us but I had to go with them in order to save Lucas’s life. I‘m still trying to walk those 20 feet.
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